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Comic Market to Use Smaller Venue for Record 4 Days for 2019 Events
Japan's largest dōjinshi event works around 2020 Olympic construction
japan  comiket  comic  market  tokyo  event 
august 2018 by cla
Talking With Minoru Ikeda, Owner Of Takadanobaba Arcade Mikado: The Allure And Future of Shooting Games
Now it’s time to speak with Minoru Ikeda, the owner of the arcade “Mikado” located in Tokyo’s Takadanobaba area. Ikeda was first attracted to arcade shooting games by Xevious. He talked with us about the history of shooting games and arcades from the dark days of shooters to the present, and the allure and future of shooting games from the perspective of the arcade.
mikado  shmup  videogames  japan  interview  takadanobaba  shooting  bullet  hell  danmaku  arcade  tokyo 
july 2018 by cla
Roller-zoku: The Japanese fashion tribe keeping rock 'n' roll alive - CNN
Big hair, leather jackets and a touch of danger -- these were photographer Denny Renshaw's first impressions of Japan's "Roller-Zoku" gangs.
roller  rockabilly  rock'n'roll  rock  roller-zoku  zoku  japan  photo  tokyo 
august 2017 by cla
Multi-National Maid Café Opens in Akihabara
Akihabara is a haven for unique maid cafés, from establishments targeting Russophiles to maid workout partners. A new spot opened on Friday offering a...
akihabara  tokyo  japan  maid  cafe  gaijin 
june 2017 by cla

2015年8月コミックマーケット88にて刊行されたコミックマーケット40周年史『40th COMICMARKET CHROICLE』は、40年の歴史全体を総花的に振り返るのではなく、30周年史に書かれていることは要約してしまう一方で、30周年史では書き切れなかったことと書かれていないこの10年の歴史を記述することに注力しよう、というコンセプトの元に作られました。そして、その40周年史と対になるものとして、今回『コミックマーケット30’sファイル』の大半をPDF化して公開いたします。

comiket  tokyo  japan  anime  manga  otaku  archive  pdf  history  doujin 
may 2017 by cla
“Still Retro” :One Last Visit to Super Potato - IGNITION
Hidden in Akihabara backstreets, tuber-themed retailer sells vintage games from every generation in “gotcha-gotcha” floor plan
super  potato  retrogaming  retro  akiba  akihabara  tokyo  japan  store  videogames 
january 2016 by cla
Retro Gaming Guide to Akihabara in Tokyo
I've recently come back from a two week vacation in Tokyo, I went there with 5 other friends and we had a blast! ^_^    While in Tokyo I took the opportunity to go hunting for some retro games of course! I've been to Tokyo quite some times now, but I've only ever found Super Potato…
retrogaming  retro  videogames  akihabara  akiba  tokyo  japan 
august 2015 by cla
The Classic Gamer's Tokyo Shopping Guide
Headed to Japan soon on vacation? Business? Looking to buy while the exchange rate is still tilted in your favor? Here's where to find the best selection and deals on retro games.
retro  retrogaming  videogames  akihabara  akiba  tokyo  japan 
august 2015 by cla
MMCafe Tokyo Arcade Map
A list of arcades in Tokyo. Map is limited to commercial districts only. For a more detailed look at each store, check
arcade  videogames  akihabara  akiba  tokyo  japan 
august 2015 by cla
ログイン | Comike Web Catalog
comiket  catalog  web  online  japan  tokyo  cosplay 
july 2015 by cla
japan  japanese  anime  manga  figure  videogames  otaku  akihabara  tokyo 
june 2013 by cla
SAKURA HOUSE - Tokyo Share House, Apartment & Dormitory for Rent
Tokyo Share Houses, Apartments, and Dormitories for the foreign community. We now have 1600 rooms in 170 locations throughout Tokyo!
sakura  house  japan  share  rent  apartment  travel  tokyo 
october 2012 by cla

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