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Talking with ZUN from the Touhou Series! A Conversation Hell
This features was decided upon right around the time that the editorial department established the “Famitsu Shooting Friends Party”: A gathering for no other purpose than to discuss shooting games. When we get together, we have but one purpose! So we called in ZUN, the creator of Touhou Project, as a special guest to talk with us until morning at a bar. What are the origins of the Bullet Hell shooter? What significance do the bosses have? What are the revolutionary titles in the world of shooting games? We’re bringing you these in-depth conversations, and more.
zun  shmup  videogames  japan  interview  touhou  doujin  indie  shooting  bullet  hell  danmaku  arcade 
july 2018 by cla
Touhou Creator ZUN Talks About How Other Shoot ‘Em Ups Have Influenced The Series - Siliconera
This week’s Famitsu had a special feature on shmups of all sorts, and apart from Ikaruga superfan Yoko Taro, Touhou series creator ZUN was also invited by the Famitsu team for a chill discussion over beer.
touhou  shmup  videogames  japan  interview  zun  doujin  shooting  famitsu 
july 2018 by cla
Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet
Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet coming to PS4 September 2016 from NIS America, Inc.
guide  videogames  japan  touhou  genso  rondo  shmup  manual  bullet  ballet  ps4  playstation 
june 2017 by cla
Watch Touhou Creator Zun Make A Little Bullet Hell Level In Super Mario Maker - Siliconera
The latest and final part of the “Devs Make Mario” series of videos features none other than Touhou creator Jun’ya Ota, better known as Zun.
touhou  zun  videogames  nintendo  mario  super  maker  japan  3ds  wiiu 
december 2016 by cla

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