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Easily and quickly transfer files between any device with an internet connection.
webapp  sharing  filetransfer  iphone  ipad  windows  macOS 
23 hours ago
Allow attendees to easily provide feedback on meetings.
work  webapp 
8 days ago
Check your connection before joining a call
work  video  chat 
9 days ago
Worldwide routes and flights from all airports
travel  search 
25 days ago
Setting Up - Cloudflare Resolver
How to setup Cloudflare's private DNS service on Mac, Windows, and iOS devices.
macOS  windows  Ios  privacy 
29 days ago
The New Wilderness
An article about data privacy.
politics  privacy  article 
29 days ago
Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar
macOS  application 
4 weeks ago
Coherence Pro
Turn any website into a Google Chrome application
application  macOS 
4 weeks ago
Hide menubar icons
macOS  application 
5 weeks ago
Bring iPad slide over window to MacOS
macOS  application  work 
5 weeks ago
Sketchcase Whiteboard Skin & Case – SKETCHCASE
Whiteboard cover for Apple laptops like the MacBook Pro
apple  work  macOS 
5 weeks ago
Complete Knot List
Alphabetical list of all Knots | Animated Knots by Grog
guide  search  travel  reference 
6 weeks ago
Caltrain Weekday Schedule
Caltrain weekday schedule in a readable format.
travel  work  bayarea 
7 weeks ago
Mutify for Mac
Mute the microphone on your mac with the touch bar or a keyboard shortcut.
macOS  application  chat  work 
7 weeks ago
Location Diary
An encrypted location tracker.
webapp  travel 
8 weeks ago
Technical Debt
Thoughts regarding technical debt and how the interest required to pay down this debt affects product development.
management  work 
8 weeks ago
Beagle IM
A lightweight XMPP (Jabber) ) client for Mac.
work  chat  application 
8 weeks ago
A browser prompter or chooser for macOS
macOS  browserplugin  work 
9 weeks ago
Audio Hijack
Record Any Audio on MacOS
audio  application  macOS 
10 weeks ago
Automated Transcription of Audio and Video, Powered by AI
audio  work  webapp  Ios  video 
10 weeks ago
Find your lost items by attaching QR codes as stickers.
webapp  travel 
12 weeks ago
Well designed indoor and outdoor furniture and décor.
home  furniture 
12 weeks ago
California fire map - Shows fire and smoke activity
fires  california  maps 
12 weeks ago
Environmentally friendly cleaning sprays.
home  cleaning  apartment  housing 
april 2019
Find your public Google Drive files before someone else does.
work  googledrive  security  webapp 
april 2019
The missing Bluetooth manager for macOS.
macOS  application  bluetooth  work 
april 2019
Online collaborative whiteboard
work  visualization 
april 2019
Data Color Picker
A color palette generator for use with charts and graphs.
design  work  color 
april 2019
Welcome Your Neighbors
No matter where you are from, we're glad you're our neighbor.
home  housing  activism  politics 
march 2019
Endlessly unique ambient music.
music  work 
march 2019
A simple, open source Mac OS app for presentations on low-contrast monitors and projectors.
work  presentations  application 
march 2019
Your notebook for vacation travel planning
travel  maps 
march 2019
Watch streaming media with friends
streaming  video  application  windows  macOS  entertainment 
march 2019
Always Interesting Videos. Watch videos from different subreddits in one place.
reddit  video  youtube 
march 2019
A replacement of Google's Mailhide using reCAPTCHA v2
email  security 
february 2019
Protects Your Email Address from Internet Robot Spiders
email  security  webapp 
february 2019
Company wiki, collaborate on projects, take meeting notes, creating on-boarding checklists.
notes  work  webapp 
february 2019
Explore & Share Great Packages for Alfred
february 2019
A lightweight tool used to smooth scrolling and set scroll direction independently for your mouse on MacOS
mouse  macOS  application 
february 2019
A 'do not disturb' menu bar app to silence notifications in a way similar to keeping computer awake with Amphetamine.
work  macOS  application 
february 2019
Tiny Player for Mac
A small, lightly featured audio player for Mac.
audio  music  macOS 
february 2019
Nui Studio
Indoor garden with built-in lighting
architecture  home  lighting  plants  gardening 
january 2019
Easily toggle MacOS's Dark Mode from the menu bar.
macOS  application 
january 2019
a free platform where you can easily share your computer setups with your friends or community
windows  gaming  hardware 
january 2019
a free messaging app for Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more
chat  messaging  macOS  application  slack 
january 2019
Thought Train
Stop Using Stickynotes | Use this app instead
notes  productivity  macOS  application 
january 2019
Security Checklist
A digital security checklist.
internet  privacy  security 
january 2019
The modern media player for macOS
video  application  macOS 
january 2019
LabCam for iPhone
Attach an iPhone to nearly any microscope.
microscopes  nature  photography  iphone 
december 2018
darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer.
photography  application 
december 2018
Unite 2
Turn websites into Mac applications.
application  websites  macOS 
december 2018
The True Size Of ...
Compare the sizes of states and nations on a map.
maps  webapp 
december 2018
The Sill
Indoor Potted Plants Delivered to Your Door
plants  home  succulents  gardening 
december 2018
Habit tracker to help you form good habits
december 2018
The Strategist
New Products, Gift Ideas & The Best Deals. Gadget guides.
shopping  gifts  products  guide 
december 2018
Google Docs on the blockchain.
blockchain  webapp  writing  spreadsheets 
december 2018
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