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Find your public Google Drive files before someone else does.
work  googledrive  security  webapp 
14 days ago by cmagnuson
The missing Bluetooth manager for macOS.
macOS  application  bluetooth  work 
16 days ago by cmagnuson
Online collaborative whiteboard
work  visualization 
18 days ago by cmagnuson
Data Color Picker
A color palette generator for use with charts and graphs.
design  work  color 
21 days ago by cmagnuson
Endlessly unique ambient music.
music  work 
4 weeks ago by cmagnuson
A simple, open source Mac OS app for presentations on low-contrast monitors and projectors.
work  presentations  application 
5 weeks ago by cmagnuson
Company wiki, collaborate on projects, take meeting notes, creating on-boarding checklists.
notes  work  webapp 
8 weeks ago by cmagnuson
A 'do not disturb' menu bar app to silence notifications in a way similar to keeping computer awake with Amphetamine.
work  macOS  application 
10 weeks ago by cmagnuson
Whimsical — The Visual Workspace
Collaborative flowcharts, wireframes, and sticky notes. Great for working with teams.
webapp  work 
november 2018 by cmagnuson
A marvelous Open Source Status Page system
work  support 
november 2018 by cmagnuson
Meetings and Appointments Scheduling Tool
meetings  work  calendar 
november 2018 by cmagnuson
A quick and easy agenda timer for meetings.
meetings  work  time  webapp 
november 2018 by cmagnuson
Mute Background Noise | Noise Cancelling Software
sound  work  audio  apple  chat  macOS 
november 2018 by cmagnuson
Easily Keep In Touch With Your Team. A menubar app which allows members of a team to set status updates.
work  application  macOS 
october 2018 by cmagnuson
CleanShot for macOS
An excellent screenshot application.
application  screenshots  work  macOS 
october 2018 by cmagnuson
Employee onboarding
october 2018 by cmagnuson
A smarter default browser for macOS.
application  work  macOS 
october 2018 by cmagnuson
HDMI streaming from computers to TVs.
hardware  video  streaming  work 
october 2018 by cmagnuson
A Soft Murmur
Ambient sound generator.
audio  work  sound  webapp 
september 2018 by cmagnuson
Supercharged video standups for teams
agile  management  meetings  work 
august 2018 by cmagnuson
Reusable simple drawings
The Noun Project for small drawings. Perfect for easily adding illustrations to slides or projects.
illustration  work  presentations 
july 2018 by cmagnuson
Hear Through
Listen to sound occurring around you while wearing headphones.
audio  work  webapp 
july 2018 by cmagnuson
My Browser.FYI
Easy to digest browser details to help you with QA and tech support.
work  webapp  support 
july 2018 by cmagnuson
Audio Cabin
Royalty free music for video and audio productions.
music  video  work 
may 2018 by cmagnuson
Generate beautiful screenshots
screenshots  work  images  webapp 
may 2018 by cmagnuson
Silenz for Mac
A smart mixer of your music and sounds of the outside world
application  sound  work 
may 2018 by cmagnuson
Schedule meetings instantly, prevent double-bookings, and eliminate scheduling back-and-forth with Polymail Calendar.
work  calendar  webapp 
april 2018 by cmagnuson
All-In-One Software Documentation Tool
work  screenshots  wordpress  application 
april 2018 by cmagnuson
Hej Stylus
An application which smooths out lines drawn on Mac. Useful for illustration, signatures, or anywhere where drawing is necessary.
work  art  application  macOS 
april 2018 by cmagnuson
No Code
A curated directory of resources, tools & hacks for non-techs
work  reference  search  aggregator  learning 
march 2018 by cmagnuson
A time manager for the Mac menu bar. Shows the current time for people and places.
time  application  work  macOS 
march 2018 by cmagnuson
Automatically transcribe recordings of conversations and meetings into a useful archive.
work  meetings  audio 
march 2018 by cmagnuson
"Blueprinting" your Help Center
An article about how to build or redesign a help center.
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Team Management Skills
An article about necessary skills to successfully manage a team.
work  management 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
10 Questions To Ask Your Team Every Week
Great questions for 1-on-1s, performance reviews, etc.
work  meetings 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Populate Template Placeholders
Information on making template projects in OmniFocus.
automation  omnifocus  scripts  work 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Crafting Interviews
An article on how to craft an excellent interviewing system.
work  management 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Icebreaker questions
The 25 best icebreaker questions for team-building at work. Also good for general conversation with anyone.
work  conversation 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Status Barred
Remove the status bar from iPhone screenshots.
application  screenshots  images  work  macOS 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Free app to make Slack dark.
slack  work 
february 2018 by cmagnuson
Badge Reviews
Conference badges that do not suck.
work  events 
january 2018 by cmagnuson
An elegant new take on Notes.
application  work  macOS 
january 2018 by cmagnuson
Makes scheduling calendar events with others easy.
work  calendar 
january 2018 by cmagnuson
Sherpa Pen Covers
Pen covers for Sharpies and other pens to make them look nicer.
writing  gifts  work 
december 2017 by cmagnuson
Product Manual
Resources for product management and managers.
december 2017 by cmagnuson
Create short links for accessing hard to remember URLs. Possible to use with teams too.
webapp  work 
december 2017 by cmagnuson
Create go/ short links. Possible to use with a team.
webapp  work 
december 2017 by cmagnuson
Rdea International Clock
See the time in multiple locations in one place.
time  work  webapp 
december 2017 by cmagnuson
Simple timezone conversion for Chrome
work  time  chromeextension 
november 2017 by cmagnuson
Create flow charts that look good.
work  webapp 
november 2017 by cmagnuson
Employee onboarding made simple.
november 2017 by cmagnuson
Free, super easy video calls, on your own custom URL
video  chat  work  webapp 
october 2017 by cmagnuson
A Project Forecasting App for Teams
management  work  projects 
september 2017 by cmagnuson
eyeson for Slack - eyeson
Video streaming and conferencing through Slack and YouTube.
slack  work  streaming  video 
july 2017 by cmagnuson
An application to organize and conduct meetings.
work  meetings  application 
june 2017 by cmagnuson
NPR Training | NPR
Educational materials on audio production, digital production, visual design, and social media.
learning  work  projects 
may 2017 by cmagnuson
Table Sports Leaderboard App
A web-based leaderboard for tracking office sports.
work  sports  office  webapp 
april 2017 by cmagnuson
A curated directory of job search resources and tools.
jobs  search  work  aggregator 
march 2017 by cmagnuson
BetaList Jobs
A job search engine for startups.
jobs  search  work  aggregator 
march 2017 by cmagnuson
Kite Compositor – Motion Design for Mac
An application to prototype application animations.
work  design  application  macOS 
march 2017 by cmagnuson
Culture Codes
Culture slide decks from major technology companies.
february 2017 by cmagnuson
Meetingbird | The Calendar with Superpowers
Allow others to schedule meetings with you without knowing exactly what's on your calendar.
calendar  work  webapp 
january 2017 by cmagnuson
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