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Review: The Nikon Z7 camera is a future-forward mirrorless camera powerhouse
If you have a lot of photos to transfer, the quickest way is probably to move them over via a cable. Nikon Z7 uses XQD which means Apple's Lightning to SD card reader is out of the question.

But, Apple also sells a USB-A to Lightning adapter. To connect to something like an iPad, you must use a USB-C to USB-A cable and connect it to the USB-A to Lightning adapter. Since these support USB 3.0 on iPad Pros, this can be a very quick way to move large images. In iOS 12, several changes were made to the import process, drastically improving the experience.

A quick note, Apple's USB-C to Lightning cable does not work by itself to transfer images, which is disappointing. This doesn't make any logical sense to us, given that the adapted solution we mentioned above does work fine, so we've reached out to Apple and Nikon to discuss the matter. We'll update with more information when we get it.
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4 weeks ago
Simple TENS vs EMS: Understand The Differences (Quickly)
Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator – EMS unit
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5 weeks ago
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