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Feature Audit
Understand Where Your Product Sticks and Where It Slips

Feature Audit plots your customers' activity on two axes, popularity (X) and frequency (Y). The features in the upper-right are killing it; the others may need some attention.
saas  products  analytics 
8 weeks ago by cnu
Your SaaS Metrics Are Wrong if You Include These Customers
To have accurate metrics around what's going on in your SaaS business, you need to properly define what customers and users really are. You must be honest.
saas  metrics  churn 
11 weeks ago by cnu
Startups should focus on ONE product & reconsider only when they have reached a $5+Mn million ARR and have a…
august 2018 by cnu
I'm super stocked, the free sample chapter of my book is ready. If you are thinking of building a in
golang  SaaS 
december 2017 by cnu
: Self-Service vs Human-Touch in - The Startup Chat with & : 🎤
SaaS  Podcast 
february 2017 by cnu
The Ultimate Guide for SaaS Sales Enablement Teams - Guru
Looking for all the best sales content? guide got you covered, over 150 articles in 16 categories!
december 2016 by cnu

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