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Continuous Deployment with Containers
"Docker is the obvious choice for any architecture based on microservices. I would even go as far as saying that without containers (Docker or any other type), microservices produce more problems than solutions. You can find more information in the “Microservices: The Essential Practices” article. As a proxy, both NGINX and HAProxy work great. Each has its downsides but overall you can hardly go wrong with either.

Anything but a minuscule cluster needs an orchestrator. I prefer Docker Swarm as it currently provides more freedom than other solutions. On the other hand, it comes with fewer tools packaged inside the distribution. You need to build things by yourself (I'd say that's the cost of freedom). Kubernetes is more mature and comes with more functionality out of the box. Mesos was not initially designed to work with Docker, but gained Docker support as an afterthought. For a more detailed comparison, please read my “Docker Clustering Tools Compared: Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm” article.

Finally, my preferred CI/CD server is Jenkins. Bear in mind that implementing the flow as described in this article is painful and costly to maintain when chaining together freestyle jobs. Instead, the preferable way to go is through the Pipeline and the CloudBees Docker Pipeline plugins. For more information about Jenkins Pipeline, please read my “The Need For Jenkins Pipeline” and “Jenkins Pipeline” articles."
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july 2016 by colm.mcmullan

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