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Uber made it cheaper to take a helicopter than a car to the airport | The Outline
"s now being marketed as a modestly upscale solution to a problem that Uber has helped create. Transportation analyst Bruce Schaller last year released research indicating that Uber, Lyft, similar services were responsible for a 160 percent increase in driving on American city streets between 2016 and 2017. This shift has been felt acutely in New York and in Manhattan most of all: the average speed of traffic in Midtown is 4.7 miles per hour, according to New York State’s “Fix NYC” government advisory panel."
infrastructure  travel  cities  policy  capitalism 
december 2019 by conner
The Floating Utopia of Salesforce Park | The New Yorker
"In a way, the cameras completed the picture: Salesforce Park as a model for the rest of San Francisco—vertical, expansive, ecologically minded, expensive, sponsored, and surveilled."
capitalism  cities  gentrification  architecture  america  culture 
december 2019 by conner
The New American Homeless | The New Republic
Nationwide, the hourly earnings of high-wage workers rose 41 percent between 1979 and 2013; those of middle-wage workers grew only 6 percent. The pay for low-wage workers, meanwhile, decreased by 5 percent. Contrast these figures to the 138 percent annual wage growth among the top 1 percent of earners.
economics  poverty  homelessness  america  capitalism  policy  ugh  cities  georgia 
august 2019 by conner
Warren Logan Wants the Bay Area to Plan With Him - CityLab
"Research shows that the people who speak in City Hall forums are generally whiter and wealthier homeowners, who are likely to oppose things like new development. But in Oakland, Logan is working with the city administration to create new pathways for folks from all backgrounds to participate."
cities  government  policy 
august 2019 by conner
Zero Counties in the U.S. Have Enough Housing for Families in Extreme Poverty - CityLab
"Suffolk County in Massachusetts does the best at meeting the housing needs of its poorest residents, according to the complete report from the Urban Institute; it leads the 100 U.S. counties with the largest populations in its affordable-housing supply. But the situation in Boston isn’t exactly cheery: Only 51 extremely low-income families out of every 100 are able to access safe and affordable rental housing."
cities  poverty  infrastructure  policy  america 
june 2015 by conner
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