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What Happens to Mardi Gras Beads After Festival Ends? - Bloomberg
"Some 45 million pounds of plastics make their way to New Orleans every year for Mardi Gras, more than half of which consists of beaded necklaces. In January 2018 the city said it had pulled 93,000 pounds of beads from just five blocks of storm drains and more than 7 million pounds of debris overall, the Times-Picayune reported."
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march 2019 by conner
'Moment of reckoning': US cities burn recyclables after China bans imports | Cities | The Guardian
"Some experts worry that burning plastic recycling will create a new fog of dioxins that will worsen an already alarming health situation in Chester. Nearly four in 10 children in the city have asthma, while the rate of ovarian cancer is 64% higher than the rest of Pennsylvania and lung cancer rates are 24% higher, according to state health statistics."
recycling  pollution  china  america  policy  environment  cancer  trash 
march 2019 by conner

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