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DressToKill - Eddie Izzard - Learning French
(excerpt): So yeah, I'm into this, I'm into this idea; it's a positive thing, man. I took my last show, "Glorious," to Paris and I did it in French, and the French people came and stared at me, with that look in their eyes of "quoi?" Because, you know, there's no standup in France, and they're not used to English people speaking French, but I was doing it as a positive thing, because we could be the biggest melting pot in the world! 500 million people, all we have to do is melt a bit, just move it around... Fucking move it around! It was partly that and partly to just go, "yeah..." ( mocking sounds ) So I did that. And I learnt French at school, up to the age of 16, and then I just kept talking it endlessly after that. And at school, the first page I ever learnt in French was full of things that are quite difficult to get into conversation, thinks like "the mouse is underneath the table" -- la souris est en dessous la table. Just slip that when you're buying a ticket to Paris: "Le...
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