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Obsession - film/editorial about radical Islam vs. the west
An hour-long editorial, with lots of documentary clips, that is fundamentally misleading in several ways, but also well worth watching.
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august 2006 by coslinks
EU Referendum: The "Green Helmet" mystery continues
followup posts on the two people who seem to appear in every Qana photo: Hizbullah appears to be staging the scene
israel  lebanon  war  journalism  photos  hizbullah  propaganda  blog  news  eureferendum  middleeast 
august 2006 by coslinks
EU Referendum: Who is this man?
the same two people appear in multiple news photos from Qana, and were in news photos from the Qana bombing in the 90s
middleeast  lebanon  israel  war  qana  hizbullah  propaganda  blog  eureferendum  news  journalism  photos 
august 2006 by coslinks

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