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Kathryn Tewson on Twitter: "There once was a lawyer named Cohen...
There once was a lawyer named Cohen
Whose client’s wild oats were a-sowin
The money for hushin’
He borrowed from Russians,
I think you know where this is goin’.
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may 2018 by coslinks
A Full List of Donald Trump's Rapidly Changing Policy Positions - NBC News
Donald Trump changes his mind so frequently and so dramatically that a compilation of his current policies would not tell the whole story, nor would it be up to date for very long (he once offered up three different views on abortion in eight hours)
nbcnews  politics  US-Pres  2016  donaldtrump  issues  flipflops  reference  immigration  muslims  nuclearweapons  taxes  deportation  birther  isis  war  minimumwage  iraq  libya  guns  japan  climatechange  debt  abortion  money  h-1b  torture  terrorism  foreignpolicy  economy  refugees  barackobama  kkk  davidduke  iran  healthcare  obamacare  p2 
october 2016 by coslinks
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