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The mattress landfill crisis: how the race to bring us better beds led to a recycling nightmare
from Mika

"The development of roll-down technology – which allows mattresses to be packed into small, easily shippable boxes...."

"Theoretically, consumers can cycle between these providers for high-quality mattresses at no cost: a Wall Street Journal reporter recently calculated that if she took advantage of all the offers available, she would be able to sleep on a free mattress for eight years."

"'We've introduced a disposable mattress business model at a time when we probably should be moving in the exact opposite direction,' says Alexander."

"'Wherever waste is, there’s criminality somewhere.'"


"Allsopp and Scollick have visited the warehouses from which the scammers operate. It is common for workers to run the minute they see them, mistaking them for Environment Agency officials. (It’s the hi-vis jackets.)"
mattress  landfill  TheGuardian  UK  recycling  sleep  disposable  free  foam  metal  crime  SirinKale 
6 weeks ago by cosmic
totally extravagant - like this
foam  water  email 
november 2009 by cosmic
Colors for Foam Factory Acoustical Foam
from jww "So Many Colors" ... want those greens
foam  music  sound  acoustics  color 
february 2009 by cosmic
supercentral - ibiza falconer
"usually the last thing people see when they pass out is black, but the last thing i remember was white, from the foam."
foam  sleep  ecstasy  falcon  rave 
may 2007 by cosmic
Custom Koozie Can and Beverage Coolers
I saw one of these yesterday and thought, what a great place to put a url
coke  drink  cold  foam 
august 2006 by cosmic

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