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The mattress landfill crisis: how the race to bring us better beds led to a recycling nightmare
from Mika

"The development of roll-down technology – which allows mattresses to be packed into small, easily shippable boxes...."

"Theoretically, consumers can cycle between these providers for high-quality mattresses at no cost: a Wall Street Journal reporter recently calculated that if she took advantage of all the offers available, she would be able to sleep on a free mattress for eight years."

"'We've introduced a disposable mattress business model at a time when we probably should be moving in the exact opposite direction,' says Alexander."

"'Wherever waste is, there’s criminality somewhere.'"


"Allsopp and Scollick have visited the warehouses from which the scammers operate. It is common for workers to run the minute they see them, mistaking them for Environment Agency officials. (It’s the hi-vis jackets.)"
mattress  landfill  TheGuardian  UK  recycling  sleep  disposable  free  foam  metal  crime  SirinKale 
5 weeks ago by cosmic
Where Rent Is $13,500, She Lives Off What’s Left at the Curb
from Mika

"We have a Rolodex of 'bottle professionals'"

"She does not know his name; the contact in her phone simply says 'botella' — Spanish for bottle."

"To understand the streetside redemption business, it is helpful to think of empty cans and bottles as very large coins dappling the sidewalks and gutters of the city. They are there for the taking, but their size — their volume, more than their weight — and relatively low value make them unwieldy. Twenty-five dollars worth of cans weighs about as much as $25 worth of pennies but is much harder to tote around, and the corner bodega is unlikely to accept either as payment for a sack of groceries."

"There are canners who sell their cans to bigger canners who sell to the trucks. Others buy their friends’ empties for 3 cents each and sell them to the trucks for 5 cents."

"Mr. Cutler’s truckers pay 6 cents per container for a bag of “straights” — that is, all one brand. In the winter, Mr. Zabrodin’s truckers sometimes pay 7 cents per container for a sorted bag, as a thank-you to the canners who supply them year round."

"All of this activity occurs in a vast gray area of legality. Technically, once recycling is left on the curb, it belongs to the city. It is a further violation to use a motor vehicle to collect recyclable materials from curbside, but after giving Mr. Cutler’s trucks a hard time for a couple of years, the city has essentially left them alone, too."
NYT  recycling  aluminum  plastic  NYC  canner  money  boxtruck  AndyNewman  deposit  job  work  law  NewYork  retirement  disability  volume  1982  nickel  inflation  DSNY  curbside  immigrant 
12 weeks ago by cosmic
A Coke Bottle Made with Plastic from the Sea
"About 300 sample bottles have been produced using 25% recycled marine plastic[1], retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea and beaches."
Coca-Cola  pressrelease  Coke  plastic  bottle  ocean  sample  demo  enhancedrecycling  MaresCirculares  recycling  IndoramaVentures  IoniqaTechnologies  singleuse 
october 2019 by cosmic
Christine Datz-Romero of the Lower East Side Ecology Center
a photo of how the yard used to look, in-vessel composting that became anaerobic

now windrows
blog  2016  NYC  compost  ChristineDatz-Romero  LES  recycling 
october 2019 by cosmic
DSNY, Waste Characterization
plastic films: smaller plastic shopping bag "carrier"
DSNY  waste  study  2017  2013  NYCHA  recycling  plastic  film  report 
september 2019 by cosmic - Identifying plastic scrap types
Identifying type of plastic scrap

1 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Bottles: soft drink, Pepto-Bismol, Ocean Spray, honey, liquor, Palmolive dish detergent, liquid Spic & Span, other clear bottles with nubs, toiletries, recording tape, pharmaceuticals, heatable food trays, boil-in-the-bag bags.

2 HDPE natural/without color (High-Density Polyethylene)
Jugs: milk, cider, distilled water and spring water, bottles: juice (not clear), rubbing alcohol, large vinegar, single-serving punch-drink or juice, eye drops, grocery bags, base cups, tubs, totes, pallets, flexible film bags, bottles, laundry and dish detergent, fabric softener, saline solution, bleach, lotion, motor oil, antifreeze, dispensers, dental floss and baby wipes.

3 PVC (Polyvinyl Chroride)
Blister pack "bubble" for batteries, hardware supplies, etc., swimming pool toys and liners, shoe soles, garden hose. Bottles: imported mineral water, salad dressing, salad and vegetable oil, floor polish, mouthwash, liquor, some translucent pharmaceutical bottles, bottle liners and cap coatings.

4 LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene)
Usually appears in flexible film bags for trash, dry cleaning, bread, produce, etc., also some rigid items such as food storage containers and flexible lids; coating; stretch wrap.

5 PP (Polypropylene)
Battery cases, medical containers, oil additive tubs, cereal box liners, bottle labels and caps, rope and strapping, combs, snack wraps/bags, Tropical frozen orange juice cans, some yogurt cups and lids (those that do not crack easily when bent), geomembranes.

6 PS (Polystyrene)
Most fast food cutlery; some yogurt cups and tubs, cookie and muffin containers, vitamin bottles, carry-out containers (clamshells, etc.), meat trays, egg cartons

7 OTHER (Varies)
Water cooler bottles; products made of plastics other than the six most common or made of multiple resins in layers, blends, or different parts (examples: microwavable serving ware, "brick-pack" juice boxes, most snack bags, e.g., potato chips, squeezable bottles for ketchup, condiments, jellies, syrups).
plastic  recycling  guide  thumbnail  PET  HDPE  PVC  LDPE  PP  PS 
april 2019 by cosmic
Cuomo’s plan to expand the nickel-redemption program could upend the recycling business
"But that environmentally friendly move unleashed an unanticipated boom in street collectors digging through curbside garbage cans and bags. Such rummaging is illegal because at that point, recyclables belong to the city.

"Scavenging went up dramatically after water bottles were added, and it became a serious problem in the city," said Robert Lange, former director of the Department of Sanitation's Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling."

"Jesus, 41, said he spends 16 hours every day in Lower Manhattan filling a shopping cart with bottles and cans so he can send money to help his five children in his native Mexico. He usually starts his search around 4 p.m. and on a good night bags 4,000 containers, worth $200. On a tough day he nets about $70. Many apartment superintendents and office managers let him look through recyclables before they're taken to the curb.

"I would be so happy if I could make some more money," Jesus said. "It's a hard job. I'm alone a lot.""
Crain'sNewYork  recycling  AndrewCuomo  NYC  AviKaner  AaronElstein 
february 2019 by cosmic
How much money can you make collecting cans and bottles? We tried it to find out
"Shawn, for the record, neither of the writers of this story commented on Gothamist. We don’t know who did. We also gave over $8 worth of bottles and cans we collected to a man who was waiting at one of the machines. We did an experiment, posted our results, and left it at that. Please don’t make snap judgments."

"Will say the best message of this is simple: Separate redeemables from non-redeemables to make the lives of collectors better."

"hiroo maruyama 6.3.13 at 5:52 pm
Afer y parents are deceased,I plan to collect soda cans and bottles from garbage.Beacuse my parents wrote a will that in scarsdale ny My sister and ….. get the houses and the money.I will not be welcome in a group home so I have no choice."

"the joke is on the polluters.. Just be prepared to realize what a sugar/booze problem this world has- that alone is disturbing.."

"I prefer my current assigment as IT consultant for $100 per hour to being a lowlife dirtbag popcan bum. I always spot these deadbeats in the alley."
NYC  aluminum  recycling  money  Brokelyn  comments 
february 2017 by cosmic

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