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ITIL® Vs. DevOps! 25 Influential Experts Share Their Insights (Is ITIL® Agile Enough?)
“Let’s think about control. I’d struggle to find any engineers operating within a DevOps mindset eschew control of their production systems. I encourage the use of a CMDB, but again, it’s live, automatically updated, and software-based. It’s called a Chef server. Similarly, ITIL places a strong emphasis on configuration. Teams I have built do the same. All changes to the system are made in code, go through a peer review process, are automatically tested, and rolled out in a recordable, repeatable, and auditable manner. I encourage tracking of all changes that are made to the system. To do that, I use git and I track problems and resolution in a ticketing system. That could be Jira or Zendesk. When it comes to risk management, compliance, and security, again, I turn to the Chef ecosystem. Chef Compliance, as part of the Chef automation system, provides ways to specify compliance requirements as testable specification, which can then be used for audit and management.”

All that configuration management, logging, and automation gives what’s needed for ITIL-level tracking.
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august 2018 by cote
Citing need for “engineering execution,” Chef gives control of engineering to its co-founder and CTO while the sales department reorganizes – GeekWire
Chef CEO Barry Crist talks to a crowd at the Chef offices in Pioneer Square. Seattle DevOps startup Chef made several organizational changes this week,…
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august 2017 by cote
Standard Bank: Our DevOps Journey Blog Posts | Chef Blog
This is some of the best marketing work I've read in years:
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may 2015 by cote
This week’s episode is up. Check the show notes for all... - April 02, 2015 at 03:18PM
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april 2015 by cote
Chef Closes $32 Million In Series D Funding | Chef Blog
Chef’s Sales grew 250 percent year-over-year for the third quarter. The number of new Chef Software customers grew by 350 percent for the nine-month period ending September 30, 2013, with Fortune 1000 companies accounting for nearly 60 percent of Chef’s sales.
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december 2013 by cote
Coté • I’ve been in Chef Fundamentals training this week....
I’ve been in Chef Fundamentals training this week. It’s a good course. Chef is a lot more ruby than I’d realized. It’s pretty close to what a programmer would do if they were forced to manage machines. Of course, programmers also came up with Ant and Maven, so we have that. All this will be a good baseline for chomping through the successors of Puppet and Chef, the SaltStacks and Ansibles who seem to be taking an even more simplified approach.
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december 2013 by cote
Coté • Some humorous twist of fate put @OpsCode and...
Some humorous twist of fate put @OpsCode and @PuppetLabs training in the same building on the same day Along with VMware, RedHat, and even ITIL. Jiminy Crickets!
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december 2013 by cote
Opscode adds services for Chef control freak
"There have been over 1.2 million downloads of the open source Chef tool to date, and Jay Wampold, director of marketing at Opscode, says there are 23,000 active users with the tool and 16,000 registered users in the open source Chef community."
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august 2012 by cote
How a BigCo actually got some innovation done – The Longer Story of Crowbar
How a BigCo actually got some innovation done – The Longer Story of Crowbar

View more presentations from Michael Coté

Here’s the slides for the talk I gave this morning on lessons learned from working on a DevOps product in a large company, that is, Crowbar in Dell.

The abstract:

Sometimes it seems like It’s near impossible to get anything innovative, interesting done in a large company – it’s as if BigCos are goaled to prevent just that. While you can’t type a URL without hearing how a Ramen-fueled startup got ground breaking product out the door, you rarely hear about how the other side of the exit lives in Large Company Land. This talk will use the story of Crowbar at Dell to grope out how to get good things done in big technology companies, esp. when it comes to something as BigCo esoteric as DevOps!

I’m amazed when I find a skunk-worked project that’s blossomed into a valuable, strategic asset for a company. In the case of Dell and Crowbar, it’s even more astonishing: Dell has traditionally been a stone-cold hardware company focused on shipping more boxes each quarter, Crowbar is an open source piece of software whose business model depends on the nuanced dynamics of open platforms strategy. You’d never think these two things would go together. And yet, Crowbar exists and has had amazing success (both externally and internally) in an extremely short time. With the access I have to the “real story,” being at Dell now after six years at RedMonk covering tech from the outside, I’ll go over lessons learned on getting DevOps and a DevOps product through the Brazil-like pneumatic tubes of a $62.1B company.

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april 2012 by cote
Which configuration management tool would you choose for an EC2 fleet? - Quora
Check out Chef and Puppet politely stating their case for why they're the best choice for cloud configuration management.
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january 2011 by cote
The Meta Cloud gets more meta
So, like, VMWare is going to buy these guys, right?
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november 2009 by cote
RightScale ServerTemplate Library and Machine Tags
Tags! "We introduced Flickr style machine tags recently and we’re expanding their use with this release. One of the really exciting new features is that servers now have tags and we’ve integrated the tags with the routing of messages between servers, with Chef (via the RightLink agents) and with the UI. All this is still in alpha but it’s starting to take shape. Our first real use-case is the registration of application servers with load balancers. The way it works is that when a load balancer comes up and is ready for operation it adds a “loadbalancer:lb=www” tag to say “I’m a load balancer for the www vhost”. When an app server starts up, it requests all servers in the deployment with a “loadbalancer:lb=www” tag to run a Chef recipe that adds the app server to the load balancer rotation. This way, the app server doesn’t need to know which or how many load balancers there are. The tag matching, communication, and running of the Chef recipe are all done by the RightLink agents."
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november 2009 by cote

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