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A Pivotal Director, RedMonk Analyst Discuss the State of Open Source in 2018 by The New Stack Analysts
I was on a end-of-year podcast on open source, kubernetes, and vendor sports:

> It would have been difficult to predict the magnitude of open source’s role in today’s platforms and the explosion of choice on offer in today’s computing world thanks to its massive adoption.  On the industry side, IBM’s purchase of Linux giant Red Hat this year for an astounding $34 billion has come as an even bigger surprise.

> The state of open source in 2018, and especially, the IBM's Red Hat purchase, were discussed during a podcast with Rachel Stephens, an analyst with of RedMonk, and Michael Coté, director, marketing, at Pivotal Software, hosted by Libby Clark, editorial director, and Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief, of The New Stack.

> Indeed, 2018 is even being touted at the “year of open source” in many circles, Stephens said. “The mega acquisitions and just tends to really validate open-source as the method of building in the future and as a viable approach for building your stack. And I think, at the same time, we contrast that with some kind of clouds on the horizon in terms of the growing tension between an ability to run an open source business in the face of cloud providers.”
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january 2019 by cote
thwackCamp 2015 - [Industry Experts Panel] DevO... | thwack
Hopefully they'll have the recording of the DevOps panel I was on up soon.
DevOps  ego  CoteSpeaking 
july 2015 by cote
W2O Group's #SXW2O Geekfest - Michael Cote - YouTube
Someone asked me what the deal with the cloud toilets are. Here you go.
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june 2015 by cote
The folks at HeavyBit asked me to come talk briefly about continious integration and continious deployment in “the real world” for a little summit they had yesterday. The audience was a great mix of statups (HeavyBit ones) and end-users, most of them quite advanced. I hear there’ll be a recording of the talk, in the meantime here are the slides, some of which will be familer if you’ve followed the DevOps works we did while I was at 451. (You may recall I talked with the HeavyBit crowd early last year on how to deal with industry analysts.)
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february 2015 by cote
I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on this week’s Speaking In Tech Podcast (see their larger site as well). If you’re not familer with the show, they split it into two halves: topical tech news discussion followed by a guest interview. I sat through the first half on mute resisting the urge to chime in, it was a fun conversation. The second half was an overview of my career in tech with me plowing through my weird travels therein, all the way up to Pivotal. Anyhow, have a listen, and subscribe to the podcast if you like tech podcasts - it’s good stuff each week!
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february 2015 by cote
I gave the opening talk for the Austin Cloud User Group back in 2010. They asked me to come back and give an update of that talk (around) 5 years later. There’s all sorts of analyst data at my disposal now (mostly of interest to me when demonstrating real-world business demand), plus plenty of years of ironing out what the hell cloud is. Come on down to tonight (Jan 20th, 2015) to see the final version and the talk track. I might have to trim it up a bit once I practice it a few times.
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january 2015 by cote
DockerCon EU Panel: The Future of Micro services - YouTube
I was lucky to be invited to be on a panel during DockerCon last month. It was fun! The video is up. It was a nice panel, talking about the changing nature of how software is delivered from the infrastructure layer, all the way up to the “culture” layer. You can check me out in full hobo resplendor and holding an invisible box of Lego bricks. Don’t fret: I got a haircut soon after.
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january 2015 by cote
I was on a webinar last week with Flexiant and Brinkster. Both of those outfits are “cloud suppliers,” helping other companies run clouds. So, I laid out 451’s data around growth and opportunity in that market, and then we had a discussion amongst the three parties. It was fun! See the recording here, and here’s the slides I went through:
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december 2014 by cote
451 Webinar: Demystifying Docker Orchestration by Michael Coté - YouTube
Earlier today I gave a webinar about Docker Orchestration, what it is as far as I can tell and what the requirements are. Check out the recording, and the slides as well. This was done with CloudSoft who’s been doing all sorts of interesting things in the space. (It’s silent for the first 30 seconds or so, so just scrub ahead.)
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november 2014 by cote
The Emerging Market in DevOps - 451 Research’s Q1 2014 DevOps Study O…
The Emerging Market in DevOps - 451 Research’s Q1 2014 DevOps Study Overview for Vendors from Michael Coté My team at 451 does a fair amount of consulting with vendors on the topic of DevOps: what is it, why do people use it, and how can I, the vendor, do something with it? I’ve presented on our thoughts on what DevOps means for end-users many times, but I wanted to share the conversation we have with vendors as well. Obviously, this is just a quick introduction and overview. What’s always esp. interesting is seeing how various companies figure out how to apply it to their plans and portfolios. I tinker with this presentation often so I’ll try to upload new versions as they come. Several weeks back, 451 re-did how we divide up our research practices and DevOps plays a central role in one the practices I manage, “Development, DevOps, and Middleware”…so you can be we’ll continue to do a lot in the DevOps space. Anyhow, tell me what you think!
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august 2014 by cote
The New Stack Analysts: Azure Rising? - YouTube
I was on The New Stack Analyst podcast today along with Nancy Gohring, one of the tech reports who’s work I’ve always enjoyed, and, of course, Alex Williams. We discuss Nancy’s recent piece on Azure cloud seeming to grow faster than Amazon’s cloud, the problem with figuring comparisons like this out, some different scenarios for big cloud vendor success and failure based on where the packaged software market goes, and then DaaS and WaaS. The last is a topic I know less about than I’d like, but that never stops a analyst from talking about a topic…at length. Pretty wide-ranging topics, but all trying to sort through what “IT” is becoming with all this cloud nonsense running around. My connection was slow so I shut down my video. Enjoy milkman meets pie man.
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july 2014 by cote
One of my colleagues, Jay Lyman, and I were on the DevOps Cafe podcast a while back. We talk about DevOps from a mainstream perspective, and a bit about how analyst think about it. The episode was “lost” since our original recording, but is now found and published. There’s also some brief shownotes on their site, and the video of our recording if you prefer that over audio only.
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july 2014 by cote
The New Stack Analysts - YouTube
In the latest The New Stack Podcast, I talk with Alex while he’s on the show floor. We talk about SAP, Microsoft and open source, OSCON, and then talk with Bitnami’s Erica Brescia who has interesting things to say, among other things. about Azure use rising.
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july 2014 by cote
Heavybit Industries
The recording for my talk earlier this year on dealing with analysts, narrowed down to startups, is up. It’s fancy! Check it out, and here’s the slides.
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june 2014 by cote
The New Stack Analysts: Show 3 - YouTube
We recorded The New Stack Analysts: Show 3 today where we talked all about DevOps. I referenced the usual DevOps work and it’s great to hear Donnie’s take on DevOps. You can follow the podcast in Soundcloud - they’re working on an RSS/podcast feed.
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may 2014 by cote
Cote of 451 Research at DevOps Days Austin - Long Version - YouTube
After giving my talk at DevOpsDays Austin, Barton George interviewed me for his short, big head video series on DevOps. We go over the DevOps study finding, and some actionable take-aways for those who care. He has several other good interviews with the speakers at DevOpsDays Austin.
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may 2014 by cote
Top 10 Signs Your IT Ops are Really Ugly
A short while ago I did a webinar with ScienceLogic which was a bit of a sniff test suite for how you’re running IT. You can see the recording here. They had a lovely Infographic from it as well:
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may 2014 by cote
"A triangle model to deal with an ever evolving thought technology": What Does “Enterprise Grade” Mean, Really? from Michael Coté At this year’s Uptime Symposium I was asked to give a lunch time talk. I proposed “What does enterprise grade mean really?” as a sort of way to force myself to contemplate it. Here’s my first cut, input would be great as I’ll be tuning and practicing it between Monday and actually giving it on Wednesday. It has some of my usual nonsense on DevOps and “software defined business,” but also a proposal for a triangle. It’s more, you know, intended to be “thought provoking” than correct and “prescriptive.” See the raw slides over in Slideshare, as always.
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may 2014 by cote
Ep 2: Hacking Business Technology - YouTube
I was on the Hacking Business Technology podcast today, which was great fun. We discussed being an analyst and corporate strategy person, if private cloud is bullshit, what “IT - SaaS = what?” means, and why Rackspace would be shopping itself around (I like Jack Clark’s cloud spend chart on this topic).
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may 2014 by cote
OpenStack Summit 2014 - When is this DevOps Unicorn Going to Sprout...
OpenStack Summit 2014 - When is this DevOps Unicorn Going to Sprout Wings and Fly? from Michael Coté I had the pleasure of speaking the OpenStack summit in Atlanta this year, it was fun! I gave my DevOps market study talk, which is always enjoyable, to me at least.
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may 2014 by cote
When is this DevOps Unicorn Going to Sprout Wings and Fly? - DevOps Days Austin, May 2014 from Michael Coté Here’s the talk I’ll be giving for the day two keynote at DevOpsDays Austin tomorrow.
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may 2014 by cote
What cloud trends mean for you - an analyst's view
I just wrapped up my Red Hat Summit talk, which is always fun. The presentation is embedded above and I’m told there’ll be a video soon which I’ll also post. There’s a fair amount of market-sizing data and some results from our first DevOps market study in the slides. Tell me if it’s useful for you, I’m looking to hone this general body of work in the coming the months.
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april 2014 by cote
Avoid Re-Inventing the Wheel When Seeking Big Data Bliss | BrightTALK
I just wrapped up a webinar with BMC today (the Control-M team that recently added Hadoop support). In my section, I briefly go over 451’s take on what Big Data is and then get into how to start strategically planning how to use Big Data. As ever, I try to be pragmatic while at the same time shiney object obsessed. Check out the recording in BrightTalk; my slides are in Slideshare as well.
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april 2014 by cote
DevOpsDays Austin Monday Part 1
My talk on how Crowbar starts at about 1:18:30.
CoteSpeaking  DevOpsDays  Crowbar  DevOpsDaysAustin  2012 
march 2014 by cote
Barton George & Michael Cote - DellWorld 2012 - theCUBE - YouTube
Talking to The Cube guys at DellWorld 2012, when I was employed at Dell. Barton George and I talk about developers, cloud, and Project Sputnik.
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march 2014 by cote
The Cloud^H^H^H^H^HDevOps Milieu, circa March 2014 from Michael Coté I just gave this presentation to the Ansible Meetup here in Austin. It’s, hopefully, a “living presentation” that I can roll through-out the year, freshening up next time. It gathers up key parts of 451’s quantitative work, included a fresh DevOps study, to noodle on the equation IT - SaaS = what? (Spoiler alert: As you, dear readers, would probably guess: the “what?” equals developers.) The abstract: We all know that cloud is a big deal, and cloud-native production cultures like DevOps are increasing in interest and maturity. Wide-spread market-adoption of all this cloud fun is slowly creaking out beyond the hoodie-festooned set, a trend we rabidly follow at 451 Research. This short talk with provide a brief baseline of where we are with cloud and DevOps as seen through the analyst lens of end-user surveys, market observations, and plane old screw-ball analyst-think. It wraps up with a “so what?” to motivate folks to chase that “software is eating the world” unicorn dream.
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march 2014 by cote
Talking Cloud with Cote - Part 2 - YouTube
Part 2 of some cloud talking, as it says, that I did with Zenoss back in 2011.
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march 2014 by cote
Talking Cloud with Cote - Part 1 - YouTube
Part one of some cloud talking, as it says, that I did with Zenoss back in 2011. See Zenoss’ notes here.
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march 2014 by cote
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When I was at Dell I worked in strategy and M&A, so speaking publically was not really in the job description. Nonetheless, I pitched in with my marketing friends from time-to-time, as in this talk going over cloud as Dell saw it and advice for users.
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march 2014 by cote
Back at SXSW 2009, Neelan Choksi was kind enough to invite me to be on a panel on open source. Mark Brewer and Sara Dornsife were also on the panel. Good times. Here’s the original, brief notes on it at my old RedMonk blog.
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march 2014 by cote
Back in 2011 I moderated a panel at SXSW going over cloud. It has Salesforce’s Peter Coffee and (at the time) VMware’s Javier Soltero. Fun as always. See the original post of this from the time over on my old RedMonk blog.
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march 2014 by cote
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Pragmatic Cloud Computing, or, Dealing with Morlocks, or, Agile Infrastructure - a talk I gave at Devoxx 2010, pleasantly early in cloud, DevOps, and such to be nice and squishy. See slides here as well.
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march 2014 by cote
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"What’s the point of DevOps," a talk John Willis and I did at Devoxx 2010. Check out the slides here if you’re interested.
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march 2014 by cote
DevOps Cafe 2/27/14 - YouTube
Jay Lyman and myself were on [the DevOps Cafe (Podcast) yesterday, with [the video recording] up first of course. We discussed the DevOps adoption and mainstream maturity that we see out there in our analyst romping. As Damon mentions, Jay wrote one the original (as he types it) devops analyst reports. Be sure to subscribe to their podcast feed, as I do, to get the audio version, and listen to all the other episodes. This is one of the best outlets for keepingup with DevOps out there at the moment.
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february 2014 by cote
Dell and Open Source: SUSE - YouTube
A short “what’d you think about SUSEcon 2013” montage where-in I say what I thought. I did a longer write-up as well.
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december 2013 by cote

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