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Hadoop Needs To Be A Business, Not Just A Platform
Financial goop on Cloudera and HortonWorks merging:

> The deal for the merger of the two companies is surprisingly simple. Shareholders in Hortonworks will get 1.305 shares in Cloudera and Cloudera will be the remaining company in fact, if not necessarily in name. This means that Cloudera shareholders will own 60 percent of the combined company and Hortonworks shareholders will own the remaining 40 percent. The combined companies had a fully diluted equity value of $5.2 billion before the merger was announced. At the time the deal was announced, the combined firms had more than $500 million in cash, no debt, and 2,500 customers who largely do not overlap. There are more than 120 customers who spend $1 million a year and another 800 customers who spend more than $100,000 a year for subscriptions and such.
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october 2018 by cote
Elephant in the room: Doug Cutting on Hadoop and core enterprise tech going open source • The Register
Here, I'm mostly interests in the idea of managed private cloud crossed with open source: you don't expect public cloud companies to open source their stuff, so would you expect managed private cloud vendors to keep closed too?

Also, open source is still only something considered for infrastructure software, not so much applications.
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june 2016 by cote
2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Database Management Systems As the actual report says (leag-gen yourself here to get a copy): “In 2014, this Magic Quadrant introduces non-relational data management systems for the first time.” Indeed! Pretty delightful array of products there: the old and the new. For example, mixes public and private cloud (notice AWS is up there), Hadoop and traditional DW.
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august 2014 by cote
Adoption of BigData/Hadoop compared to other storage means. BUT! Be sure to see the second chart as well. (via Twitter / manumarchal: Adoption of BigData/Hadoop …)
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june 2014 by cote
Concurrent crams venture capitalist cash into its big Hadoop port • The Register
In many ways the turnaround at the company is a reflection of trends in the broader Hadoop community, which spent much of last year dealing with the fallout of hyped tech claims and false promises. This year, by contrast, some businesses seem to be finally squeezing some real value out of the tech, bringing a new round of enthusiasm (and cash) into the startups involved with the tech.
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june 2014 by cote
Avoid Re-Inventing the Wheel When Seeking Big Data Bliss | BrightTALK
I just wrapped up a webinar with BMC today (the Control-M team that recently added Hadoop support). In my section, I briefly go over 451’s take on what Big Data is and then get into how to start strategically planning how to use Big Data. As ever, I try to be pragmatic while at the same time shiney object obsessed. Check out the recording in BrightTalk; my slides are in Slideshare as well.
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april 2014 by cote
Cloudera Raises $900 Million, Declares War On Legacy Data Center Vendors – ReadWrite
Mike Olson of Cloudera on the Intel relationship: It genuinely is true that the important story here is the commercial relationship we’ve crafted with Intel. We go to market together, and that’s fantastic for us both—we reach many more customers directly and through our partners. We build better software that takes advantage of Intel silicon innovations, and get it into the open source sooner. Our customers get the best product earlier and get more value from their data. And then Matt Asay to drive the point home: By claiming $740 million of Intel’s money, Cloudera now has its attention in a big way. The cash is nice, but it’s the relationship that matters. The official Cloudera press release on the $900m round puts Intel’s stake at 18%. Also, Matt Aslett over at 451 has an analysis on who Cloudera might acquire with that pile of cash: While we expect Cloudera’s M&A strategy to be driven by products that complement Cloudera Manager, we also see opportunities for the company to purchase vendors and technologies that complement the core Hadoop distribution. At this level, we are not talking so much about Cloudera wanting to ‘own’ Hadoop-related projects in the traditional sense, but to boost its own talent in key areas as well as bring its resources to bear to accelerate adoption.
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march 2014 by cote
Seven Questions for Peter Fenton About Hortonworks and Hadoop | Re/code
A recent IDC survey of 202 large companies already experimenting with Hadoop found that 32 percent had moved it to production environments, and another 31 percent are in the process of doing so within 12 months.
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february 2014 by cote
Teradata: Year Forecast Renews Hadoop Bull-Bear Debate - Tech Trader Daily -
Approximately one-third of our top 50 customers in the Americas have Hadoop in production now, with the other two-thirds in various stages of evaluations. —CEO Mike Koehler
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february 2014 by cote
IDC: Hadoop commonly used with other big data analytics systems | Business Intelligence - InfoWorld
> IDC’s “Trends in Enterprise Hadoop Deployments” report, commissioned by Red Hat, found that 32 percent of companies questioned had deployed Hadoop. An additional 31 percent said they had plans to deploy Hadoop within 12 months, and 36 percent said their Hadoop deployment schedule could go beyond 12 months. And then, people need more tools to actually do something with the results, in addition to massaging it for the elephant: > The survey also found that most enterprises process big data both before and after Hadoop processing.
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november 2013 by cote
Does Open Source's Rise Spell The End Of Traditional Software Vendors? – ReadWrite
I noticed this aside in a Matt Asay piece, on open source: In the Hadoop market, Cloudera uses this so-called “Open Core” model, while Hortonworks does not. While it remains to be seen who will win the long run, in the short term Cloudera leads the market and will reportedly have over $100 million in sales in 2013. Derrick Harris said the same back in Nov of 2012. It’s be great if it’s true, or in the ball-park.
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october 2013 by cote
451 Research Summit: Enterprises Competing With Digital Infrastructure & Cloud Computing - Forbes
From Louis Columbus’ discussion with IBM SoftLayer at 451’s HCTS conference: The majority of the top ten customers [I assume by revenue] Softlayer has today are running large-scale clusters of Hadoop, with 40 Hadoop clusters being commonplace. Lance Crosby mentioned these customers are very sophisticated in their use of Hadoop and many of them are in consumer products companies, looking to gain greater insights into customer behavior. Bare metal servers running Hadoop are one of the fastest growing areas of the Softlayer business right now. Simon West made an excellent point that running Hadoop on bare metal servers instead of through virtualized environment leads to a higher level of throughput, given Softlayer’s internal testing results. Bare metal servers continue to accelerate in the industry and Softlayer’s executives confirmed they are seeing an acceleration of demand in this area. All that big data takes a lot of compute, esp. as you want to speed it up more. The other thing to point out here is the re-rise of “B2C,” that is, businesses using IT more and more to interact with and get money from consumers, vs. other businesses.
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september 2013 by cote
451 Research 2013 Hadoop survey
RT : Please help shape our understanding of global usage trends and drivers by taking our 2013 Hadoop survey
september 2013 by cote
Why Hadoop projects fail — and how to make yours a success
Why Hadoop projects fail — and how to make yours a success
hadoop  dell 
july 2013 by cote
Get ready for a flood of new Hadoop apps
"The 2.0 version adds a number of components including architecting for high availability and adding scale to individual clusters allowing them grow 4 000 machines (a Hadoop deployment can consist multiple clusters)."
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june 2013 by cote
Work with Hadoop and NoSQL Databases with Toad for Cloud - ReadWriteCloud
yesterday's interview with @cote spawned this note on #Quest + Hadoop/NoSQL initiatives going back to early Toad
redmonkpressquotes  Hadoop  Quest  NoSQL  Toad  numbers  #Quest 
february 2011 by cote
Welcome to HBase!
"HBase is the Hadoop database. Use it when you need random, realtime read/write access to your Big Data. This project's goal is the hosting of very large tables -- billions of rows X millions of columns -- atop clusters of commodity hardware."
apache  Hadoop  HBase  asf  opensource  bigdata 
october 2009 by cote
'Grid computing Red Hat' lands elephant on VMware cloud
"Cloudera has already tweaked its distro for use on Amazon's on-demand infrastructure service, the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and now the company has cooked up management scripts for deploying a Hadoop cluster on vCloud, the infrastructure cloud setup that VMWare announced in September."
cloudera  VMworld  bigdata  hadoop  vSphere  redmonkclients 
august 2009 by cote
20090622 Velocity
Jeff Hammerbacher's talk/overview of Hadoop from Velocity. Lots of numbers, facts, etc.
Cloudra  velocity09  hadoop  itmanagementguys  numbers  cloud 
june 2009 by cote
Amazon’s New Elastic Map Reduce - Cloud Computing Adviser
"Hadoop is a completely different way of thinking than traditional programming paradigms. Most traditional programming shops will have to re-tool to take advantage of this new paradigm. On an upside, all freshman CS students at the University of California Berkley are required to learn Hadoop in their freshmen semesters. All and all this new announcement, in my opinion, puts Amazon in a class of their own when it comes to 'Cloud Computing.'"
mapreduce  hadoop  cloud  amazon  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  programming 
april 2009 by cote
Exploring: The Open Source Google Stack
"The open source community is slowly growing a software stack that emulates a number of internal Google technologies."
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june 2008 by cote

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