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Meet Node-RED, an IBM project that fulfills the internet of things’ missing link — Tech News and Analysis
> The common thread behind node-RED and Temboo is that as we’re connecting thousands of devices and building interconnected services we will be forced to think differently: about how to deploy dumb devices and about how to program thousands of devices while keeping the resulting program flexible enough for change.
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september 2013 by cote
Working from Home: It's in the Details
"This reluctance may be fueled by fear that if they're out of sight, they will be out of mind, too. About 61% of global executives say they think telecommuters are less likely to advance in their careers."
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february 2007 by cote
WiFi in your washer
I know it sounds dumb...but extending the network can't be all too bad AS LONG AS it's extreamly open. If it runs SNMP and SSH, we're set. Otherwise, it's dodgy. I know Cisco likes this too.
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july 2006 by cote

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