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Stackify caters to devops-oriented teams with ITMaaS monitoring tool
Looking for a production monitoring tool? Stackify launched recently, and my 451 report on them is up. Clients can read the full report, but here’s the 451 Take: Our surveys of this space show steady interest in new tools and methods for monitoring and managing cloud-native applications. There are many entrenched tools from the Big Four (CA, IBM, HP, BMC) and other ‘legacy’ systems management vendors; these vendors have had mixed success in ‘keeping up,’ opening market gaps for Stackify and others. Early success in this market depends on good marketing and go-to-market models, with SolarWinds being an iconic example. The danger for a small company like Stackify comes in the form of well-moneyed and innovative competitors of all sizes and flavors. Stackify will have to quickly stake out its ground and begin expertly managing its deal funnel and pace of innovation – the core challenges of any startup. If you’re not a client already, apply for a trial to check it out and put my name in as a reference. Related, see a slice of the recent survey results on monitor tools from 451’s TheInfoPro - chart above - free on their wonderful chart blog.
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IT ops startup Boundary raises $22m C round to expand R&D, sales and marketing
I put up a short, “analyst note” on Boundary’s funding today, which 451 clients can read in full. Tracking from our last report on them in November 2013, they’ve increased both customer count and average deal size, so good for them. I always found it hard to find the market sizing for “systems management delivered over public cloud” (or “IT Management as a Service”/ITMaaS) market when I was at Dell looking at that. Thankfully, we track ITMaaS at 451. As I put in the analyst note: Boundary participates in the ITMaaS market, which was at $1.1bn in 2013 and growing at ~35% CAGR to $2.5bn in 2016, according to our Market Monitor service estimates.
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