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Waity K8-y no more Pivotal: We'll unhook Application Service from VMware
"The urgency was more around understanding the long term vision than an immediate need," said Andrews. "We're still very early. Everybody is talking about K8s all the time, but if you look at who is actually using it in production, the list is much shorter. Our technology stack works incredibly well, we have customers with over 100,000 containers working on the current platform. If we forecast out 3 to 5 years in the future though, it seems clear that K8s is going to be a de facto component in the architecture.”
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4 weeks ago by cote
Pat Gelsinger and his calculated plan for VMware
"Three years ago, your biggest risk was cloud; six years ago, your biggest risk was Open Stack. If you look at it now, you can clearly say, 'Hey, these next-generation applications, are you going to be the enterprise supplier of choice?'. So in that sense, I think we had a bit of defensive risk ... our platform was at risk.

"At the same time, if you look at the dollars, the business value at play in the developer layer -- a lot of money there. It's a very rich, offensive opportunity as well -- both defense and offense -- and if we expand the value proposition for all of the VMware operators today, to be able to effectively reach the developers and the application in a much more effective way than they do today ... if we can bring those worlds together, that's a pretty huge benefit for our customers as well."
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Accelerating a Financial Leader’s Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
"After launching two new microservices within the first six months, the firm now delivers apps every three to four months and, after three years, has deployed more than 50 new applications."
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Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.5, Now GA, Harnesses the Power of Istio and Envoy to Make Your Developers More Productive
Whole lotta features:

> - Weighted routing uses Istio and Envoy to simplify blue-green deployments (beta)
> - Platform Automation for PCF, the engine of your perpetual upgrade machine (beta)
> - Windows Server 2019, Microsoft’s most container-friendly OS yet, now powers PAS for Windows (coming soon)
> - Consume upstream Kubernetes your way with the new PKS family
> - Got apps that need multiple custom ports? Run ‘em on PAS.
> - Use metadata on API resources throughout PAS to share context
> - Keep tabs on all your apps, wherever they run with multi-foundation Apps Manager (coming soon)
> - Steeltoe 2.2 improves the stability of your microservices, simplifies connections to MongoDB
> - Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.4: Wire up data pipelines across Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry (coming soon)
> - Single Sign-On for PCF 1.9 will help you get more done faster with a new, streamlined dashboard (coming soon)
> - Detecting manifest changes with Ops Manager is much easier
> - Other Enhancements
> - Public Service Announcements
> - Try Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Free
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april 2019 by cote
Why Wells Fargo Wants to ‘Repave’ Its Platform Every Day
Wells Fargo, explains how the company is combating advanced persistent threats, as well as an onslaught of CVEs, by repaving its entire platform multiple times per week — with a goal of doing so every day by the end of 2019.
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march 2019 by cote
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4 Boosts Security With Compliance Scanner
Two big features:

> So how does zero downtime actually work in production? Seroter explained that, for example, an organization could deploy an application (v1) with Cloud Foundry and then perhaps a second app (v2). After the v2 application is deployed, an administrator could then just simply switch the network route to enable the new version. The same basic method is now being scaled in an automated approach.

> "Let's say I have five instances of my app and when I deploy the next version, under zero downtime deploy, as each instance of that app comes up in that same bucket, one of the old one comes out," Seroter said. "I always have five running and I may be in a state where both versions are serving traffic, but at no point is there any disruption because in that same sort of app container, across all the different VMs [virtual machines] and Cloud Foundry, the application instances are swapping out for each other automatically."


> "What the scanner does for the customers is basically ensure that the configuration of the OS matches the best practice recommendations for a cloud-native deployment," John Field, security architect at Pivotal, told eWEEK.
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january 2019 by cote
How Air France - KLM designed its PaaS Cloud Foundry
>"it was not a question of replacing our experts but of increasing the skills of the group's internal teams," says Thierry Morcq.

(Translated with Google Translate.)
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november 2018 by cote
Cyber Airmen fuel innovation
> Any problems discovered in the software can be more easily corrected, a small failure being preferable to correcting the shortfalls of an entire software suite. Changes requested by the customer can sometimes be delivered in just a couple days.

> Prior to Jigsaw, the tanker mission planners would use whiteboards to plot out their fueling rendezvous.

> “Rather than taking hours to run the calculations by hand for the hundreds of sorties scheduled each day to find a feasible plan,” Tatro said. “The program logs events in order to detect and report errors in scheduling.”

> It didn’t take long for the new software to start paying off.

> “Before Jigsaw was delivered to the tanker planners, they would be spending 8 to 12 hours a day with a team of five planning a day of tanker missions,” Maung said. “Now they only need three people and it takes them 4 to 5 hours, usually done before lunch.”

> Since the program was put into use in April 2017, Jigsaw has saved approximately $200,000 per day, just in fuel. There were other benefits as well.
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october 2018 by cote
Pivotal and New Relic Deliver Visibility, Value, and Velocity
A nice listing of some metrics to monitor out of the box in PCF, and just performance metrics, but meatware and product related stuff too.
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october 2018 by cote
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.3
A laundry list of new feature and services in the software I market around. There’s a lot of .Net expansion, adding some standard platform services (like a task scheduler), and Morlock stuff like multi-install (would you say “zone”?) OpenStack, and Kubernetes and embedded OS update:
releases  kubernetes  pivotal  cloudnative  PivotalCloudFoundry 
october 2018 by cote
How Companies are Saving Millions with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
"A recent Forrester study commissioned by Pivotal which analyzed the benefits PCF customers see when adopting the platform found that developers gain 50 percent more coding hours a week. How? The automation and self-service features of Pivotal Cloud Foundry decrease manual and mundane deployment tasks. Wait times for environment setup and code to be prompted to production are also significantly reduced... That 50 percent gain in coding hours led to more releases per year, speeding up release schedules from once every two months to once a week — and sometimes even daily. Forrester estimates this increase in productivity equates to more than $31 million over three years, while the reduction in DevOps time allocated to provisioning, patching and scaling across multiple clouds at almost $6 million."

Also, Rackspace has a managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry service.
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august 2018 by cote
VW using PCF and OpenStack
Just a press release mentioning that in passing.
customers  openstack  vw  mirantis  PivotalCloudFoundry 
july 2018 by cote
Dell EMC Merger Required Its Own Digital Transformation Program
“It was not like we went from three days to two days to one day. We went from three days to 18 minutes immediately. It was like flipping a light switch.”
dell  cases  proofpoints  PivotalCloudFoundry 
may 2018 by cote
Innovation at the edge: the top air defence trends by domain
"Software company Pivotal, backed by Dell EMC, VMWare, GE, Microsoft and Ford, has developed a tanker refuelling solution for the USAF with the US Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx); Running on the firm’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, the software solution was built for under $2m in 90 days and is now being used in operational areas including Qatar. It currently saves the US Air Force $1 million per day in fuel costs, with the software being managed by just one person. It also aligns with USAF’s Air Operations Centre (AOC) capabilities via a continuous delivery software development pipeline to a hybrid cloud-based platform alongside the legacy AOC 10.1 system."
cases  USAF  PivotalCloudFoundry  pivotal  proofpoints  cloudnative 
may 2018 by cote
CF Summit Boston — Day 2 Wrap-Up – Brian McClain – Medium
In their PCF setup, T-Mobile has only 10 operators supporting 18,000 containers doing 10,000 transactions/second. This is spread over 1,700 developers. So:

"T-Mobile reports a 170:1 developer to operator ratio."
cfsummit  PivotalCloudFoundry  proofpoints  cases  tmobile 
april 2018 by cote
Merrill Corporation alongside Leading Technology Companies, Launch New Category for M&A Professionals
“Merrill uses MongoDB technology to build horizontal applications on top of four key pillars: a secure repository, document collaboration, data and machine learning as well as analytics. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is used across all engineering stages - development, testing and production - with a focus on maximizing the microservices infrastructure that arranges the application into a suite of independently deployable, modular services. For security, identity and storage components Merrill DatasiteOne uses Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Azure Active Directory and Azure Storage.”
cases  pr  PivotalCloudFoundry  security  mongo  proofpoints 
april 2018 by cote
VMware and Pivotal’s PKS Distribution Marries Kubernetes with BOSH
“When we look at differentiators, I would say that there are a few and NSX-T, which provides east-west micro-segmentation of traffic between two VMs within the same network, is one of the strongest differentiators. BOSH is also a strong differentiator as well, in terms of offering self-healing capabilities. But being able to integrate with VMware tools is one of the key differentiators,” said Dul.
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january 2018 by cote
Frequent Iteration is the Antidote to Monolithic, Big Bet Software Projects
"West is in the process of standing up Pivotal Cloud Foundry to serve as the platform-of-choice for its 1,400-plus software engineers." And: " Squeo said he plans to migrate about 125 existing applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry."
pivotalcustomers  pivotal  PivotalCloudFoundry  proofpoints  agile 
october 2017 by cote
Dell EMC World: Michael Dell's 7 Keys To The Future Of Dell Technologies And The IT Industry | CRN Mobile
'The competition has made companies smarter, and better at putting intelligence and tools into their applications. Dell highlighted customers like Boeing and JP Morgan Chase, which have used Dell EMC's Pivotal cloud platform, he said, "to level the playing field." Pivotal Cloud Foundry, he said, "is the operating system for digital transformation and the Internet of Things." Pivotal provides software development, as well as a cloud platform, allowing companies to develop new applications and migrate legacy applications to Cloud Foundry.'
DellEMCWorld  PivotalCloudFoundry  customers  quotes  MSD  iot  pivotal 
may 2017 by cote
Don’t Forget People and Process in Your Digital Transformation
"By the end of his first year, Safford and his teams had built prototypes and market tests and finished 16 new software projects."
gettingstarted  abbykearns  cases  proofpoints  cloudnative  allstate  insurance  PivotalCloudFoundry 
march 2017 by cote
Ford teams with Pivotal, bets on Cloud Foundry
"As for the Pivotal partnership, Ford will use Pivotal's Cloud Foundry and big data suit e to build its connected vehicle program. So far, Ford said it has sped up software development times from months to weeks using agile techniques."
cases  cloudfoundry  iot  ford  pivotal  wp  PivotalCloudFoundry 
december 2015 by cote
I Want to Run Stateful Containers, Too | Hacker News
Much of this is good for the "developers don't pay for anything file," from a sentiment perspective. Also check out the Pivotal Cloud Foundry pitch.
sentiment  PaaS  PivotalCloudFoundry  cloud  developers  cloudnative  docker 
november 2015 by cote
Philips | Case Study | Pivotal
"Provisioning applications that required manual steps and operations that used to take weeks or months, can now take minutes or even less in order to stage and provision new applications."
Philips  hybridcloud  proofpoints  deployment  speed  PivotalCloudFoundry  CloudFoundry 
august 2015 by cote
Axel Springer | Case Study | Pivotal
"Together, the teams were able to reduce deployment times from 14 hours to 14 minutes, facilitated by Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s integration with Jenkins and Gradle build systems. Since this pilot, Pivotal Cloud Foundry has had zero downtime. It is being maintained by just two operators, using their preferred tools: Logstash, DataDog and PagerDuty. Furthermore, it runs in Axel Springer’s chosen datacenter on European soil."
proofpoints  cases  cloudcases  cicd  speed  CloudFoundry  PivotalCloudFoundry 
august 2015 by cote
The Green PaaS: Innovative Data Centers Will Save the World Billions | Pivotal P.O.V.
“They initially planned for a 6 month pilot. With Pivotal’s help, we had Pivotal CF running in a surprisingly short period of time. It was installed within days. This is how modern applications should work! Then, our customer deployed a single customer-facing app to production. Instead of 6 months for the pilot, they decided to move beyond the pilot to a full roll-out after only 3 months. Now, we are in the process of ramping up 5 or 6 more applications.”
proofpoints  PivotalCloudFoundry  cloudnative  cloud  cases  cloudcases 
august 2015 by cote
Rakuten's gains with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
"Rakuten, a Cloud Foundry user and Japanese e-commerce leader, says they found a 90% reduction in infrastructure operating costs and a dramatic increase in server-to-admin ratios."
proofpoints  PivotalCloudFoundry  cloudnative  PaaS  cloud  presentations  cases  webinars  cloudcases 
august 2015 by cote
CoreLogic | Case Study | Pivotal
14 months down to 6 months, 16 staff down to 8 staff: "[w]hen planning the first product developed on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, CoreLogic allocated a team of 12 engineers with four quality assurance software engineers and a management team. The goal was to deliver the product in 14 months. Instead, the project ultimately required only a product manager, one user experience designer and six engineers who delivered the desired product in just six months."
proofpoints  CoreLogic  cases  PivotalCloudFoundry  cloudnative  staffing  cicd  cloudcases  cloud 
august 2015 by cote
EMC Documentum/Enterprise Content Division | Case Study | Pivotal
"With Pivotal Cloud Foundry, deployment timeframes have been reduced by 75 percent, accelerating deployments from a month to a week, and there is room to reduce cycles further."
proofpoints  emc  documentum  SaaS  cloud  PivotalCloudFoundry  cloudnative  cloudcases  cases 
august 2015 by cote
EMC IT | Case Study | Pivotal
"Before adopting Pivotal Cloud Foundry, if a developer wanted a server for application development, it could take one to three months just to get an application development platform. Now, it can take just hours to get a server."
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july 2015 by cote

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