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A Pivotal Director, RedMonk Analyst Discuss the State of Open Source in 2018 by The New Stack Analysts
I was on a end-of-year podcast on open source, kubernetes, and vendor sports:

> It would have been difficult to predict the magnitude of open source’s role in today’s platforms and the explosion of choice on offer in today’s computing world thanks to its massive adoption.  On the industry side, IBM’s purchase of Linux giant Red Hat this year for an astounding $34 billion has come as an even bigger surprise.

> The state of open source in 2018, and especially, the IBM's Red Hat purchase, were discussed during a podcast with Rachel Stephens, an analyst with of RedMonk, and Michael Coté, director, marketing, at Pivotal Software, hosted by Libby Clark, editorial director, and Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief, of The New Stack.

> Indeed, 2018 is even being touted at the “year of open source” in many circles, Stephens said. “The mega acquisitions and just tends to really validate open-source as the method of building in the future and as a viable approach for building your stack. And I think, at the same time, we contrast that with some kind of clouds on the horizon in terms of the growing tension between an ability to run an open source business in the face of cloud providers.”
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january 2019 by cote
We discuss our naive understanding of how the stock market works, primarily, the motivations for people to buy and sell stocks. We hope to start recording more frequently, sorry it’s taken a year. These will be over on from now on too, just there, no annoying cross-posting unless I do it mistake, as in here ;>
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september 2013 by cote
Podcasting Audience Up 18% Since Last Year
"The audience for podcasts has grown 18% in the last year, according to an upcoming report from Edison Media Research. Awareness of podcasting has grown even more, jumping from 22% in 2006 to 37% in 2007."
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march 2007 by cote
Dev2Dev Editor's Blog: BEAWorld early-bird registration. JMeter testing and Spring education too
The BEA blog editors like the Punk IT talk in a recent RedMonk Radio. To be fair, the "server is no longer tied to a box" idea came from my briefing with Levanta as I (hopefully) said in the podcast.
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august 2006 by cote

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