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Preliminary Analysis of the Site Reliability Engineer Survey
If the response takes too long to get to your phone, the system might as well be "unavailable":

'If a page takes too long to load a user will consider it to be unavailable. I realized after the fact the nuances of this were not considered in the phrasing of one of our questions. We asked “What service level indicators are most important for your services?” Three of the options were end-user response time, latency, and availability. I view availability as the system up or down, latency as delays before a response is generated and end-user response time as how long before the user received the information they wanted. If an error message appears or the page fails to load, an application is unavailable. If a page takes 10 seconds to load, it’s available but incredibly frustrating to use. For SREs availability means more than is a system up or down. If the response time or latency exceeds a certain threshold the application is considered unavailable.'
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july 2018 by cote
Internal IT must extend reach beyond ITSM
"I am not saying that we don’t need service level agreements or any form of commitment from IT to their customers. I am saying that if a contract is all you have for a relationship with a customer that relationship is destined to become adversarial very quickly. I am saying that IT must have an informed consultant relationship with all of their customers. To do that a number of things must happen."
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november 2009 by cote

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