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Mirantis eyes continuous integration of all the things
Mirantis therefore thinks it can do a similar job for other combinations of open source software and that users will welcome such oft-updated bundles as anything that makes developers more productive, and infrastructure more secure, should be welcome.
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november 2017 by cote – OpenStack Kilo Rolls With Network, Storage...
OpenStack Kilo Rolls With Network, Storage Upgrades - May 02, 2015 at 07:54AM
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may 2015 by cote
Food Fight Show - OpenStack - YouTube
The very full gang on this episode (there’s also just audio if you want to skip the video, and the podcast feed which I recommend) gives a good, very current overview of not only the OpenStack project/platform, but also the community and, in a round about way, the goals. Listening to it, it reminded me of the Slackware days of Linux when there was endless Heathkit fun to be had. Of course, there’s several “fully assembled” OpenStack distros to be had now for those who don’t want to solder.
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september 2013 by cote

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