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Naspers plans to spin off its Tencent stake and other holdings
Naspers, which started out as an Afrikaans newspaper group a century ago, has since gone on to invest in a host of startups, mostly in emerging markets. The runaway success of Tencent has created an enviable headache: Naspers has become too big for the Johannesburg stock exchange, where it now makes up a quarter of the local index. Such scale requires foreign investors, not all of whom are keen on South Africa’s currency and political risk. Amsterdam, where Naspers already has staff, has similar listing requirements to Johannesburg.
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march 2019 by cote
The new tech effecting culture outline
> The trajectory of books about new technologies follows a similar pattern: first, hype; then, backlash; then, finally, a more considered view of what it might actually be good for.

Yup. Checks out.
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october 2018 by cote
Warren Buffett says cryptocurrency attracts charlatans, AI won’t change investing
“We were not ideally located to be high-tech wizards,” Munger said, adding “I have been to Google headquarters. It looks to me like a kindergarten.”

“A very rich kindergarten.”
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may 2018 by cote
'Big Tech' isn't one big monopoly – it's 5 companies all in different businesses
‘But despite simple perception of them all as “tech” companies, their core revenue sources are clearly different. And those distinctions suggest ways people can understand and respond to anxieties about their growing economic and cultural influence.’
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march 2018 by cote
Foreign-Born Engineers Dominate Bay Area Tech Jobs
“Nearly three-quarters of Silicon Valley women who work in computer, mathematical, architectural, and engineering occupations were born outside of the U.S., mostly in Asia. That includes nearly 79 percent of those in computer and mathematical professions. The data showed slightly more than 70 percent of men in those professions are foreign born.”
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march 2018 by cote
How Tech Companies Became a Political Force
“When tech leaders prophesy a utopia of connectedness and freely flowing information, they do so as much out of self-interest as belief. Rather than a decentralized, democratic public square, the internet has given us a surveillance state monopolized by a few big players. That may puzzle technological determinists, who saw in networked communications the promise of a digital agora. But strip away the trappings of Google’s legendary origins or Atari’s madcap office culture, and you have familiar stories of employers versus employees, the maximization of profit, and the pursuit of power. In that way, at least, these tech companies are like so many of the rest.”
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march 2018 by cote
Diversity in Tech Remains Elusive Due to Racism, Lack of Representation and Cultural Differences
‘As a self-proclaimed Black “nerd” and active social media user, Moore also cites cultural differences as one of the main reasons tech companies don’t hire more people from underrepresented minorities groups. She herself remembers laughing awkwardly alongside white college peers and classmates to jokes she didn’t necessarily find funny due to cultural differences in social cues and communications styles: “If you weren’t friends with a Black woman in your class partly because there were no Black women in your class or partly because your interests, maybe her interests aren’t the same, if you’re not even friends with those people, you’re definitely not going to start a business with those people. You’re not going to think about those people when you’re creating your technology.”’
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december 2017 by cote
Seeking Greater Global Power, China Looks to Robots and Microchips
“since those early days, China has relied heavily on one tried-and-true method: forming joint ventures with foreign partners. Big-name companies like I.B.M. and Qualcomm are required to share advanced technology and research with domestic firms in order to set up shop in China. And to entice partners, the country offers access to its enormous market and hundreds of millions of consumers.”
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august 2017 by cote
Trump transition transforms technology
A round up of most of the known things. Interesting not on SaaS/internet delivered outsourcing being used to get around possible H1-B clamp downs.
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november 2016 by cote
Trump election win creates uncertain future for IT services sector
"[Gartner analyst Arup Roy] said Indian companies, for example, should not expect double-digit sales revenue growth in 2017, adding that 'a sub 10% growth for 2017 is certain.'"
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november 2016 by cote
Microsoft’s standing in the tech industry, from The... - April 02, 2015 at 07:45AM
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april 2015 by cote
In one of the recently published podcasts, Alex and I discuss the tech news world. If you want a really surreal write-up of the show, check out the awesome show-notes. This episode is pretty un-representative of the show, but here’s the feed for the podcast if you’re interested in subscribing. And, there’s a video if you prefer that kind of thing.
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november 2014 by cote
I grew up in Silicon Valley and have spent my entire career in tech. Despite these facts, I’m a humanist by nature and a marketer by vocation.
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august 2014 by cote
Yup, this is a what a tech conference looks like, complete with Venetian-decor.
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march 2014 by cote
Untitled (
RT : What's the outlook for M&A and in 2014? Join us next Tues. (1/28) at 1:00pm EST for a few answers.
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january 2014 by cote
ATCRave - by IdeaScale
"Come for a night of educational presentations, informative discussions and drinks on ATC at the first Tech Rave! It’s not just a happy hour and it’s not just a boring seminar. With six rapid fire 15-minute presentation there will be no time for Q & A immediately following the presentation. The Q & A will begin after all the presentations are over and instead of addressing the entire group, the post-presentation discussions will be in a small group format. This way, you’ll be able to choose which group to be in, discuss the things most pertinent to your organization and gets specialized answers from the speakers."
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november 2009 by cote
And so we begin the tech sector's journey into the Heart of Darkness
Stock market no likey tech-sector. Begs the question: what (non-recursive) benefit do companies get from being public? Is it just the early-on cash-out that plagues the company for the rest of it's life?
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july 2008 by cote
M&A: Software Sector On Pace For Biggest Deal Year Ever
"For the year’s first five months, total software industry M&A spending stands at $27.8 billion, nearly triple the $9.8 billion for the same period last year"
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june 2007 by cote
Wired 15.01: 10 Top Tech Towns - Austin included
"Only downside: It's surrounded by Texas." Oh...funny and sad, both 'cause it's true...
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january 2007 by cote
Distributing the Future
"O'Reilly Media's weekly podcast featuring the technology and the people behind what you use now and what you'll use next."
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january 2006 by cote

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