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There used to be time to arrive. Incremental geographical changes would ease the inner transitions: desert would gradually give way to shrub, savannah to grassland. At the harbour, the camels would be unloaded, a room would be found overlooking the customs house, passage would be negotiated on a steamer. Flying fish would skim past the ship’s hull. The crew would play cards. The air would cool.
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october 2014 by cote
Why major airports are missing a trick with their lack of free Wi-Fi access | Information Age
Here, the example is in airports: It lets the airport team observe where certain areas might become congested, allowing quicker reaction and reducing the impact on passenger flow. Furthermore, the heatmapping functionality enables them to overlay demographics, which proves particularly useful when examining the use of certain spaces. Airports can ascertain where it would be best to place new shops and restaurants, as well as signage and advertisements effectively. They can also observe how long it takes people on average to move from the restaurants through security to their gates, to inform future tactics and measure KPIs accordingly.
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august 2014 by cote
Bag rules change at UK Airports
"Officially, the one-bag limit in the cabin will be lifted at Heathrow, Stansted, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Southampton."
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january 2008 by cote
Sky Talk: Free wifi at American Admiral's clubs
Nice, AA wises up and gives out free WiFi in it's lounges. Another angle is that after adding access for Amex Platinum members, they need more differentiators for Admiral's Club signups.
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december 2007 by cote
Triman - O'Hare Security: Excuse me sir can I inspect your bag
I love the part where they're debating if (English) Christmas pudding is a "liquid" or not.
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november 2007 by cote
The In-Between Moments Transcribed
Mining airport time for content creation time.
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october 2007 by cote
D/FW is cleaning up with iPods, other high-tech sales
"[A]irport visitors have bought about 2,450 iPods worth $200 or more."
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september 2007 by cote
Amex Platinum Concierge - First Experience (Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog)
Failed attempt to use the platinum card to get into a Delta airport lounge.
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april 2007 by cote
New rules put laptops in checked baggage - Or, The Carry-on is Dead
Whao...travling in the UK is gonna suck. And, even the US is banning "personal hygiene products" as a carry-on. Taking it by the letter, this means you'll always have to check a back, even if you just have tooth-paste. Get ready for suckage.
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august 2006 by cote

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