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Appian survey: Big obstacles to digital transformation
Vendor survey done with 463 respondants over on, good news topics:

"A lack of IT skills was reported by 82 percent; 91 percent are struggling with technical debt; 20 percent have huge application backlogs of more than 50 new app requests; and 72 per cent said they don't have confidence in being able to scale IT to meet the needs of the business."
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january 2018 by cote
451 JFrog update
"JFrog reports more than 4,000 paying customers... 451 Research estimates JFrog's annual revenue at between $70m and $90m."
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january 2018 by cote
Spring Framework Creator Rod Johnson Returns to Automate Continuous Deployment
“A typical use case for Atomist would be to run an automatic update across hundreds of repositories. Incrementing a single library version across those hundreds of products could be automated, and once each was done, each branch could be built, and the results of those builds could be reported to a developer. Alternately, successful builds could generate a pull request for the library update to each relevant project. This, said Johnson, keeps developers from running around, updating dozens of projects individually by hand and testing the successes one at a time.”
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december 2017 by cote
At Last! Atlassian Surges on Strong Earnings, Forecast
The enterprise collaboration software vendor said it earned 12 cents a share, three cents ahead of the consensus estimate. Revenue climbed 41.7% year over year to $193.8 million, also above the $185.8 million analysts had forecasted.
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october 2017 by cote
Why $2 billion startup GitHub is apparently in crisis, again
"The company has reportedly always been cash-flow positive, and is expected to bring in more than $25 million this quarter, which puts it on track for more than $100 million annual revenue."
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february 2016 by cote
JFrog Raises $50 Million To Provide The App Store For The Internet Of Things
That's a big chunk of change. Developers don't pay for anything, eh?
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january 2016 by cote
Forrester Report: Application Modernization
Lots of good input on dealing with legacy code, peppered with some micro-anecdotes from organizations on the topic.
Forrester  legacy  cases  microservices  modularity  appdev  analysts  PDFs 
january 2016 by cote
The PaaS Outlook For 2016
"Pivotal is killing it in the private PaaS area."
PaaS  pivotal  appdev  predictions  privatecloud  cloudnative  docker 
january 2016 by cote
​Middleware-as-a-service turns enterprise integration on its head - Reseller News
"Global analyst firm Ovum forecasts the global spend on middleware software is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8 percent between 2014 and 2019, amounting to $US22.8 billion by end of 2019."
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december 2015 by cote
Gartner Says Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Outstrip Available Development Capacity Five to One
"Organizations increasingly find it difficult to be proactive against competitive pressures, which is resulting in their mobile apps becoming tactical, rather than strategic," said Mr. Leow. "We're seeing demand for mobile apps outstrip available development capacity, making quick creation of apps even more challenging. Mobile strategists must use tools and techniques that match the increase in mobile app needs within their organizations." And: "Gartner believes organizations will improve their in-house mobile development skills over time, but currently only 26 percent of organizations are adopting an in-house-only development approach, while 55 percent are successfully delivering apps using mixed sourcing."
mobile  appdev  Gartner  motivations  drivers  sourcing 
august 2015 by cote – ▶ devopsdays Paris 2015 - John Willis: Containers,...
▶ devopsdays Paris 2015 - John Willis: Containers, Germs, and... - April 29, 2015 at 12:27PM
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april 2015 by cote – What they’re up to over at Cutter.
What they’re up to over at Cutter. - April 27, 2015 at 08:53AM
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april 2015 by cote – CD enables us to deliver the business value...
"CD enables us to deliver the business value inherent in new software releases to our customers..." - April 24, 2015 at 02:07PM
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april 2015 by cote
Building the new apps on cloud - April 01, 2015 at 09:29PM
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april 2015 by cote
Why Did Docker Catch on Quickly and Why is it so Interesting? | The New Stack
Excellent piece. Too bad my folks didn’t get around to writing it first, but at least now it doesn’t need to be written. The insights in developer relations are great. At a meta-level: It’d be interesting to “crowd source” analyst research agendas by just bundling up pieces like this and original work and having that be your “corpus” of research. It’s what Techmeme does for news (no original content though). That’s kind of what InfoQ does for appdev and I think it works kind of well there (I find video a bit too oblique, but you could do 500-1,000 word summaries a a la Blinkist on all the conference talk videos InfoQ has - that’d be a good premium service). Probably a good business too. I suppose it’s the infamous HuffPo and Forbes model, but applies to IT industry analysis.
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september 2014 by cote
Pivotal shows good momentum in helping build 'programmable businesses'
I wrote a brief update on Pivotal recently, [the full report is available for clients]. Here’s the 451 Take: Pivotal’s connection to the so-called ‘EMC Federation’ gives it an expansive portfolio, but we believe that Pivotal’s core message reduces to, “Hello, Global 2000 enterprises. The middleware stacks you use to build and run your enterprise applications are not so good. Ours is better, so you should use it for new applications development and to rewrite old applications.” The growing acceptance of Cloud Foundry as a PaaS standard is proving to be helpful in realizing this vision, as well as Pivotal’s deep assets in data and ‘big data’ management. Pivotal will need to focus more on articulating the company’s identity and explaining how its broad array of middleware helps solve the business problems that digital enterprises are experiencing when converting to ‘programmable businesses.’ If you’re not a client, apply for a trial to check out more.
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august 2014 by cote
Tasktop receives $11m series A to fund its ALM and devops integration ambitions
One of the companies I’ve followed closely over the years took funding recently, for the first time. This short Analyst Note covers the funding, including this quick market overview: We expect to see more interest in the development space, driven not only by devops but also by companies’ increasing desire to use custom-written software to expand their business. Vendors like Atlassian are also riding this wave – Atlassian reported fiscal 2013 revenue of $149m for its ALM offerings. The developer tools space should be fun over the next year. The most recent, fuller report we did TaskTop is from April.
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june 2014 by cote
Never try to do what I’m doing | Final Bullet
But the digital world opens up the same opportunities to everyone – you still aren’t special – and as I keep saying, the easier it is to do something, the better it has to be. It is impossible to stand out.
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june 2014 by cote
bcg.perspectives - Delivering Digital Infrastructure
Internet-based economic activity is expected to reach $4.2 trillion in the G-20 nations by 2016, or more than 5 percent of GDP, and this does not include a whole universe of pursuits not captured in GDP figures. The digital economy is growing at 10 percent a year, significantly faster than the economy as a whole. About 2.5 billion people are connected to the Internet today, a third of the world’s population; there are projected to be about 4 billion users by 2020, or more than half the global population.
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april 2014 by cote
The Four Hundred--Gartner Says Take A Hard Look At App Dev And Maintenance
> [A]pplication development and maintenance eats up 34 percent of the total IT budget and that by getting rid of legacy applications, simplifying complex architectures, and ceasing outdated approaches to IT staffing, companies can cut those application development and maintenance costs in half.
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april 2014 by cote
Tasktop Sync 3.5 adds Agile and devops integrations, foreshadowing an ALM system of record
Version 3.5 of TaskTop is a dot release with some fun stuff scurrying around in the background. Here’s the 451 Take: Tasktop has done well in recent years as a pragmatic way to connect together disparate silos in the application lifecycle development space. The approach Tasktop is taking to better unify the process of getting software out the door is unique and encouraging, as its wide array of OEM partners attests. These partners should, ostensibly, be doing what Tasktop does on their own, but instead they partner with the small company. Tasktop’s mission is simple in concept, but complex in implementation: instead of requiring different teams in large companies to use the same tool to keep the ALM data and process properly synchronized across silos, Tasktop Sync acts as sort of ALM-integration and extract, transform and load (ETL) middleware to keep all the silos up to date. This current release is emblematic of that task in that it adds support for additional tools and rolls out some of the initial end-to-end reporting done over all the different tools and teams. Devops hasn’t progressed far enough to need something like Tasktop, but as we noted in our coverage of Sync 3.0, it’s starting to smell more and more like DevOps when Tasktop comes into the room. Perhaps it’ll help hammer out the idea of ‘BizDevOps’ along with other vendors that are looking to more tightly couple business stakeholders and process to the nascent devops tool chain. 451 clients can, of course, read the full report. You can apply for a trial as well if you want to experience the full splendor available behind the paywall.
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april 2014 by cote
"Agile Project Manager" vs. DevOps job listings at
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march 2014 by cote
People are much more interested in running PaaS in-house than not in-house. We see a lot of interest in PaaS but very little interest necessarily in running PaaS on cloud infrastructures. I think broadly, this is going to be much more of the era of private cloud infrastructure as a service, more so than PaaS. PaaS is still in its early days, much earlier days than IaaS.
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march 2014 by cote
IBM’s cloud strategy in a fancy cloud graphic. As seen here.
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march 2014 by cote
Atlassian bundles ALM components around the popular git version control system
Atlassian released an ALM bundled centered around git recently. I wrote up a report on that release, git in broader terms, and of course profiling the current state of Atlassian. Here’s the 451 take: Git Essentials is a natural bundling move by Atlassian. The company has long been expert at tracking mainstream needs for software development teams and acted as a sort of safety bumper around the leading edge of developer practices and technologies: taking and creating early adopter technologies and making them enterprise ready. Competition in the ‘enterprise git’ market is just beginning, and this is a wise time to enter with a larger offering than the stand-alone Stash and Bitbucket git version control product and service. Atlassian’s popularity and growth (with $149m in FY 2013 revenue) is evidence of both the company’s momentum and the growing interest in the application development space. 451 clients can read the full report, or you can lead-gen yourself for a 30 day trial.
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march 2014 by cote
By 2019, 67 percent of software programmers will primarily be developing in the cloud, up from 18 percent today, predicted Evans Research.
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march 2014 by cote
[T]here will be classes of developers that go after Git and they’ll love Git for what it allows them to do which is to stay off the radar until their tiered promotion gets it ultimately to visibility, but there will be other shops that want to have that visibility the entire time and their compliance or governance or whatever the management driven stuff that is required will keep it around.
CollabNet  svn  git  versioncontrol  enterprisesoftware  alm  appdev  grc  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
march 2014 by cote
Why software development is different now
One of the first pieces I’ve written at the new analyst shop is now free, thrust out beyond the 451 paywall. I’m rebooting the application development coverage at 451 that’s been dormant for around 5 years. Don’t read that wrong, various aspects have been covering it here and there, but there hasn’t been an analyst focused on it. As such, I wanted to layout my “state of the union” of development. Not too long ago, when Web applications dominated the software-development world, a developer’s primary decision was choosing a framework from the multitude of Web frameworks fine-tuned in the 2000s. Three forces have been changing that status quo in recent years: new devices and client delivery mediums, fragmentation of frameworks and platforms, and a renewed focus on design driven by catering to end users – not just IT buyers. If I wanted to really summarize it, I’d say it was fragmented: more frameworks, delivery options, and end-clients than were available when I was a young programmer. It used to be just .Net and Java, desktop and web. Now there’s all sorts of languages, all sorts of ways to deliver software (through public cloud, traditional, as heavy GUIs, etc.), and all sorts of “screens” (as Adobe used to put it). In addition to describing these “three forces,” I also wanted to point to how they might effect various folks in the tech ecosystem, like ISVs, service/cloud providers, and regular old companies inching into the whole “software is eating the world” jag. Anyhow, tell me what you think. I’m hoping to evolve these ideas and explain-out the little nooks and crannies ongoing.
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october 2013 by cote
Microsoft takes fight to Amazon on raft of cloud announcements • The Register
"70 percent of the Azure footprint is [now] IaaS, which is tremendous," Nadella said, implying both that customers had a huge hunger for IaaS, and the potentially small size of the PaaS business. Something is odd with PaaS as a stack. It’s like a good dish that “needs something,” but no one has cracked what.
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october 2013 by cote
Oracle halves cost of ExaLogic middleware platform • The Register
"Hardly anyone drops the price of a product in order to sell less of it."
oracle  middleware  appdev  pricing 
september 2013 by cote
Security | Security Channel - InfoWorld
After running traffic through the firm’s ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud, an incredible 40 percent of Java requests were found to be from Java 6 Standard Edition(SE), succeeded by Java 7 SE more than two years ago. … Flash, too, remains an issue in many firms, with 40 percent of users not running the latest version, Websense found. Twenty-five percent of installations were more than six months old, 20 percent around a year old and one in ten two years old.
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september 2013 by cote
Forrester: Survey data dispels 3 myths about enterprise software
Figring out how much is spent on customer appdev is always ellusive, here's some survey driven input.
surveys  numbers  appdev  spending  forrester  developers  bluecollarprogrammers 
august 2013 by cote
What is Amazon’s Secret for Success and Why is EC2 a Runaway Train? | Cloudscaling
"Application developers now understand the value of building their application to fit a particular infrastructure environment, rather than requiring a specific infrastructure environment to prop up their application’s shortcomings."
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december 2011 by cote
Eclipse Pulsar smartphone app dev platform gets an upgrade | Developer World - InfoWorld
"Pulsar currently supports Java phones. Future additions could include backing for the Research in Motion BlackBerry device, Skerrett said. 'RIM is involved in the Pulsar initiative,' he said. 'It's really up to RIM to decide when they'll add it.'"
mobile  Eclipse  Pulsar  RIM  smartphone  appdev 
october 2009 by cote
Why use Atom Publishing Protocol for REST?
Lil' discussion of using HTTP/JSON vs. Atom for a REST end-point.
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april 2007 by cote

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