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The chemistry of enthusiasm
“In our view, too many companies try to raise engagement by launching disconnected initiatives like wellness programs. Such initiatives might improve employee morale slightly and serve other purposes, but they’re detached from customers’ priorities. They lack the specific mechanisms that lift employee engagement the most over a long period and link directly to customer advocacy.”
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april 2018 by cote
How vulture capitalists ate Toys 'R' Us
“Just before the buyout, the company had $2.2 billion in cash and cash-equivalents. By 2017, its stockpile had shriveled to $301 million, even as its debt burden ballooned from $2.3 billion to $5.2 billion. Meanwhile, Toys 'R' Us was paying $425 million to $517 million in interest every year. This enormous cash drain probably made it impossible for the company to invest or innovate even if its trio of buyers had been up to the challenge.”

Debt is its own disruption.
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march 2018 by cote
Black & Blue: IBM hires Bain to cut costs, up productivity
“It is now 22 straight quarters since IBM last reported global top line growth and its bottom line has shrunk during that period. IBM generated $92bn in cash in those lean years from 2012 to 2017, but chose to return 80 per cent of it to shareholders instead of using it in other ways.”
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january 2018 by cote
‘Digital Transformation’ Uneven, Survey Finds
"According to the survey, initial container adopters are reducing application development time by as much as 30 percent while gaining infrastructure flexibility. The survey further argues that hardware productivity increases linked to container adoption could yield cost savings as high as 15 percent." Survey Bain, commissioned by RedHat.
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december 2016 by cote

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