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Toyota digital transformation stuff
Toyota is working to have 70% of new cars connected globally by 2020, with almost all of those in the U.S. and Japan. Automakers are already using the cloud to generate revenue through telematics insurance and car-sharing services.

Toyota also has talked about using data to alert dealers when cars need servicing, provide information about road and traffic conditions for smart city planning, and inform retailers where their customers are commuting from to allow more targeted marketing.


Toyota’s strategy is to tie up with the strongest ride-hailing providers in each region and then integrate its hardware and software into their services. Toyota is a major investor in the world’s three top ride-hailing companies: Uber, China’s Didi Chuxing and Southeast Asia’s Grab Holdings Inc.
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HSBC chief architect: Why machine learning is accelerating cloud adoption
If you build it, you own it, big data ed.:

> “We got some value out of that but to be honest we found it hard to keep on top of, just hard to build skills at the pace required to integrate new technologies,” Knott says.

> “No matter how hard we ran there is always something new coming in that we wanted to get access to, but we couldn’t get there quite fast enough to have really finished deploying what we were deploying previously.

> “So it was hard to manage, hard to keep on top of, and also hard to scale. We had reasonable success but we were having these challenges.”

Also, it mentioned that they use Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
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november 2018 by cote
A useful big data story
> In 2011 Friedberg decided to sell exclusively to farmers, and WeatherBill changed its name to The Climate Corporation. “We needed to feel a little less Silicon Valley and less whimsical,” said Friedberg. For the next few years he would spend half his time on the road, explaining himself to people whose first step was toward mistrust. “Farmers don’t believe anything,” he said. “There’s always been some bullshit product for farmers. And the people selling it are usually from out of town.”

> He’d sit down in some barn or wood shop, pull out his iPad, and open up a map of whatever Corn Belt state he happened to be in. He’d let the farmer click on his field. Up popped the odds of various unpleasant weather events—a freeze, a drought, a hailstorm—and his crops’ sensitivity to them. He’d show the farmer how much money he would have made in each of the previous thirty years if he had bought weather insurance. Then David Friedberg, Silicon Valley kid, would teach the farmer about his own fields. He’d show the farmer exactly how much moisture the field contained at any given moment—above a certain level, the field would be damaged if worked on. He’d show him the rainfall and temperature every day—which you might think the farmer would know, but then the farmer might be managing twenty or thirty different fields, spread over several counties. He’d show the farmer the precise stage of growth of his crop, the best moments to fertilize, the optimum eight-day window to plant his seeds, and the ideal harvest date.

From The Fifth Risk.
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october 2018 by cote
Hadoop Needs To Be A Business, Not Just A Platform
Financial goop on Cloudera and HortonWorks merging:

> The deal for the merger of the two companies is surprisingly simple. Shareholders in Hortonworks will get 1.305 shares in Cloudera and Cloudera will be the remaining company in fact, if not necessarily in name. This means that Cloudera shareholders will own 60 percent of the combined company and Hortonworks shareholders will own the remaining 40 percent. The combined companies had a fully diluted equity value of $5.2 billion before the merger was announced. At the time the deal was announced, the combined firms had more than $500 million in cash, no debt, and 2,500 customers who largely do not overlap. There are more than 120 customers who spend $1 million a year and another 800 customers who spend more than $100,000 a year for subscriptions and such.
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october 2018 by cote
Growing Pains: The 2018 Internet of Things Landscape
‘The promise of the IoT was always to create “smart” objects – it is certainly nice to get data from the physical world and gain more insights, but ultimately the whole point is to act on that data, ideally in an automated, real-time and intelligent way. This is exactly what AI enables.’

Also, some notes on VC investments and startups: 'As in previous years, one of the peculiarities of the IoT VC market is that the most active investors in the space are disproportionately corporate venture arms.'
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january 2018 by cote
Is the future of wealth management going to be robo-advisers?
Estimate of the market-size for companies like Wealthfront: "whilst in the UK robo-advisers currently only cover less than £1 billion assets under management, the US robo-advisory market handled $19 billion AUM in 2014 (a growth of 65% from the previous eight months)."
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january 2016 by cote
Team work bringing down the average - April 20, 2015 at 09:36AM
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april 2015 by cote
It’s from webinar attendees, but that’s an OK wet finger in the wind for mainstream use.
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december 2014 by cote
451, SnapLogic, Winter 2015 | SnapLogic Blog
RT : Latest on the Blog from : SnapLogic Funding and New Release Readies Vendor for 2015 Drive
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december 2014 by cote
NBC Universal turned to Spark to analyze all the content meta-data for its international content distribution. Metadata associated with the media clips is stored in an Oracle database and in broadcast automation playlists. Spark is used to query the Oracle database and distribute the metadata from the broadcast automation playlists into multiple large in-memory resilient distributed datasets (RDDs). One RDD stores Scala objects containing media IDs, time codes, schedule dates and times, channels for airing etc. It then creates multiple RDDs containing broadcast frequency counts by week, month, and year and uses Spark’s map/reduceByKey to generate the counts. The resulting data is bulk loaded into HBase where it is queried from a Java/Spring web application. The application converts the queried results into graphs illustrating media broadcast frequency counts by week, month, and year on an aggregate and a per channel basis. … NBC Universal runs Apache Spark in production in conjunction with Mesos, HBase and HDFS and uses Scala as the programming language. The rollout in production happened in Q1 2014 and was smooth.
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october 2014 by cote
Gartner Study Finds Big Data Still In Infancy - Page: 1 | CRN
About 73 percent of organizations in a survey of 302 Gartner partners said they’re investing or planning to invest in big data technologies and services this past June. However, 13 percent have actually deployed those solutions. That figure, for organizations planning to invest in the next two years, is up from 64 percent in 2013 across a survey group of 720.
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october 2014 by cote
Avoid Re-Inventing the Wheel When Seeking Big Data Bliss | BrightTALK
RT : Join & on Sept 3 & learn how to accelerate development & implementation projects
august 2014 by cote
2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Database Management Systems As the actual report says (leag-gen yourself here to get a copy): “In 2014, this Magic Quadrant introduces non-relational data management systems for the first time.” Indeed! Pretty delightful array of products there: the old and the new. For example, mixes public and private cloud (notice AWS is up there), Hadoop and traditional DW.
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august 2014 by cote
Page not found - BMC Blogs
RT : RT : Avoid re-inventing the wheel when seeking bliss. On demand webinar.
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august 2014 by cote
Why major airports are missing a trick with their lack of free Wi-Fi access | Information Age
Here, the example is in airports: It lets the airport team observe where certain areas might become congested, allowing quicker reaction and reducing the impact on passenger flow. Furthermore, the heatmapping functionality enables them to overlay demographics, which proves particularly useful when examining the use of certain spaces. Airports can ascertain where it would be best to place new shops and restaurants, as well as signage and advertisements effectively. They can also observe how long it takes people on average to move from the restaurants through security to their gates, to inform future tactics and measure KPIs accordingly.
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august 2014 by cote
Lack of SAP HANA use cases stifling demand among ASUG members - diginomica
Dennis reports on a refer SAP user group survey which points to difficult up-take for HANA. It seems like the primary blocker is coming up with justifiable reasons to buy and use the thing, a “business case,” as the kids say. On the other hand, the actual performance of the thing seem to be real, if under-appreciated by those report hungry LoB-monsters: BW on SAP HANA was always going to be an easy win given the time it takes to run reports. Crushing days into minutes and hours is a massive obvious win. What is less clear is whether those kinds of win turn into cash that can be released into other projects or process improvement. One problem I came across was that the massive speed improvements had put data analysts under incredible pressure as LOB started feeding them with many questions, not just the handful they’d been used to hefting. I suppose that’ll be the result of Big Data installs over time: “when have you crushed days into minutes for me lately, nerd?!”
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august 2014 by cote
Adoption of BigData/Hadoop compared to other storage means. BUT! Be sure to see the second chart as well. (via Twitter / manumarchal: Adoption of BigData/Hadoop …)
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june 2014 by cote
Twitter / nrouda: Good view of how the @Dell ...
RT : Good view of how the portfolio builds a full technology stack for and from
DAAC  analytics  bigdata 
may 2014 by cote
Rometty: IBM Set to Lead IT’s 'Reordering' | Business Technology Solution Sales content from The VAR Guy
[Big Data, cloud and social/mobile] are truly going to change the profile of this company. And, if you think about it, actually they’re going to change the profile of this industry. As I like to think of it, the industry is reordering. If you take cloud, data and engagement, those are shifts that taken in total, this convergence, it will reorder the industry and we will lead that. We’ll lead it from the enterprise perspective. —IBM’s Ginni Rometty There’s a bunch of “reordering” to be done: injecting new technologies into creaky old enterprise tech.
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may 2014 by cote
SMAC’ing the buyer: [T]oo many buyers are getting lost in the verbiage and the lack of relevance to their businesses and simply don’t understand exactly what is being sold to them. Let’s be honest here, SMAC doesn’t mean anything to 70% of buyers beyond being a concoction of new technologies lumped together… finance executives have been talking about “Big Data” for four decades and nothing is really new except the fact there is better technology to help them analyze it… I can go on. Oh – and nearly a third of buyers don’t know what “transformation” means to their business? Seriously?
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may 2014 by cote
Now, that looks like enterprise software…sort of not in a good way.
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april 2014 by cote
Avoid Re-Inventing the Wheel When Seeking Big Data Bliss | BrightTALK
I just wrapped up a webinar with BMC today (the Control-M team that recently added Hadoop support). In my section, I briefly go over 451’s take on what Big Data is and then get into how to start strategically planning how to use Big Data. As ever, I try to be pragmatic while at the same time shiney object obsessed. Check out the recording in BrightTalk; my slides are in Slideshare as well.
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april 2014 by cote
Business instincts and intuition are being augmented and increasingly replaced by data analysis as the drivers of success. We’ve seen it at Dell. Our marketing team uncovered more than $310 million in additional revenue last year through the use of advanced analytics. This year, we expect that number to exceed half-a-billion.
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april 2014 by cote
Seven Questions for Peter Fenton About Hortonworks and Hadoop | Re/code
A recent IDC survey of 202 large companies already experimenting with Hadoop found that 32 percent had moved it to production environments, and another 31 percent are in the process of doing so within 12 months.
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february 2014 by cote
Teradata: Year Forecast Renews Hadoop Bull-Bear Debate - Tech Trader Daily -
Approximately one-third of our top 50 customers in the Americas have Hadoop in production now, with the other two-thirds in various stages of evaluations. —CEO Mike Koehler
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february 2014 by cote
Dear God, Oracle is at it again — It’s buying Responsys for $1.5B to bulk up its marketing cloud
"Clearly all of these enterprise software players see more money flowing to marketing professionals and want to reap the benefits. On its website, Responsys claims such name-brand customers as JetBlue, Lufthansa, CitySports and Epson."
m&a  marketing  advertising  bigdata 
december 2013 by cote
Latest Round of Funding Values Palantir, the CIA's Favorite Startup, at $9 Billion - Businessweek
Palantir got its start building software that helps tie disparate databases together to make it easier to search and analyze information. The technology proved to be a big hit among police agencies and intelligence services that wanted to illuminate patterns of behavior among individuals and manage large volumes of data more efficiently. Wall Street firms have since emerged as Palantir’s biggest customers, using the company’s software to detect fraud and evaluate loans, among other things.
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december 2013 by cote
Coté • You are being watched over by twentysomething...
You are being watched over by twentysomething computer handlers who can be bought with foosball, free sodas and easily approved car loans.
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december 2013 by cote
Storage and the 'big data' opportunity: what went wrong?
RT : My recent report on 'what went wrong with and ' is now outside our paywall.
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november 2013 by cote
Amazon CIA cloud row: US judge slaps down IBM as 'manipulative', inferior • The Register
The contentious section asked the parties to price up a fault-tolerant cluster of 1,000s of commodity servers running a MapReduce scatter-gather job on about 100TB of data with a 100 per cent duty cycle. In other words, the CIA wanted Amazon and IBM to cost out a cloud cluster that would run MapReduce continuously for a year so spies could prod large chunks of data.
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november 2013 by cote
IDC: Hadoop commonly used with other big data analytics systems | Business Intelligence - InfoWorld
> IDC’s “Trends in Enterprise Hadoop Deployments” report, commissioned by Red Hat, found that 32 percent of companies questioned had deployed Hadoop. An additional 31 percent said they had plans to deploy Hadoop within 12 months, and 36 percent said their Hadoop deployment schedule could go beyond 12 months. And then, people need more tools to actually do something with the results, in addition to massaging it for the elephant: > The survey also found that most enterprises process big data both before and after Hadoop processing.
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november 2013 by cote
Smart Shelves Will Deliver Custom Ads for Each Shopper | Technology Advice
The shelves should also be able to track individual engagement, and monitor how long each ad is watched. Weight sensors under the product holders will let the machine know when a customer has picked up an item, or is considering a purchase. Custom coupons can be displayed, in order to boost conversion rates.
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october 2013 by cote
AmEx And TripAdvisor Team Up To Allow Card Members To Get Credit For Travel Reviews And Access Spend Data | TechCrunch
It strikes me that this is one of the 100s of thing AmEx does to stand out in a highly commoditized market, credit cards.
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october 2013 by cote
Silicon Valley Big Data Startup Bought for $930M by ... Monsanto? - Liz Gannes - News - AllThingsD
The deal is one of the best and most lucrative examples so far of applying a Google-style data-science mind-set to an existing industry — in this case, the world’s oldest and most popular: Farming. Verticals, man.
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october 2013 by cote
VMworld: the pundits versus the practitioners – Donnie Berkholz's Story of Data
This analysis from Donnie at RedMonk is pretty fucking awesome. It’d make an extremely valuable service.
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september 2013 by cote
Agent Of Intelligence: How A ‘Deviant’ Philosopher Built Palantir, A CIA-Funded Data-Mining Juggernaut
"Private-sector deals now account for close to 60% of the company’s revenue, which FORBES estimates will hit $450 million this year, up from less than $300 million last year. Karp projects Palantir will sign a billion dollars in new, long-term contracts in 2014, a year that may also bring the company its first profits."
bigdata  analytics  palinter  cyberpunk  numbers  momentum  revenue 
august 2013 by cote
Get ready for a flood of new Hadoop apps
"The 2.0 version adds a number of components including architecting for high availability and adding scale to individual clusters allowing them grow 4 000 machines (a Hadoop deployment can consist multiple clusters)."
hadoop  bigdata  features  numbers 
june 2013 by cote
Dell warns increase in sensors will swamp firms with data
Data to swamp - fun stuff from @samgreenblatt on Internet o' things, big data, and resulting computer design changes
internetofthings  sensors  bigdata  dell 
june 2013 by cote
QLIK Rising: As DATA Soars, BMO Cheers New Analytics Approach
Watch over the next 2 years as the Big 4 of BI (IBM, Oracle, SAP, and Microstragy) battle distuption from well funded upstarts. Folks like SAS snd Terradata will have to pick sides.
bi  bigdata  bibg  qlik  data  sap  pricing  post 
may 2013 by cote
Tableau IPO'ing - Big DATA
It's expected to have a valuation of $1.4B. I love it when pure play software companies IPO because you get a peak at their financials and how they run for a specific type of software.
bi  IPO  Tableau  bitools  bigdata  post 
may 2013 by cote
Untitled (
How Physical Stores Can Apply Big Data Like An
retail  numbers  bigdata 
july 2012 by cote
Massive data volumes making Hadoop hot - Computerworld
"The big picture is that with Hadoop you can have even a one and two person startup being able to process the same volume of data that some of the biggest companies in the world are," he said.
redmonkpressquotes  Hadhoop  BigData  cases  Tynt 
march 2011 by cote
What the heck are you actually using NoSQL for?
{Enjoying this piece yet again} What the heck are you actually using NoSQL for?
nosql  via:sogrady  cases  BigData 
february 2011 by cote
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