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Without a formal mandate
“In almost every case there are stakeholders who are moved by quantitative data (say the percentage of phone calls that could be avoided.) There are also other stakeholders who connect with qualitative human stories. The magic really happens when you offer both types of evidence. Telling the stories, and backing them up with data points for the cost or the impact of what is happening to people, this is evidence with impact. When you make it real for everyone, you can more effectively catalyze change.”

Also, a sort of case study of improving design in state government.
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august 2018 by cote – Organizational change is only first step to ensure...
Organizational change is only first step to ensure DevOps success - April 30, 2015 at 08:49AM
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april 2015 by cote
BBC News - Can a company live forever?
"Professor Foster estimates that by 2020, more than three-quarters of the S&P 500 will be companies that we have not heard of yet." Found in the book, Lean Enterprise.
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february 2015 by cote
LocalGovCamp 2014 thoughts #1- culture |
Lot and lots of discussion about culture and culture change. This discussion has been going on since forever, and if we are being frank with ourselves, it isn’t going to change dramatically soon. So what to do? Don’t lets make the culture change discussion stop us from doing things. Have a go, fix what you can right now.
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june 2014 by cote
Not Your Omi’s SAP
Lengthy piece explaining how SAP has been quietly doing just find, thank you. When it comes to change, we agree: "SAP cannot and will not make the big, bold, dramatic revisioning that an American company might try to do: it’s just not in the DNA of the company. What SAP can and will do is make incremental change, slowly enough that it might be imperceptible, with the goal of accumulating enough change to really make a difference over time. This frustrates many in the punditsphere, and no small number of people inside SAP as well, but it’s really the only way big change will actually happen: through small, incremental steps." Also, interesting notes on SAP/Microsoft partnership deepening.
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december 2009 by cote
IT Transformation Mantra: Carpe Diem
See the Rahm Emanuel quote ("never let a good crisis go to waste") in action: "[Before] a full [economic] recovery, some executives are moving quickly to improve the structure of their organizations during the current tough times. These forward-looking executives are taking advantage of the current environment to instill additional discipline in their organizations around how scarce development dollars are spent. At a recent Wipro-sponsored roundtable that was hosted by Wall Street & Technology, senior financial services technology executives met to discuss the rather nebulous topic of "IT transformation." They agreed that the industry is at a particular point in time -- perhaps an 18-month window -- where executives can implement IT development processes with the support of senior management. Why now? For starters, anything that cuts costs, improves efficiency and/or increases productivity is likely to gain the attention (and approval) of senior management."
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august 2009 by cote
The Long Tail: Who needs a CIO?
The jigs up! "CIOs, it turns out, are mostly business people who have been given the thankless job of keeping the lights on, IT wise. And the best way to ensure that they stay on is to change as little as possible."
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july 2007 by cote
Rails and the Legacy World - Dave Thomas's further attempts to retract the Rail's community flipping the bird to "enterprise developers"
"Rails is explicitly not 'enterprise.' And so you’d move on. And you’d be missing an incredible opportunity." Here is how dialog happens when fire-bombs are left at home.
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august 2006 by cote
An unhappy trend: leadership
Worrying about "leadership"/Great Man theory entering Agile. I agree, but you do need exec buy-in for orginizational-level success. Scrum, for example, is hard when your product management and marketing people are AWOL.
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july 2006 by cote
"If you're behind the curve on the paradigm shift, if I'm reading Kuhn at all correctly, you're literally incapable of getting it."
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july 2006 by cote
Heraclitus - Wikiquote
This dude is the ultimate philosophic Golden Hammer.
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may 2006 by cote

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