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Getting to No
Warning signs for clients and projects that are risky on the "problem customer" vector.
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october 2009 by cote
The Atlantic Online | June 2006 | The Management Myth | Matthew Stewart
"At its best, management theory is part of the democratic promise of America. It aims to replace the despotism of the old bosses with the rule of scientific law. It offers economic power to all who have the talent and energy to attain it. The managerial revolution must be counted as part of the great widening of economic opportunity that has contributed so much to our prosperity. But, insofar as it pretends to a kind of esoteric certitude to which it is not entitled, management theory betrays the ideals on which it was founded."
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april 2009 by cote - The Knowledge Network for Thought Leaders on Business Strategy, Innovation and Futures.
Instead of asking what you have to get started, ask what you want to have and figure out getting there.
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may 2008 by cote
Senior Oracle Services Executive Joins BMC Software | Reuters
"BMC's rapidly expanding business unit assists customers in understanding, planning, and achieving the process changes that are required to fully realize and extend the value of Business Service Management (BSM)." Budget goes here?
bmc  execs  services  oracle  consulting 
january 2008 by cote
Getting Drunk in First Class » Receipts: Round One by
I think DFoF, Getting Drunk in First Class, and a few other "snarky/entertaining" sites need to duct-tape together a sort of "surviving enterprise" blog alliance.
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october 2007 by cote
OpenNMS vs. Netcool
This is what open source IT management sales and relationships look like.
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july 2007 by cote
Sally Khudairi
One of the ApacheCon runners.
apachecon  w3c  consulting 
october 2006 by cote
Cebelrating at Citizen Agency
On starting up tech consulting, with a good list of services.
consulting  marketing  citizenagency  web2.0 
august 2006 by cote
IBM's Indian BPO staff grows to 20,000
I like the notion behind the phrase "Accenture of Bermuda." Right. Also, "Indian subsidiaries of multinational companies, including service providers, now account for about 75 percent of India's offshore call center and BPO business."
ibm  offshoring  globo  bpo  accenture  consulting  india 
may 2006 by cote
PBS | I, Cringely . May 18, 2006 - Google-on
Senior Cringely all but says IBM is the new a *bad* way. As a side note, it highlights the curse of quarterly growth that I mention from time-to-time.
ibm  gm  consulting  services  igs  qtr_calls 
may 2006 by cote
Welcome to The Metaverse : IBM Hursley, SOA, ESB and Consulting
"[MSFT's] business model is all about commoditizing what was yesterday’s cutting-edge technology and making consumers of our products and productive, efficient and empowered as possible."
microsoft  consulting  services  redmonk  ibm  igs 
march 2006 by cote
How IBM Conned My Execs Out Of Millions (
A reprint of this write-up from Sep. The comments have several stories that might be useful for the IT Failures blog...
ibm  consulting  deathmarch  it 
november 2005 by cote
SAIC Approaches Wall Street
More on SAIC's IPO plans. It looks like the employees will be well taken care of. So, after the 6-12 month grace period/trading blackout, I bet we'll see some startups created by former SAIC folks who cash out.
saic  integration  vars  partners  govt  defense  consulting 
october 2005 by cote
What's To Come For SAIC?
I didn't know they were planning on IPO'ing in 2006. As the article states, we can see expect some M&A from that.
saic  var  govt  partners  consulting  integration  defense 
october 2005 by cote
How IBM Conned Our IT Execs Out Of Millions
"IBM had sold them on the assumption that experts could complete the project faster, and then had pulled the 'bait and switch,' by providing commodity technical staff rather than anyone truly exceptional. "
ibm  it  consulting  via:agentle  deathmarch 
september 2005 by cote

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