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Please Hold
An impressive 72% of millennials are more likely to be loyal to a brand that responds to feedback on social media.
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7 weeks ago by cote
Is CX the new killer app for ERP vendors? I seriously doubt it
All these analytics are nonsense if you don’t actually act on them, especially when it comes to customer service:

> I’ve filled out countless product registration/warranty cards over the years and only recently has one manufacturer ever reached out to me. Sadly, that outreach was a blatant money grab to sell me an extended warranty and new filters for my refrigerator. That’s not CX, that’s salesforce automation (SFA).

> Think about it. Did any manufacturer thank me for my purchase? Did they ever check in on me to see how I liked the performance, reliability, usability, etc. of the appliance? Did they ever try to get an advantage when I was in the market for newer appliances? Nope. They didn’t care about the customer experience as their interest faded away once the product sale occurred. Great CX isn’t needed in companies where amnesia kicks immediately after the sale.


> ...their CX offerings include little, discrete tools that customers can use to take a small portion of the online commerce friction out of the sales process. These tools don’t make the company more customer-focused. They just make the ordering of products easier. The company doesn’t change in these scenarios. The same indifferent, internal processes and people are there. It’s just a web app that’s changed.

> This is not transformative. This is an insult to customers who really want to be put front and center with the company and its interactions. These little, baby-step, piecemeal solutions aren’t solving much. They buy some time for the software customer but, in the end, they may just postpone the day of reckoning for the firm when its customers defect en masse to more customer oriented organizations. You can’t be putting ‘customers at the center of things’ if you’re actually avoiding them.
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november 2018 by cote
Language barrier won’t hold back chatbots in the Netherlands
"BB lives on Facebook Messenger, where it helps travellers find and book flights, as well as remind them to check in. BB is connected to KLM’s API’s – but also to the company’s Salesforce CRM system so that webcare employees can easily take over the conversation when BB doesn’t know what to say.... For KLM, a smart chatbot isn’t just a gimmick. In fact, since the company implemented BB, it saw engagement grow 40%. Customers threw a whopping 1.4 million queries towards BB, and 15% of all boarding passes are now sent to customers over Messenger."
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august 2018 by cote
Dear @LinkedIn: a “free” month where I have to enter my credit card is more like “I forgot to stop renewing and now it’s not free” month. — cote (@cote) March 7, 2014 @cote Feedback heard loud & clear! Here’s a “one-month-Executive-sub-no-credit-card-needed” - have a great day! :) /Kat — LinkedIn Help (@LinkedInHelp) March 7, 2014
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march 2014 by cote
Jeff Bezos Amazon Book Excerpt - Jason Del Rey - Commerce - AllThingsD
[T]he most feared emails within Amazon are forwarded customer complaints from Bezos accompanied by a single character: a question mark. Man, from all the stories I hear, I don’t think of fare well at Amazon. That written essay vs PowerPoint sounds cool, though.
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october 2013 by cote
Untitled (
Why I Will not Fly - - an all too typical story of customer service fail
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january 2012 by cote
Nitobi's RobotReplay Acquired by ForeSee Results for New Session Recording Tool
"Nitobi Inc. announces today that RobotReplay--its website session recording technology--has been acquired by ForeSee Results, an online customer satisfaction measurement company. ForeSee Results modified and enhanced RobotReplay and has integrated the technology into its suite of predictive customer satisfaction analytics tools." Congrats to the Nitobi crew ;)
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may 2009 by cote
Salesforce launches Service Cloud
So IntraNet is just software, not actual call center people?
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january 2009 by cote
iPhone 3G launch: botched activations one year later? | Digital Savant
"One year later and Apple/AT&T still haven’t figured out a way to deal with launch-day hysteria, apparently. Chalk this up to a big, fat FAIL."
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july 2008 by cote
What the CMO Wants from Web 2.0 Systems Management: A Negativity Early Warning System « SmoothSpan Blog
"This is a great enterpreneurial opportunity for someone to build a search engine that searches for negativity. It seems to me that a negativity early warning system would be very useful to companies concerned with customer satisfaction."
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september 2007 by cote
One reason why it’s so hard to get IT people to think about the business
"This inversion helps to explain why IT departments generally have trouble understanding that they exist to deliver business value to the customer. Culturally they reward those who manage to avoid directly dealing with the business."
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april 2007 by cote
If you churn enough, do you get bitter? — TalkBMC
Nice thinking out loud/list of questions around help/service desk.
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february 2007 by cote
Jon Udell: My new fun friends - Or, the Absurdity of the ISP Market
"She's an account rep for USA Telephone, the company that bought the company that bought the company that bought the company that used to be the friendly local ISP here in Keene, NH."
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june 2006 by cote
When a word is worth $1,000 (each)
"[M]ost of the time, most of your customers will cut you slack if you just acknowledge that the outcome isn't the one they (think they) deserve."
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april 2005 by cote
A good example of where Lean Consumption could help.
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march 2005 by cote

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