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Top of the page: This is how "Digital Transformation" - a follow-up to the theme evening #DMWmuc | Digital Media Women eV
"Digital processes and products succeed only when we put on the glasses of our customers. Only then will we overcome the departmental silos that serve as complexity drivers. Simplification is the glue of digitization, "says Prats.
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The Frozen Middle—Part Two: Thawing
The key, I found, was to agree on new objectives. First, we tackled the question of documentation. In the old model, QA’s job was to make sure that documentation was complete—that each required section of the official template had been filled in with enough information to satisfy our overseers. But in conversation, the head of QA and I agreed that concisenesswas also an important aspect of quality. The project teams had been spending a lot of time writing text that was never read, creating documentation that was repetitive and in places inconsistent. Some sections of the templates made no sense for the types of projects we were doing. So the goal of QA, we agreed, should be to make sure that every document was as shortas possible and didn’t include any irrelevant information, even if that meant leaving template sections blank.

Of course this wouldn’t please our government overseers, who expected every section to be filled out in great detail, but that was my job to take care of—a kind of impediment removal. QA’s job was to ensure quality, which included concision and effective use of time. So QA began to demand simplifications to documents rather than insisting that they be padded with unnecessary words, and I went off to negotiate with overseers on their behalf.
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Embrace the ‘clever new stuff’
You can do you digital advertising all in the Facebook: ‘And entire businesses were now being powered by social media platforms. Mr Carney said: “You don’t need to build your own stack any more. Every component part from a specific vertical workflow can now be built across Facebook.”’
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What is a true digital enterprise? | Information Age
Overall, McKinsey believes the value of becoming a digital enterprise should be in reducing costs by replacing labour-intensive activity with software-supported activity, either through full automation or through improving the productivity of individual workers in their jobs. … One widely accepted view of the digital enterprise is that it’s about leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage. But achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage isn’t possible if a business isn’t productive. Boosting productivity is about more than simply adding new processes here and there; instead, organisations need to reorganise how they operate and the way their employees work. The key to achieving this is by eliminating the waste of unnecessary paperwork and overly complicated processes by digitising and automating the way we collaborate at work. From Ben Rossi at Information Age. It’d be nice to find whatever that McKinsey source is.
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EDIROL R-09 24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder :: Overview
whurley says this is a good portable, digital recorder.
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Dogbowl » Blog Archive » First Day of Class
Some questions about how digtal photography changes "traditional" (10-15 years ago) photography.
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