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Accelerating a Financial Leader’s Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
"After launching two new microservices within the first six months, the firm now delivers apps every three to four months and, after three years, has deployed more than 50 new applications."
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8 weeks ago by cote
Build Your Next-Generation Business Case Using A Lifecycle
Too often, leaders think of a business case as a one-time checklist item. But the best practice — which will increase your likelihood of success — is to think of a business case as a lifecycle, an iterative process that involves many stakeholders and steps. This lifecycle has five phases:
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9 weeks ago by cote
CIO interview: Simon McNamara, chief administrative officer, RBS Group
Mobile banking is another key area of innovation, including NatWest’s personal finance app Mimo, which uses open banking application programming interfaces (APIs), artificial intelligence and data analytics to create a social feed that helps customers manage their money. Mimo is being beta tested with 5,500 customers. NatWest aims to extend the roll-out later this year.

“These kinds of projects mean the people that work here feel much better about themselves than they did at the outset,” he says.

“I like the fact that our mobile platform is held in high regard by customers, because I see that feedback all the time. And it also irritates me that there are other services we provide that they don’t seem to hold in the same regard. So, that’s an opportunity for us, but also a challenge.”
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10 weeks ago by cote
How the subscription paradigm flips the cloud financials market
In the subscription world, you must understand the lifetime relationship with the customer - all the upsells and renewals and how they all build on one another. You also must understand the revenue, billings, and cash derived from those-again, over the entire lifetime of the customer relationship.

In an ASC-606 world, you must track all performance obligations, which is a fancy term for your promises - both the ones explicitly written in your customer agreement and all those pesky side terms that your sales rep slipped into the free-text field on the quote. You must also know all the implicit promises that people make in the deal or that have become ingrained in your business processes.
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11 weeks ago by cote
Applications of data science and machine learning in financial services
There's a customer acquisition piece and then there's a customer retention piece. For customer acquisition, we can see that new technologies can really add value by looking at all sorts of data sources that can help a financial service company identify who they want to target to provide those services. So, it's a great place where data science can help find the product market fit, not just at one instance like identifying who you want to target, but also in a continuous form where you can evolve a product and then continuously find the audience that would best fit the product and continue to analyze the audience so you can design the next generation product. ... Once you have a specific cohort of users who you want to target, there's a need to be able to precisely convert them, which means understanding the stage of the customer's thought process and understanding how to form the narrative to convince the user or the customer that a particular piece of technology or particular piece of service is the current service they need
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june 2019 by cote
Assessing IBM i’s Role In Digital Transformation
This is going to sound silly,” he says. “The hardest part isn’t necessarily the refactoring. The hardest part is convincing people to do this. Because, let’s be honest the upfront cost can be very scary, man. It can be frightening. The business is going to say, ‘We just put in X amount of dollars last year to support these kinds of environments.’ You kind of have to ask the question, what’s going to happen five years from now?”

While the legacy application may not be “broken,” forward-looking companies will consider the lost opportunity costs that are inherent when an existing system is not agile enough to support new opportunities and initiatives.

“You’re going to have to have the conversation where you can’t integrate with cloud at all, or you can’t integrate with data analytics, or you’ve failed to do cognitive system and your competitors are because RPG can’t support this stuff?” Kleyman says. “But just because it’s working doesn’t mean necessarily it’s bringing value back to the business.”

It’s easy for an executive to identify problems when servers are down, the application is throwing errors, and the day-to-day business is being impacted. It’s much harder for the executive to be able to identify the ways in which a legacy system could put hamper growth in the future.

“Honestly that’s one of the best approaches, when things aren’t on fire, to start asking some of these difficult questions,” Kleyman says. “It’s kind of like in a relationships. When everything’s going great, you don’t want to bring up any sore points. But realistically speaking, you don’t want to start arguing when everything’s wrong and you start bring up the pain points.”
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april 2019 by cote
Exploring the “Unknown Unknowns” in IT-enabled Digital Transformation Estimates
These low-ball estimates are sometimes provided by consultants working to get their foot in the door, or by executive sponsors working to gain approval for their programs. Excluding low-ball estimates, the primary cause of poor estimates tends to be a lack of experience and background of the leader.
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march 2019 by cote
New Tech Spotlight: Fintech Investments Reach All-Time High In Q2 2018
“In Q2 of this year, fintech startups raked in a total of $19 billion in funding, pushing the overall category to well north of $100 billion in total funding raised.”
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september 2018 by cote
Five Minute Finance
A fantastic, quick overview for understanding all those finance numbers and sheets.
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may 2018 by cote
Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think
"Fully one in six of the projects we studied was a black swan, with a cost overrun of 200%, on average, and a schedule overrun of almost 70%."
agile  digitaltransformation  studies  finance  budgeting  prjmgmt 
may 2018 by cote
The Majority of Top Performing IPOs Were Never Unicorns | Jeff Richards | Pulse | LinkedIn
“Given the data we shared at the beginning of this post – 75% of the top 20 performing IPOs from the last four years went out at valuations below $1 billion – one would think we’d see this trend picking up steam. Recent sub-$1 billion IPOs by companies like SendGrid, Blackline and TradeDesk have all done very well. Our bet, however, is small cap IPOs will continue to be few and far between until a) the late stage private capital market gets more difficult, b) investment banks decide to focus on smaller deals, or c) the regulatory requirements of public companies are reduced. None of these is likely to happen soon.”

The gate keepers want the biggest pound of flesh possible. It’s how percentages work.
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january 2018 by cote
The Cost Center Trap
Many people in the Agile movement preach that teams should have responsibility for the outcomes they produce and the impact of those outcomes. But responsibility starts at the top and is passed down to teams. When IT is managed as a cost center with cost objectives passed down through the hierarchy, it is almost impossible for team members from IT to assume responsibility for the business outcomes of their work. When IT metrics focus on cost control, digital transformations tend to stall.
finance  agile 
january 2018 by cote
AWS re:Invent 2017: Goldman Sachs is a Software Company
"One in four employees is an engineer; the company has 1.5 billion lines of code; those engineers have their hands in 7,000+ applications; Goldman is using 200,000 servers in a cloud environment; and Overall, Goldman now has 1.2 million compute cores."
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november 2017 by cote
Is the future of wealth management going to be robo-advisers?
Estimate of the market-size for companies like Wealthfront: "whilst in the UK robo-advisers currently only cover less than £1 billion assets under management, the US robo-advisory market handled $19 billion AUM in 2014 (a growth of 65% from the previous eight months)."
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january 2016 by cote
COMMENTARY | Wall Street & Technology
To speed up development of custom written applications, of course.
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december 2013 by cote
Energy, Financials May Lead Rebound in Takeovers, Survey Shows -
"Ninety-two percent of those surveyed expect mergers and acquisitions to increase next year, the Global M&A Outlook found. Bloomberg’s survey of about 250 investment bankers, lawyers and investors was released today. About 21 percent of those surveyed expected energy companies to lead in M&A next year, while 17 percent chose financial firms."
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december 2009 by cote
Capital Markets to Broaden Use of Hosted Software in 2010
"SaaS for a while was still slideware," notes David Reilly, CIO of enterprise infrastructure at Morgan. "Now it is real." But Reilly's not planning to put hosted software everywhere. "There's always going to be a need for proprietary software that we feel is a competitive differentiator or that we need to provide a service to a particular client," he explains.
SaaS  banks  quotes  cloud  MorganStanely  finance  predictions 
november 2009 by cote
This American Life - 380: No Map
There seems to be a good story in here about how some banks IT couldn't change fast enough and did crappy things as a result.
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november 2009 by cote
A Full-Blown Financial Market Reset
"Citing massive losses in the sub-prime markets as evidence of how bad the crisis is and how many experts underestimated the depth of the recession is, Hegarty said there are three areas that will shape the restructuring of the financial markets: risk management, regulation and market structure. "Last May at this conference, there were $254 billion in write downs. Today, the industry is at $815 billion," he said. "Clearly, the industry will go over $1 trillion in write downs, but the question is if it will now go over $1.5 trillion." For a frame of reference, last year Hegarty predicted the industry might see $500 billion in total write downs." Later: he advices getting to know how to talk about risk management. Yeah, that worked well last time.
abyss  finance  numbers  risk  riskmanagement 
march 2009 by cote
Only One-Third of Financial Institutions Using Secure Document Delivery System
"Nearly 62 percent of the 347 banks, credit unions and mortgage companies responding to the survey said they are using the Internet to transmit confidential documents such as loan disclosures and documents. Of those institutions, however, only one-third say they are using a secure electronic delivery solution."
numbers  finance  itmanagementguys  security  documents 
february 2009 by cote
Flex and Flash Developer - Jesse Warden dot Kizz-ohm » Blog Archive » The USA Economy and Flex
"What this means is, I’m still seeing a lot of teams needing Flex developers who have backgrounds in Flash and/or a more design centric background. So, even if things tank, if you have this background you’re still extremely valuable."
adobe  flex  finance  programming 
october 2008 by cote
This American Life - 365: Another Frightening Show About the Economy
A good episode describing in the US financial crisis, how it happened, and why it matters to us chickens.
thisamericanlife  podcasts  npr  finance 
october 2008 by cote
NPR: Planet Money Podcast : NPR Podcasts
"Jargon free zone" on the financial industry. Pretty damn good for us chickens.
podcasts  finance  npr  money 
october 2008 by cote
IBM buys trading data vendor Infodyne | InfoWorld | News | 2008-04-29 | By Chris Kanaracus, IDG News Service
"IBM has scooped up Infodyne, a privately held maker of software that quickly crunches hundreds of market data sources together into a standardized form for the trading industry, it said Tuesday. Terms of the deal were not disclosed."
ibm  infodyne  cep  finance  m&a 
april 2008 by cote
Is VC Bashing Passe?
"'Dude, that's so 2005.' Instead, people who need outside capital/network/assistance are coming looking for it; and people who don't need it are operating without."
vcs  investing  bubble  finance 
june 2007 by cote
Gags-to-riches tale of the Welsh wizard who bet on YouTube
"...and avoid anyone wearing Armani T-shirts, loafers with no socks."
vcs  investing  internet  finance  sequoia 
december 2006 by cote
CA to restate five years of figures
Dude, shit is fucked up in the finance silo at CA.
ca  technews  finance  money  scandal 
may 2005 by cote

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