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New Tech Spotlight: Fintech Investments Reach All-Time High In Q2 2018
“In Q2 of this year, fintech startups raked in a total of $19 billion in funding, pushing the overall category to well north of $100 billion in total funding raised.”
startups  payments  finance  Forrester  funding  fintech 
september 2018 by cote
New Cloud Unicorn: PagerDuty Scores $1.3 Billion Valuation In $90 Million Round
“The company says it passed $100 million in annual recurring revenue in recent months”
monitoring  itmanagement  revenue  funding  pagerduty 
september 2018 by cote
Investors High on Low-Code Developers
“OutSystems cited other market forecasts that estimate the global low-code market is worth as much as $27 billion, with annual compound growth rates as high as 44 percent.”

Seems pretty big.
Marketsizing  funding  lowcoding  outsystems  low 
june 2018 by cote
Mesosphere’s Investors Bet on Multicloud
“being used in production by more than 125 companies.”
mesos  mesosphere  cloudnative  startups  funding  momentum  investing  platforms 
may 2018 by cote
Monitoring continues to be a valuable part of the hybrid cloud, as Sensu raises $10M
“Sensu Enterprise is the commercial version of that project, and it costs between $99 and $999 depending on how many servers you’ll need to monitor your cloud environment. You also get customer service that you won’t get if you try to install the open-source project on your own, a key part of the strategy of many enterprise startups building around open-source projects.”
funding  monitoring  opensource 
april 2018 by cote
Finland government buys a slice of Nokia
“Between 1998 and 2007, Nokia was responsible for nearly 4 per cent of Finland’s annual GDP, while also being responsible for 30 per cent of the nordic country’s research and development spend and some 20 per cent of its annual exports.”
funding  m&a  nokia 
march 2018 by cote
Moogsoft gets $40m round D
“Moogsoft claims to have more than doubled revenue in the past year thanks to new customer wins. The startup counts Cisco Systems Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., Intuit Inc. and other major tech firms among its users.”
ml  systemsmanagement  monitoring  logmanagement  funding 
march 2018 by cote
Growing Pains: The 2018 Internet of Things Landscape
‘The promise of the IoT was always to create “smart” objects – it is certainly nice to get data from the physical world and gain more insights, but ultimately the whole point is to act on that data, ideally in an automated, real-time and intelligent way. This is exactly what AI enables.’

Also, some notes on VC investments and startups: 'As in previous years, one of the peculiarities of the IoT VC market is that the most active investors in the space are disproportionately corporate venture arms.'
verticals  ai  IoT  bigdata  vcs  funding 
january 2018 by cote
WP Engine Attracts $250 Million Silver Lake Investment
“WP Engine also announced it reached more than $100 million in annual recurring revenue with over 75,000 customers globally, up 30 percent year-over-year.”
silverlake  wpengine  wordpress  funding 
january 2018 by cote
HashiCorp Secures $40 Million In A Funding Round That Will Boost Its Channel Program
The developer of cloud-agnostic solutions has raised $74 million in total since its founding in 2012.
Funding  HashiCorp  cloudnative  channel  links  via:Workflow 
october 2017 by cote
Pivotal Announces $253 Series C Financing to Fuel Continued Expansion and Meet Growing Customer Demand
- Momentum by penetration: “30% of the Fortune 100 currently work with Pivotal… The company now works with seven of the top 10 U.S. banks, three of the top five global auto manufacturers, and five of the top 10 telecommunication companies.”

- Momentum by run-rate: “Pivotal Cloud Foundry® and Pivotal Big Data Suite having crossed the $200 million and $100 million annual bookings run-rate milestones, respectively.”

- Momentum by logos: “GE, Ford, Verizon, Home Depot, Comcast, Humana, Lockheed Martin, and Allstate”
pivotalpr  pivotal  funding  numbers  cloudnative  pr 
may 2016 by cote
JFrog Raises $50 Million To Provide The App Store For The Internet Of Things
That's a big chunk of change. Developers don't pay for anything, eh?
registry  wp  funding  developers  java  jfrog  appdev 
january 2016 by cote
Mirantis funding, revenue estimate
"'We’ve gone from signing about $1 million in new business every month to $1 million every week,' [Mirantis] CEO Adrian Ionel said recently." You could do some spreadsheets if you spitballer non-new business and estimated when the switch over happened. Something like $12m to $20m a year?
Mirantis  funding  cloud  OpenStack  revenue 
august 2015 by cote
Git a load of this: GitHub now valued at $2 billion
"The site reports it hosts 25 million source code repositories, and has 10 million registered users and 33 million unique monthly visits." No word in the article in revenue or enterprise sales.
momentum  git  funding  alm  github  SaaS 
july 2015 by cote
Why Consumer Startups Dominate the Megaround Market
"In software, companies selling to IT have raised the most capital, then marketing, then HR, which is close consistent with software outcomes."
vcs  funding  charts  numbers  ipos 
july 2015 by cote
Apprenda Raises $24 Million, Makes Added Container Support a Priority
"One of our biggest assets … is that we’re highly compatible with what you already have, so we focus solely on .NET and Java. They’re the two most important stacks within the enterprise."
Apprenda  JayLyman  funding  PaaS  cloud 
july 2015 by cote
Lots of VC funding in Q1, highest since 2000Q1 - April 20, 2015 at 09:24AM
IFTTT  Tumblr  numbers  funding  vcs 
april 2015 by cote
Docker Raises Another $95 Million in Funding - April 14, 2015 at 07:39AM
IFTTT  Tumblr  docker  funding  containers  unicorns 
april 2015 by cote
(via VCs Pouring Money Into Corporate Software Tools - Venture Capital Dispatch)
charts  funding  systemsmanagement  dailywrap  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
july 2014 by cote
Tasktop receives $11m series A to fund its ALM and devops integration ambitions
One of the companies I’ve followed closely over the years took funding recently, for the first time. This short Analyst Note covers the funding, including this quick market overview: We expect to see more interest in the development space, driven not only by devops but also by companies’ increasing desire to use custom-written software to expand their business. Vendors like Atlassian are also riding this wave – Atlassian reported fiscal 2013 revenue of $149m for its ALM offerings. The developer tools space should be fun over the next year. The most recent, fuller report we did TaskTop is from April.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  funding  451Reports  DevOps  appdev  451  link  tumblr:link 
june 2014 by cote
Little Known Apache Mesos Project Helps Mesosphere Raise $10M From Andreessen
Little Known Apache Mesos Project Helps Mesosphere Raise $10M, from @ngohring with comments from @ripcitylyman
Mesosphere  451pressquotes  cloud  funding 
june 2014 by cote
Concurrent crams venture capitalist cash into its big Hadoop port • The Register
In many ways the turnaround at the company is a reflection of trends in the broader Hadoop community, which spent much of last year dealing with the fallout of hyped tech claims and false promises. This year, by contrast, some businesses seem to be finally squeezing some real value out of the tech, bringing a new round of enthusiasm (and cash) into the startups involved with the tech.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  funding  concurrent  hadoop  startups  link  tumblr:link 
june 2014 by cote
Slack is a chat app that lets robots speak to humans – Quartz
By way of example, Butterfield said that there are about 2,000 messages a day written by humans in Slack at his company. Another 6,000 more are generated automatically by machines. With such a high volume of information, having it all in one place, ordered, highly searchable, and with human chat layered on top helps make a fragmented and overwhelming amount of communication easier to deal with. Sounds good to me; I wonder if the email zombies will see the light this time.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  slack  productivity  funding  chat  IRC  startups  link  tumblr:link 
may 2014 by cote
IT ops startup Boundary raises $22m C round to expand R&D, sales and marketing
I put up a short, “analyst note” on Boundary’s funding today, which 451 clients can read in full. Tracking from our last report on them in November 2013, they’ve increased both customer count and average deal size, so good for them. I always found it hard to find the market sizing for “systems management delivered over public cloud” (or “IT Management as a Service”/ITMaaS) market when I was at Dell looking at that. Thankfully, we track ITMaaS at 451. As I put in the analyst note: Boundary participates in the ITMaaS market, which was at $1.1bn in 2013 and growing at ~35% CAGR to $2.5bn in 2016, according to our Market Monitor service estimates.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  451  451Reports  funding  Boundary  systemsmanagement  ITMaaS  link  tumblr:link 
april 2014 by cote
Cloudera Raises $900 Million, Declares War On Legacy Data Center Vendors – ReadWrite
Mike Olson of Cloudera on the Intel relationship: It genuinely is true that the important story here is the commercial relationship we’ve crafted with Intel. We go to market together, and that’s fantastic for us both—we reach many more customers directly and through our partners. We build better software that takes advantage of Intel silicon innovations, and get it into the open source sooner. Our customers get the best product earlier and get more value from their data. And then Matt Asay to drive the point home: By claiming $740 million of Intel’s money, Cloudera now has its attention in a big way. The cash is nice, but it’s the relationship that matters. The official Cloudera press release on the $900m round puts Intel’s stake at 18%. Also, Matt Aslett over at 451 has an analysis on who Cloudera might acquire with that pile of cash: While we expect Cloudera’s M&A strategy to be driven by products that complement Cloudera Manager, we also see opportunities for the company to purchase vendors and technologies that complement the core Hadoop distribution. At this level, we are not talking so much about Cloudera wanting to ‘own’ Hadoop-related projects in the traditional sense, but to boost its own talent in key areas as well as bring its resources to bear to accelerate adoption.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  Cloudera  funding  numbers  Hadoop  Intel  link  tumblr:link 
march 2014 by cote
The influx of cash in technology is largely the result of the low interest-rate environment, Bill Gurley, a partner at venture firm Benchmark, said in a March 12 interview on Bloomberg West. Yields on 10-year Treasuries have hovered below 3 percent since 2011. “There’s a lot of capital searching for a home,” said Gurley.
investing  numbers  BlackRock  Hortonworks  funding  vcs  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
march 2014 by cote
Linux cloud world's best kept secret DigitalOcean just bagged $37m • The Register
Some pundits may argue that it is also going up against Amazon Web Services, but this is not the case: at around 5,000 Intel-powered Dell and SuperMicro servers the company fields around five percent of Rackspace’s fleet, and at most one per cent of Amazon’s. … This funding caps off a period of torrential growth for the company. In January 2013, it had about 2,000 customers and by the end of the year it was closer to 100,000, Uretsky said. Hey, that SoftLayer investment worked out well.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  cloud  funding  a16z  digitalocean  developers  numbera  momentum  link  tumblr:link 
march 2014 by cote
Datical nabs $3M to simplify database change management
“There are plenty of tools that companies use to write and execute scripts — TOAD, dbMaestro, Red Gate, Embarcadero — but those simply mask the problem and have a top end to efficiency gains,” Datical marketing director Ruth Davidson told VentureBeat.
Datical  funding  startups  DevOps  configurationmanagement  Austin  competition 
december 2013 by cote
Chef Closes $32 Million In Series D Funding | Chef Blog
Chef’s Sales grew 250 percent year-over-year for the third quarter. The number of new Chef Software customers grew by 350 percent for the nine-month period ending September 30, 2013, with Fortune 1000 companies accounting for nearly 60 percent of Chef’s sales.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  momentum  opscode  chef  growth  funding  numbera  automation  cloud  startups  link  tumblr:link 
december 2013 by cote
Coté • Thanksgiving becomes Thanksgiving plus a 20 minute...
Thanksgiving becomes Thanksgiving plus a 20 minute board meeting. That sucks. All I want to do is mess around, make jokes, catch up, play some football, and overeat.
funding  startup  Thanksgiving  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
november 2013 by cote
Report Says BlackBerry Giving Up Bid to Sell itself, Will Replace CEO - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
That former Sybase CEO, John Chen, did a good turn around job at Sybase a company that was similarly in the wrong side of market disruption but had deep enterprise but in. Moore profile that turn around in Escape Velocity (an excellent book on the topic of reviving flatlined tech companies): he took Sybase from a $2.2B market cap to a $5.8B acquisition by SAP in three years.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  bbm  rim  execs  mobile  funding  investments  blackberry  PE  link  tumblr:link 
november 2013 by cote
Database Company MongoDB Raises $150M to Chip Away at Oracle - Digits - WSJ
MongoDB’s software has now been downloaded more than five million times, and the company has raised more than $231 million, dwarfing the $84 million raised by DataStax Inc. and the $55 million raised by Couchbase Inc., two other database startups that cite MongoDB as a competitor. It’s starting to feel like peak funding, or “a billion ain’t what it used to be,” or both.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  mongodb  nosql  funding  numbers  link  tumblr:link 
october 2013 by cote
How to Raise Money
Paul Graham on how startups should deal with asking for investment: I mentioned earlier that investors prefer to wait if they can. What’s particularly dangerous for founders is the way they wait. Essentially, they lead you on. They seem like they’re about to invest right up till the moment they say no. If they even say no. Some of the worse ones never actually do say no; they just stop replying to your emails. They hope that way to get a free option on investing. If they decide later that they want to invest—usually because they’ve heard you’re a hot deal—they can pretend they just got distracted and then restart the conversation as if they’d been about to. In my experience working on business development and M&A, this is true of partnerships and buyers as well. The good startups I’d work with would take one or two meetings, and if it went nowhere, they’d want very clear, actionable next steps to talk more. Occasionally, often in the parking lot walking some startup executive to their rental car, I’d say, “look, we’ll always take a meeting with you, but it’s probably going to go nowhere, so manage appropriately.”
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  bizdev  funding  advice  bigco  partnering  startups  link  tumblr:link 
september 2013 by cote
Exclusive: Jawbone raises more than $100 million - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet
“We’ve been experiencing crazy sell-through demand, particularly since the relaunch of Up,” explains Hosain Rahman, Jawbone’s founder and CEO. “It’s been faster than anything we’d had before, and equity is not the most efficient way to scale all that. If you’re a software company with high demand, you just call Amazon (AMZN) and add more servers to your AWS account. But when you build a physical good, there is a lot more that goes into it – ordering materials, manufacturing, delivery… Debt is the most efficient way to finance that.”
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  funding  jawbone  numbers  electronics  link  tumblr:link 
september 2013 by cote
Zuora Lands $50 Million Series E on Back of “Subscription Economy” - Jason Del Rey - News - AllThingsD
Zuora is seeing annual revenue in the mid-eight-figure range, according to Tzuo, from a client base that includes Box, DocuSign and Dell.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  funding  bss  cloud  zuora  billing  link  tumblr:link 
september 2013 by cote
Apigee Closes $35 Million in Funding to Meet Demand as Businesses Transform for the Digital World Built on Apps, Data and APIs
Apigee Closes $35 Million in Funding to Meet Demand as Businesses Transform for the Digital World Built on App...
apigeee  apimanagement  funding  to:twitter 
july 2013 by cote
Shazam Inks $40 Million Investment by America Movil
"Sales of digital goods are now over $300 million a year through affiliate partners like iTunes, a figure that is doubling annually."
shazam  funding  apps  numbers  momentum  mobile  music  advertising  revenue 
july 2013 by cote
Austin Ventures Commits $50M For Brazos Software
This must be the "buy a bunch of (now) cheap startups & older tech companies" roll-up effort people keep telling me AV is all about now-a-days.
AV  funding  m&a  vcs 
june 2009 by cote
The Venture Capital Math Problem
So, wait, VC investing is a scam? Is there any legit investment strategy that makes more than 10% returns? (And is that a bad thing?)
vcs  funding  via:techmeme 
may 2009 by cote
Eucalyptus Goes Commercial with $5.5M Funding Round
"The makers of the open-source cloud computing platform Eucalyptus today said they have raised $5.5 million in Series A funding, and they announced the launch of Eucalyptus Systems Inc. The new company will keep its basic cloud-building software entirely open source, but will supplement it with enterprise-class features support. Its first commercial release is scheduled for the third quarter of this year."
Eucalyptus  opensource  funding  via:twitter  cloud  itmanagement 
april 2009 by cote
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