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Uber’s no-good, terrible-rotten bad Q2 loses more than $5 billion
There's yet to be any real evidence that Uber's business model will ever do anything other than burn investors' money to make traffic worse.
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9 weeks ago by cote
Subscription businesses, McKinsey
“The subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100 percent a year over the past five years. The largest such retailers generated more than $2.6 billion in sales in 2016, up from a mere $57.0 million in 2011.1 Fueled by venture-capital investments, start-ups have launched these businesses in a wide range of categories, including beer and wine, child and baby items, contact lenses, cosmetics, feminine products, meal kits, pet food, razors, underwear, women’s and men’s apparel, video games, and vitamins.”
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april 2018 by cote
Zuora IPO and how subscriptions changed how we do business
“Curation services, with 55% of total subscriptions, are by far the most popular, suggesting a strong desire for personalized services. Replenishment accounts for 32% of subscriptions and access subscriptions for 13%.”
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april 2018 by cote
New Economy, Meet Old Continent
‘This is not "sharing" economy; these are fully professionalised marketplaces.’
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january 2018 by cote

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