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When Culture Doesn’t Translate
> Unfortunately, the Thai manager told me, his U.S. colleagues usually didn’t send the agenda until an hour before the call, so his team was unable to prepare. And it struggled to understand what was said during the call, because the U.S. participants spoke too quickly. He also said that the Americans rarely invited comments from the Thais, expecting them to jump into the conversation as they themselves would. But that kind of intervention is not the norm in Thailand, where it is much less common to speak if not invited or questioned. The Thai manager summed up his perspective this way: “They invite us to the meeting, but they don’t suggest with their actions that they care what we have to say.” The Thai team members ended up just sitting on the phone listening—giving the Americans the impression that they had nothing to contribute or weren’t interested in participating.
culture  hbr  globo 
october 2018 by cote
Squeezing more out of slippery big tech may even take tax reforms
“One-off moves don’t change the fact that tech giants are likely to continue to make vast amounts of money overseas, on which they often pay little tax.”
taxes  globo  accounting  techcos 
january 2018 by cote
IBM Now Has More Employees in India Than in the U.S.
130,000 employees in India; “Although IBM refuses to disclose exact numbers, outsiders estimate that it employs well under 100,000 people at its American offices now, down from 130,000 in 2007.”
india  offshoring  numbers  ibm  globo 
september 2017 by cote
2016: the year IT sales will go sdrawkcaB • The Register
$2.3T estimated for global IT spend in 2016, with the US seeing the most growth, 1% in Western Europe, and growth slowdowns in India and China.
forecasts  IDC  wp  spending  globo 
february 2016 by cote
How dictators watch us on the web
Complete with some (gentle) Clay Shirky bashing! "Generally, in the absence of strong democratic norms and institutions, the internet has fueled a drive for vigilante justice" -- "After the first flash mob, the authorities began monitoring By_mob, the LiveJournal community where the activities were announced. The police started to show up at the events, often before the flashmobbers did. Not only did they detain participants, but they too took photos. These—along with the protesters’ own online images—were used to identify troublemakers, many of whom were then interrogated by the KGB, threatened with suspension from university, or worse. This intimidation didn’t go unnoticed. Soon, only hardcore activists would show up. Social media created a digital panopticon that thwarted the revolution: its networks, transmitting public fear, were infiltrated and hopelessly outgunned by the power of the state."
via:BruceSterling  socialmedia  politics  globo  Twitter  flashmops  EasternEurope  Shirky  contrarian 
december 2009 by cote
China 'wants to set up factories in Africa'
China gets its own off-shoring threat: "'There is not only willingness but strong interest among some in China, and I've discussed with the minister of commerce, Chen Deming, that there may be possibilities of moving some of the lower-value manufacturing facilities to sub-Saharan Africa, toys or footwear,' Robert Zoellick, the president of the World Bank, told the Financial Times."
china  globo  africa  manufacturing  offshoring 
december 2009 by cote
Everyone's bookmarks for "Cellphones in India - A Pocket-Size Leveler in an Outsize Land" on Delicious
"almost a parody... there's a template of stories written about the adoption of mobile phones in the developing world and it seems that we are treated to one every few months since circa 2005. Another one for the collection I suppose"
funny  india  globo  cellphones  mobile  meta 
may 2009 by cote
'Green' lightbulbs poison workers
A sort of black swan (rather, unplanned for or ignored risk, in this case) for compact fluorescent lightbulb: it turns out the manufacturing of them if hardly "green." Perhaps the problem is that "we" (in the West) are just too cheap to pay for environmentally (whatever happened to that word?) sound goods. Yeah, we're *cheap*. Wasn't there some Ruskin essay about glass-beads being slavery?
green  via:greenmonk  mercury  lightbulbs  china  globo 
may 2009 by cote
Bound to Burn
"The other 5 billion are too poor to deny these economic realities. For them, the price to beat is 3-cent coal-fired electricity. China and India won’t trade 3-cent coal for 15-cent wind or 30-cent solar. As for us, if we embrace those economically frivolous alternatives on our own, we will certainly end up doing more harm than good." We're doomed, it seems.
carbonoffsets  green  globo  capandtrade 
may 2009 by cote
Rice Delivers Stark Assessment of Zimbabwe's President
"But Rice's visit here also underscored the limits of U.S. influence at the world body..." who's picking up the slack, then? Too bad the story doesn't answer it's own implied question.
news  africa  usa  globo 
june 2008 by cote
Technology Helped News Spread Quickly -
Check out those Chinese Twitter and Facebook equivalents.
twitter  china  globo  wsj 
may 2008 by cote
New Freedom, and Peril, in Online Criticism of China
"On some sites, emotional Chinese have exchanged personal information about critics and hunted them down. Such situations have become so common that some users refer to the sites as 'human flesh search engines.'"
china  olympics  internet  web  globo 
april 2008 by cote
Global Guerrillas: THE SYSTEMPUNKT
"Within a market, an attack on the systempunkt destabilizes the psychology of the market to induce severe inefficiencies and uncertainties. The ultimate objective of this activity, in aggregate, is the collapse of the target state and globalization."
words  marketing  insurgency  war  economics  globo  terrorism 
march 2008 by cote
"...building an open source insurgency"
war  politics  opensource  globo 
march 2008 by cote
China now #1 in executions, population... and web surfing!
China thought to have 225 to 228 million "web surfers."
china  web  globo  numbers 
march 2008 by cote
MediaPost Publications - Gen Y Unravels Global Branding Efforts, But Apple, Nike Triumph
"For one thing, he says, consumers around the world are less inclined to believe any 'Made in ____' label."
via:ypulse  thekids  globo  brand  manufacturing 
february 2008 by cote
Hollywood’s geopolitics lesson for China
Good luck storming the castle! "...China’s long-term strategic dilemma: how to balance its rapid integration into the international economic system with its determination to preserve its autonomy in domestic and foreign affairs."
china  globo  humanrights  olympics  Darfur  africa  russia 
february 2008 by cote
The world must adapt to diasporas
In a more globalized world, does the phrase "diaspora" even make sense?
globo  immigration  politics  world 
february 2008 by cote
Linus Torvalds still sticking with GPL 2
The comments on the need for good 'net connections for countries to be involved in open source development are interesting.
gplv3  gpl  gplv2  opensource  linux  globo  to_blog 
january 2008 by cote
Beijing defends sovereign funds - "I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - that influencing is going on in this establisment!"
"Critics have suggested the rise of sovereign wealth funds such as Beijing’s $200bn China Investment Corp (CIC) may give their opaque state masters unprecedented influence over other countries’ commercial assets."
china  investing  sovereign  globo  banking 
january 2008 by cote
In Chinese Factories, Lost Fingers and Low Pay
"At Wal-Mart, Christmas ornaments are cheap, and so are the lives of the young workers in China who make them."
tubesocks  china  globo  walmart  workers  offshoring  regulations 
january 2008 by cote
Ricardo Semler: Set Them Free
Being nice & humane can actually work at work. Good luck storming the castle! - Also, more interesting are the comments on not having an IT department and letting employees self-provision.
via:rbieber  work  semco  leadership  management  semler  books  slack  goodenough  flex  provisioning  it  brazil  globo 
november 2007 by cote
Corporate Armies in Russia
Coming soon: oil soldiers.
oil  globo  russia 
july 2007 by cote
After attacks, US government sending team to Estonia
Cybergeddon! Interesting that Estonia asked for NATO support, eh?
cyberpunk  hackers  russia  estonia  nato  globo 
july 2007 by cote
Getting to host the general
"We're only 4 months away from Manuel Antonio's release from the US prison where he's being held."
panama  globo  drugs 
may 2007 by cote
"...the Russians have opted to use the Internet as a weapon."
estonia  cyberpunk  dos  internet  russia  globo 
may 2007 by cote
RUSSIA VS. ESTONIA: 21st Century State vs. State Conflict
"Vulnerability to disruption accelerates with size while the capacity to disrupt is...scale-free." More for the "this is so cyberpunk" file.
globo  cyberpunk  hackers  easteurope  russia  estonia 
may 2007 by cote
World Clock Deluxe
$16. Displays all sorts of time zone stuff in menubar and elsewhere. But, will it display the date?
timezones  globo  clocks  osx  menubar 
march 2007 by cote
China residents logging on in greater numbers
"The total number of Internet users in China is now approximately 132 million, of whom 52 million (about 39 percent) are using broadband."
arstechnica  china  globo  internet  numbers 
january 2007 by cote
Talking R&D with HP's CTO
"If you look at the R&D spending across the company, most of our R&D is software."
software  hp  r&d  globo  india  china 
december 2006 by cote
China, Shy Giant, Shows Signs of Shedding Its False Modesty
"Chinese party leaders are acting as if they intend to start exercising more power abroad rather than just protecting their political power at home."
globo  china 
december 2006 by cote
SAP's Zimmer: China just starting to embrace IT
Some refreshingly candid talk on China's weaknesses as a market and pool for software sales and skills.
china  enterprisesoftware  globo  offshoring  sap  it  erp 
august 2006 by cote
"If you're behind the curve on the paradigm shift, if I'm reading Kuhn at all correctly, you're literally incapable of getting it."
change  war  middleeast  globo 
july 2006 by cote
Fourth Generation Warfare
"The focus...of the non-state player's operations is to collapse a state morally, that is, to rob it of its will to continue the fight."
4gw  war  politics  military  globo 
july 2006 by cote
The Blogging of the President
"China says to them, 'we can do business and we won't screw around with your internal affairs.' The US and Europe say 'you have to do things our way in order to do business with us.'"
china  politics  globo  via:amaah  usa 
june 2006 by cote
The Enron model of irresponsible capitalism
"The American economy cannot expect to prosper indefinitely without actually manufacturing or creating anything itself, other than investment value. The obvious eventual result of outsourcing production is the export of America's industry."
economics  politics  globo  usa  via:ceperez 
june 2006 by cote
IBM's Indian BPO staff grows to 20,000
I like the notion behind the phrase "Accenture of Bermuda." Right. Also, "Indian subsidiaries of multinational companies, including service providers, now account for about 75 percent of India's offshore call center and BPO business."
ibm  offshoring  globo  bpo  accenture  consulting  india 
may 2006 by cote
Impacts of Extreme Globalization and Extreme Competition
Interesting stab at areas to focus on in a geo-distributed developement world.
globo  distributeddevelopment  developers  programming  prjmgmt 
may 2006 by cote
HP phases out group for emerging markets
The difficulty of selling to the rest of the world...
hp  globo 
february 2006 by cote
Nice and sleazy
Story on American Apparel. You know, the underclothes company whose ads look like out-takes from that "Criminal" video or early 90's Calvin Klein ads with wood-paneling. Their goal is to have 500 stores open world-wide someday.
clothes  via:benbrown  globo  usa  thekids 
january 2006 by cote
AttentionTech - CollabNet’s Behlendorf [MP3]
Discussion about collaborating over geographies and The World is Flat: Coder's Edition, so to speak. A little O'Grady reference too.
redmonk  collabnet  collab  programming  offshoring  globo 
december 2005 by cote
New Optimism About the Japanese Economy After a Bleak Decade
"The private sector is innovating like crazy," said Atsushi Nakajima, chief economist at the research arm of Mizuho Financial Group. "Japan is back to healthy growth."
japan  economy  globo  factory 
december 2005 by cote
IT Conversations: Robert Kaplan - Tech Nation
The podcast about Imperial Grunts that mray mentioned at lunch on Friday. It's pretty good.
globo  military  podcasts 
november 2005 by cote
Woman Smuggling in USA
Here's the flat-world for ya. Where's my moustache of understanding?
globo  smuggling  via:make 
august 2005 by cote
Red faces at Dell over Lenovo gaffe
Sure it was a "gaffe," but was it a true statement that "IBM's acquisition of Lenovo as 'directly supporting/funding the Chinese Government'"? That's the real story.
ibm  dell  china  globo 
june 2005 by cote
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