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If were running on a true cloud, it’d be much better off | ITworld
Nancy Gohring asked me about the fiasco around the initial launch of a few weeks ago. This topic also came up over dinner last night and was accompanied by many anecdotes around odd inefficiencies in US government IT planning. A project like this (high scale, high visibility, lots of sensitive, highly regulated data) is difficult to pull of. Among other things, Nancy had read that Terramark was “throwing more servers” at the problem, and was curious if there was anything to read into that. Here’s what I replied, mostly wildly speculating on my part: I’d be shocked if they were running the stuff on “real cloud” that was elastic enough to afford otherwise. It’s probably running dedicated hardware, networks, and storage. Thus, Terremark has to manually provision things out. The combination of the federal government and health-care info on US citizens has got to be a regulatory mine-field. Imagine how terrible it would be if the site were hacked and all that data just got sucked into the black-hat ether. As such, I’d wager much of the drag around this whole thing is due to the expensive, slow requirements such regulations drive. Still, if the IRS can do, it makes you wonder what went bonkers here. That said: has any massive IT project ever worked in the first release? Not many of them. Even Apple had antenna gate. Gmail was in “beta” for uncountable year (5 or 7?). The fact that no one remembers all the 1.0 failures of companies is somewhat encouraging: if it eventually works, soon, people will probably forget. What’s unfortunate is that the government can’t (or decides not to?) follow a similar “beta” pattern, setting expectations that kinks need to be worked out and, eventually but quickly, perfection will be achieved.
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november 2013 by cote
GoDaddy, (((Media Temple))), And The Horrible World Of Web Hosting –
The combination of high profitability, heavy competition, lack of differentiation, and volatile reputations leads to frequent mergers and acquisitions. As just one small example: if you were an EV1 Servers customer ten years ago, a 2007 merger forced you to become a customer of The Planet instead. But in 2010, SoftLayer — which was formed by ex-executives of The Planet — pulled a NeXT and “merged” with The Planet by taking it over, “sunsetting” its infrastructure, and making you a SoftLayer customer… until a few months ago, when IBM bought SoftLayer. Now you’re a customer of a Wikipedia article with “multiple issues”, wondering where your commodity web host fits in “a branded ecosystem of cloud computing products and solutions from IBM” as they assure you nothing will change for the worse.
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october 2013 by cote
Rackspace Hosting sees IPO of 15 mln shares at $12-$16 each
"Rackspace Hosting Inc on Friday registered its initial public offering of 15 million shares at an estimated price of $12 to $16 per share." Central Standard Tribe represent!
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july 2008 by cote
RackSpace - FORM S-1
As Paul Kedrosky said in Twitter: "rackspace s-1 filing shows company has grown revenue from $56.6 million in 2003 to $362.0 million in 2007. nice."
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april 2008 by cote
Level 2 Cloud Provider Matrix
We should have John explain these features on this week's episode.
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february 2008 by cote
On Rails production performance and monitoring
FiveRuns on the EngineYard funding and overall need for a more solid rails ecosystem for wider rails adoption to happen.
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january 2008 by cote
How to deploy a Rails application on
Instructions for deploying a rails app to one rails-enabled hosting service.
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march 2007 by cote
Wizzard Creates World's Largest Podcasting Distribution Network
LibSyn's parent company merges with Wizzard Software to form new podcast/voice/something company. Congrats to them. LibSyn is awesome.
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march 2007 by cote
Jon Udell: My new fun friends - Or, the Absurdity of the ISP Market
"She's an account rep for USA Telephone, the company that bought the company that bought the company that bought the company that used to be the friendly local ISP here in Keene, NH."
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june 2006 by cote
[. ] STRATO Monitor > Übersicht
Another example of a company being transparent about it's uptime. More and more people will start doing this in the SaaS world.
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june 2006 by cote
How big was Go Daddy's move from Linux to Windows?
Some contention that the "real" stuff still runs on Linux, while the easy stuff runs on Windows.
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april 2006 by cote Amazon Web Services Store: Amazon S3 / Amazon Web Services
Amazon keeps adding more and more services (the mechanical turk was the last, right?), becoming more of a web platform.
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march 2006 by cote
Amazon's Newest Product: Storage
"15 cents per gigabyte of storage per month and 20 cents per gigabyte of storage transferred."
amazon  storage  hosting 
march 2006 by cote
libsyn // podcasting made easy
This looks like a great deal for hosting our podcast MP3s. It's $5/100megs of storage with unlimited bandwidth, and, of course, you can pay more for more storage.
podcasting  hosting 
september 2005 by cote
Software as a Service - Part 1
Nolan has some good notes: hosting/asp vs. utility computing vs. licensing model vs. all those things [un]mix together into "software as service"
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april 2005 by cote
Skype goes for the gold
Heads up, fools, new business model for 'net services: "Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom said the company does not plan to charge for its Skype software. Rather, he said, Skype's costs are so low that the company can afford to give its core product away
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march 2005 by cote
TextDrive Hosting for Life
$400 for a lifetime of hosting (as long as the host is around). 1 gig of server space, 20 gigs xfer a month, shell access, al sorts of tools, 15 domain names...hmmm...
february 2005 by cote

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