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Micro Focus belches as it struggles to digest HPE Software
"Operational difficulties fed into the financial results for Micro Focus's half-year ended 30 April 2018 with sales down 8 per cent year-on-year to $1.974bn. Nearly all of the revenue lines were down with the exception of subscription and SaaS.

Licence sales dropped 18.4 per cent to $396.4m, maintenance was down 3.5 per cent to $1.109bn, and consulting dropped 27.5 per cent $149.9m."

Also, SUSE revenue: "The top line number included an $182.9m contribution in sales from SUSE, which Micro Focus is offloading to a private equity biz for $2.53bn, and was 17.2 per cent higher than a year earlier."
revenue  itmanagement  hpe  qtr_calls  hp  suse 
july 2018 by cote
Uber Spent $10.7 Billion in Nine Years. Does It Have Enough to Show for It?
“ Inc. is famous for its losses over the years. But even in the heyday of the dot-com bubble, the e-commerce giant never came close. Amazon’s biggest loss was in 2000—a $1.4 billion embarrassment, or about $2 billion adjusted for inflation. Most years, Amazon turns a profit, albeit a small one. What Uber backers can point to, though, is a nearly unmatched pace of sales growth. Even as Uber’s revenue reached $2.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017, its annual growth rate remained strong, at about 90 percent compared with 2016. That’s faster than most tech companies with a similar valuation. Only one U.S. tech company of Uber’s size, Micron, grew at anything close to that last year.”
financials  numbers  uber  hp  ridesharing  amazon 
march 2018 by cote
The New HPE Sheriff Lays Down The Hybrid IT Law
“The larger problem, as we have pointed out before, is that it is very difficult to make a buck in the server, storage, and networking business with so many big buyers pushing down prices, enterprises shifting some compute from their own datacenters to public clouds (and therefore some of their budgets from capex to opex), and so many companies competing to sell wares to datacenters.”
hp  qtr_calls  hpe  servers 
february 2018 by cote
HPE CEO Meg Whitman QUITS, MAN! Neri to replace chief exec in Feb • The Register
Hewlett Packard Enterprise boss Meg Whitman is stepping down, and will be replaced on February 1 by company president Antonio Neri. Neri, a 50-year-old engineer…
IFTTT  via:Instapaper  execs  HP  HPE 
november 2017 by cote
HPE CEO Meg Whitman On Upcoming Changes To Field Compensation, The Impact Of Dell On HPE's VMware Relationship And Why Hardware Still Matters In The Software-Defined Era | CRN Mobile
‘"As workloads move to Azure, maybe that hurts us, but as workloads move to Azure Stack, that helps us," Whitman said. "In the end, our relationship with Microsoft and VMware at the core is very strong. It has to be because we have to do what's right for the customers."’
hp  azure  quotes  privatecloud  cloud  hpe  MegWhitman 
october 2017 by cote
CSC CEO: Merger with HPE Unit Takes Company To 'Different Level' | CRN Mobile
"The new company will be the largest pure-play IT services provider in the world with annual revenue of $26 billion and more than 5,000 clients globally. It will be the third largest solution provider overall, behind only Accenture and IBM."
divestatures  hpe  HP  services 
may 2016 by cote
HP Enterprise To Sell Exclusively Through Channel Outside The Fortune 500
HP strategy is focusing on just large accounts, letting partners sell to smaller folks. Makes sense.
HP  channel  partners  midmarket  gtm  hpe 
october 2015 by cote
Hewlett Packard Enterprise to cut 30,000 jobs
"cut another 30,000 jobs" - shedding droves of people happens at big tech companies a lot. I always wonder how their system got so inefficient that they hired this many extra people. It's a strange problem once you start thinking through it: each of those hires was thought to be needed to be profitable, and now all the sudden they're not needed...?
hpe  layoffs  HP 
september 2015 by cote
Next step in HP's Helion transformation: Buy Stackato
"With this agreement, ActiveState loses the product it's best known for. Copeland wrote that ActiveState will continue as a company, focusing on other products including ActivePerl, ActivePython, AvtiveTcl and Komodo IDE. He will stay with ActiveState rather than join HP. "
divestatures  carveout  HP  PaaS  ActiveState  m&a  cloudfoundry 
july 2015 by cote
The hidden value of automation
"They started with 95 percent resource utilization in maintaining legacy processes, and a mere five percent of resources free to invest in new innovation. By the end of their transformation, just three years later, the percentage of resources available for new innovation was up eight times to 40 percent. In addition, with the introduction of automation, low-value and frustrating efforts such as manual testing, porting code, etc. were reduced to a bare minimum."
cases  HP  transformation  CICD  Cloudbees 
july 2015 by cote
HP not competing directly in public cloud but 'being smart'
An attempt the clarify HP public cloud positioning.
HP  cloud  hybridcloud 
may 2015 by cote
More on HP's cloud re-positioning, AWS financials - April 11, 2015 at 09:53AM
IFTTT  Tumblr  AWS  cloud  hp  publiccloud 
april 2015 by cote
HP not so hot on public cloud, or well positioned for developers - April 09, 2015 at 11:41PM
IFTTT  Tumblr  hp  cloud  public  loud  rumors 
april 2015 by cote
"Despite the howls of protest from public cloud evangelists who claim anything else to be a ‘false..." - March 26, 2015 at 10:29AM
IFTTT  Tumblr  HP  Helion  HelionRack  OpenStack  privatecloud  cloud 
march 2015 by cote
HP reorgs cloud biz as Marten Mickos cedes key responsibilities
RT @gigabarb: #HP reorgs cloud biz, with Mickos ceding key responsibilities tip @techmeme via @gigaom
stream  execs  HP  cloud  Eucalyptus 
february 2015 by cote
HP buys Eucalyptus | CloudPundit: Massive-Scale Computing
That "cloud is developers bit again, eh? "He also turned its sales efforts to focus on SMBs with a genuine cloud agility desire, rather than chasing IT operations organizations looking for a better virtualization mousetrap (another example of bimodal IT thinking)."
stream  HP  cloud  m&a  Eucalyptus  LydiaLeong  developers 
september 2014 by cote
Reg man grills HP Software big cheese • The Channel
A summary of revenue: [HP’s] software division - IT Management, Application Development, Vertica, security and Autonomy - turned over $3.91bn in fiscal 2013 ended last November, down from $4.06bn in the previous year. With software, it’s good to focus on profits as well, as the margins are much higher. A common problem with large companies is getting cross-selling, inside and out of the company: “The biggest challenge for HP Software,” Youngjohns says, “is to get access to that broad range of HP partners and resellers, people selling systems and device solutions, to convince them software ought to be part of that proposition.”
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  hp  revenue  software  numbers  partners  channel  link  tumblr:link 
august 2014 by cote
HP Brings Ex-Dell Exec To Run Server Marketing
I went media training with that dude's replacement.
hp  dell  execs 
august 2014 by cote
OpenStack Community Challenged By Dearth Of Talent, Complexity - Page: 1 | CRN
"OpenStack talent is a rarified discipline," McKenty said, adding, "to be good with OpenStack, you need to be a systems engineer, a great programmer but also really comfortable working with hardware. You need to understand how the infrastructure works under the covers." … "There’s 2,000 people working on OpenStack on the vendor side, and the customers can’t compete with HP to hire OpenStack engineers. So they’re relying on us to make OpenStack work for them," McKenty said.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  OpenStack  cloud  hp  hiring  clous  link  tumblr:link 
august 2014 by cote
Software Defined Storage Startup Brings OpenStack Swift Object Storage Into the Enterprise | Data Center Knowledge
For one, it looks like HP Helion OEM’s SwiftStack, which is a nice partnership. Two, their CEO points towards going after enterprise storage: SwiftStack founder and CEO Joe Arnold said all enterprise applications will eventually rely on object storage to keep up with growth of data and access points required by users. ”It’s the only way enterprises will be able to compete today and in the future,” he said. I don’t cover storage too closely, but the cloud storage space seems like it’s going to be a rough street fight between the forces of customers not knowing if and how they should use it, Red Hat, the incumbent storage folks (EMC, NetApp, Dell, Oracle, etc.), and all the little startups like SwiftStack. Get some popcorn.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  storage  openstack  enterprisestorage  cases  HP  swift  cloud  vendorsports  link  tumblr:link 
june 2014 by cote
(via Twitter / matteastwood: .@IDC’s WW Server Factory Revenue …)
numbers  forecasts  servers  IDC  Dell  IBM  HP  ODM  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
may 2014 by cote
HP Helion: OpenStack redux
Good overview and some competitive and historic context.
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may 2014 by cote
Coté • Although the excitement of acquiring this powerful...
Although the excitement of acquiring this powerful financial tool may prompt you to set this handbook aside and immediately begin “pressing buttons,” in the long run you’ll profit by reading through this handbook and working through the examples it contains.
hp  calculators  manuals  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
november 2013 by cote
Coté • One of the better cloud burgers, from this HP...
One of the better cloud burgers, from this HP overview of their CloudSystem dealy.
HP  cloud  CloudSystem  diagrams  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
october 2013 by cote
Linux is king *nix of the data center—but Unix may live on forever | Ars Technica
As recently as Q4 2010, Unix server revenue was 25.6 percent of the worldwide market, with Linux at 17 percent, according to IDC. By the first quarter of 2012, Linux commanded 20.7 percent of worldwide server revenue compared to Unix’s 18.3 percent. And in IDC’s most recent report covering Q2 2013, Linux was up to 23.2 percent of all revenue with $2.8 billion, while Unix fell 21 percent year over year to $1.8 billion. Unix’s Q2 server revenue of 15.1 percent was its lowest ever reported by IDC. (Windows servers account for nearly 50 percent of revenue, while IBM’s mainframes took nearly 10 percent.)
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  unix  marketshare  forecasts  ibm  fujitsu  linux  cases  hp  link  tumblr:link 
october 2013 by cote
Google announces $279, Chromebook Pixel-inspired HP Chromebook 11 | Ars Technica
The $279 price seems about right, around as much as good smartphone, subsidized. Also, it comes bundle with some good bloat-ware: Finally, the laptop includes a pair of USB 2.0 ports and charging via a tablet- and phone-like micro USB port (which can also output video via the SlimPort standard, much like the recent Nexus devices). The system also comes with 100GB of Google Drive storage for two years, a 60-day free trial of Google Play Music All Access, and 12 free GoGo Inflight Internet sessions. A 4G version will be available, but pricing and availability has not been announced. I wonder if Google is paying them a subsidy.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  chromebook  laptops  pricing  HP  link  tumblr:link 
october 2013 by cote
IFTTT / Missing link
The service runs in an HP managed cloud environment, as a managed virtual private cloud or a managed private cloud, within a regionalized, enterprise-class HP data center facility, the company said. It is powered by HP AppSystem for SAP HANA which is SAP certified, and allows customers to benefit from in-memory computing technology and process large quantities of data in the main memory of the server to provide quicker results from analysis and transactions.
hp  hana  sap  inmemory  privatecloud  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
august 2013 by cote
"We have over 1,000 customers deploying CloudSystem [software], and that is a good indicator for us, because people are using it for driving private clouds."
hp  cloud  privatecloud  customers  competative  numbers  momentum 
june 2013 by cote
HP Earnings: 7 Straight HPQ Quarterly Revenue Declines
"Ultimately, where’s the hook HP is promising to provide upon which customers and channel partners can hang their hats?"
hp  qtr_calls  numbers  strategy 
may 2013 by cote
What HP’s cloud chief wants you to know about HP’s cloud
'HP’s aim is to provide a sort of “OpenStack Plus.” Singh said the company will “curate a set of OpenStack code, adding value around billing, metering, identity, orchestration, load balancing, DNS and messaging services — stuff that will extend OpenStack.”'
HP  OpenStack  cloud 
november 2012 by cote
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