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The single over-arching theme is this idea is that one should not compete, one should try to differentiate really hard. You want to do things that are one of a kind, you want to do something like a monopoly. You don’t want to do things that put you in cut-throat competition, like opening a restaurant.
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october 2014 by cote
Carl Icahn 2.0: an icon of '80s greed is back to shake up Silicon Valley | The Verge
Over the last decade, through a series of successful moves, Icahn has become the sole force behind Icahn Enterprises LP, a diversified holding company that puts him in command of roughly $24 billion in capital. “As essentially the wealthiest individual hedge-fund manager of all time, he is in an extremely rare position,” explains Brown. “Nobody can tell him what to do or what not to do.” … “Tech companies have gotten away for far too long with far too much cash on their balance sheets,” says Kedrosky. “I applaud Carl for forcing people to think hard about why they are carrying so much, and for pushing them to return some of it to investors.”
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february 2014 by cote

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