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Why Uber’s Business Model May Not Be Viable
The sharing economy, fueled by the internet’s capacity to match small buyers and sellers, looks like a revolutionary business model. But for this model to be sustained, there must be a reliable source of long-term profits. Ride-hailing is perhaps the application of the sharing economy that is currently most developed, so its success or failure will teach us a great deal about the model’s viability in the global business landscape.
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6 weeks ago by cote
Uber, Lyft & the roads of hell
“I can live without Facebook. I can mange without Google, but given my inability to (and more importantly lack of desire) to drive, I cannot survive without Uber.”
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january 2018 by cote
Uber and Lyft have finally lost a game of political hardball
"The rules are stricter than ones that Uber and Lyft face in other jurisdictions: They require drivers for the services to pass fingerprint-based background checks, to identify their cars with company emblems, and to avoid picking up and dropping off passengers in certain lanes."
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may 2016 by cote

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