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Research: For Better Brainstorming, Tell an Embarrassing Story
we found that the “embarrassment” teams generated 26% more ideas spanning 15% more use categories than their counterparts.

Candor led to greater creativity. Thus, we propose a new rule for brainstorming sessions: Tell a self-deprecating story before you start. As uncomfortable as this may seem, especially among colleagues you would typically want to impress, the result will be a broader range of creative ideas, which will surely impress them even more.
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june 2019 by cote
A systematic way of structuring your organization to focus on innovation instead of career advancement.
management  leadership  hbr  innovation 
april 2019 by cote
The skills leaders need
people tend to assume that confident individuals are competent, when there is no actual relationship between the two qualities. Those confident people are then promoted. Overconfidence afflicts both sexes, but men more so; one study found that they overestimated their abilities by 30% and women by 15% on average.
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march 2019 by cote
Q&A on the Book Evidence-Based Management
The most important issue in organizational data quality is whether you have the data you need to test whether your beliefs about the organization are really true. So if I believe my organization has a reliable backoffice in terms of transactions, do I have the data that show how many errors are made a day or a month for a given volume of transactions.? Counts tell us almost nothing; we need rates, like errors/daily volume. If I am relying on my impressions, I am talking to myself.
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march 2019 by cote
Agile Q&A: Is There a Place for Managers in an Agile Organization?
Seems like a budget luxury, but sure:

> In fact you have more time to focus on developing your team because you don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out who is going to work on what this week. Your team is stable and dedicated, and they are the ones deciding the specifics of what they are working on in any given week.
> That frees you up to provide them opportunities to improve their technical skills through identifying resources to help them learn and put them in situations where they can try out new technologies and learn from each other. You can also help you your staff improve their problem solving skills by stepping back and letting them resolve issues that are within their control to solve.
> There are going to be situations where your team faces a challenge that is beyond their ability to address. And that’s where the other main thing that development managers do in an Agile setting - address organizational issues that get in the way of their team(s).
> You’re in a good position to address those issues because you have visibility into the impact of issues on multiple teams, you’re in a better position in the organization’s hierarchy to address the issues, and you can free up the team to stay focused on work to move their product forward. A key here is to know the balance of standing back when your team can address their own issues and when to step up to help the team address issues beyond their control.
> A final thing that you do as a development manager is provide air cover for your team. Keep unnecessary distractions away from your team so that they can focus on the product they’re working on. Providing air cover may be intercepting requests for information from others in your organization and redirecting requests for your team to work on something not related to the outcome they are currently focused on.
management  digitaltransformation  agile 
march 2019 by cote
Employees should work on hard things, not easy things
‘For a business to thrive, each employee must ultimately be worth three times their wages to the business. That means if someone is getting paid $60k per year, their worth to the business likely exceeds $180k. People often underestimate what they are worth. One way people, especially more junior employees, underestimate themselves is by failing to spend most of their time on things that are really hard for them to do. All employees (not just entry level employees) should strive to have at least 70% of their time doing things that are really difficult. These are the tasks that require the most thought, rigor, and attention. And these are the tasks that result in the most growth.’

Of course, this assumes a capitalist view of work. Work is there to generate profit, not help people pass the time (find value in being alive) and making sure they have the means to eat and such.
management  work 
july 2018 by cote
How to make innovation programs deliver more than coffee cups
‘“a lack of connection between innovation teams and their parent organization. Teams form/and are taught outside of their parent organization because innovation is disconnected from other activities. This meant that when teams went back to their home organization, they found that execution of existing priorities took precedence. They returned speaking a foreign language (What’s a pivot? Minimum viable what?) to their colleagues and bosses who are rewarded on execution-based metrics. Further, as budgets are planned out years in advance, their organization had no slack for “good ideas.” As a result, there was no way to finish and deploy whatever innovative prototypes the innovators had developed – even ones that have been validated.”’
digitaltransformation  lean  agile  management  innovation 
july 2018 by cote
6 questions with winner of the 2018 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Leadership Award
"They won't get comfortable with failure if you make a very big deal about it and keep reminding them that they failed. I normally tell them, 'You found a way that doesn't work, let's go find a way that does.' They are probably more sensitive to the voice of the leaders, so if the leaders are basically saying, 'Hey, no big deal, let's dust ourselves off, and here's the next cool thing to go try,' they can move on very quickly and get excited about something new."
blamesless  cio  digitaltransformation  learning  management 
may 2018 by cote
Management Support in Agile Adoption
“In the global survey 82% of respondents reported that getting more support and commitment from all levels of management is a high or medium-term priority. In addition to this research, conversations we have with senior IT professionals all report that as IT has become ingrained in most, if not quite all, business processes it is essential that everyone involved in operating the business needs to be aware of how IT is being used and how it can change daily operations. Without management commitment across the organization, things will get better and change, but not as quickly or as effectively as they could.”

1.) The middle is always frozen. But, thanks because middle management is supposed to, is designed to make sure the process is followed, not dynamically change it all the time.

2.) The business should know how to computer.
management  agile  survey  digitaltransformation 
may 2018 by cote
Narrowing questions
“What is the thing I made most confusing today?”
questions  interviews  management 
may 2018 by cote
Measuring Trust and Its Impact on Leadership and Organisational Change
'trust enables teams to "make decisions faster (and revisit them less often)." He pointed out that it encourages teams and individuals to "proactively admit to and learn from mistakes instead of scrambling to hide them.”'
management  work  digitaltransformation  trust 
may 2018 by cote
How to build a business case for DevOps transformation
“Here are a few signs that your company should consider transitioning to DevOps:

Does it take a long time to deliver features?
Are features underutilized?
Do you not know the utilization of features?
Do you have downtime during maintenance or deployment windows?
Do your customers tell you your site is down before you know it?
Do outages occur repeatedly for the same reason?
Are customer feature requests implemented in a way that doesn't actually fulfill the customer's needs?”
devops  roi  digitaltransformation  management  metrics 
march 2018 by cote
Why Haier Is Reorganizing Itself around the Internet of Things
There’s of course Halo Effect to look at over 5 years with this kind of thing, but here’s a relatively new model for corporate strategic and operational “culture.” Plus, Sheinhardt Wig Company microwaves.
leadership  iot  digitaltransformation  cases  management 
march 2018 by cote
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Win – and Neither Did His Campaign
“During that first month, Walsh’s disbelief and even fear about what was happening in the White House moved her to think about quitting. Every day after that became a countdown toward the moment she knew she wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. To Walsh, the proud political pro, the chaos, the rivalries, and the president’s own lack of focus were simply incomprehensible. In early March, not long before she left, she confronted Kushner with a simple request. “Just give me the three things the president wants to focus on,” she demanded. “What are the three priorities of this White House?”

It was the most basic question imaginable — one that any qualified presidential candidate would have answered long before he took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Six weeks into Trump’s presidency, Kushner was wholly without an answer.

“Yes,” he said to Walsh. “We should probably have that conversation.””

** Managing is complex, but starts with some pretty simple tasks.
management  profiles  trump  usa  politics  work 
january 2018 by cote
Fidelity Investments extends buyout offers to 3,000 employees
"By making the offers, Fidelity is hoping to accomplish two goals, spokesman Vincent Loporchio said on Tuesday: reducing expenses and freeing up opportunities for younger employees to advance their careers at the company."
cases  management  layoffs  digitaltransformation  Millennials 
march 2017 by cote
Who Killed Nokia? Nokia Did
"In short, Nokia people weakened Nokia people and thus made the company increasingly vulnerable to competitive forces."
cases  Nokia  deathmarch  mobile  competition  management 
october 2015 by cote – Gartner Says Bimodal IT Projects Require New...
Gartner Says Bimodal IT Projects Require New Project Management Styles - April 28, 2015 at 07:55PM
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april 2015 by cote
Team work bringing down the average - April 20, 2015 at 09:36AM
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april 2015 by cote
"Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion." - April 17, 2015 at 01:15PM
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april 2015 by cote
The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos's Fire Phone Debacle And What It Means For Amazon's Future | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
And team members simply could not imagine truly useful applications for Dynamic Perspective. As far as anyone could tell, Bezos was in search of the Fire Phone’s version of Siri, a signature feature that could make the device a blockbuster. But what was the point, they wondered, beyond some fun gaming interactions and flashy 3-D lock screens. “In meetings, all Jeff talked about was, ‘3-D, 3-D, 3-D!’ He had this childlike excitement about the feature and no one could understand why,” recalls a former engineering head who worked solely on Dynamic Perspective for years. “We poured surreal amounts of money into it, yet we all thought it had no value for the customer, which was the biggest irony. Whenever anyone asked why we were doing this, the answer was, ‘Because Jeff wants it.’ No one thought the feature justified the cost to the project. No one. Absolutely no one.” It is a pretty cool feature. I suspect if more developers were messing around with four camera on the front of a phone they’d come up with something. Needs more ecosystem.
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january 2015 by cote
You want people to work as much as possible to push the product and company out of uncertain territory into profitability, right? Wrong. What you will do is push people to the edge of burnout and unhappiness. They’ll eventually leave your company.
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december 2014 by cote
Nice take on the shit-sandwich. Less snarkily, I really like Anna Carroll’s book on the topic of giving more feedback at work.
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december 2014 by cote
Most of the hierarchy found in the traditional firm must be eliminated, and the walls between functional staffs must be destroyed. You can’t move fast, no matter how good the systems are, if turf fights among functions are the norm, and if even routine decisions must be processed through numerous layers of bureaucracy.
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october 2014 by cote
As a product manager, you need to be able to balance all the work against all the work. Maybe you don’t have an ops background, that’s fine – you probably didn’t have a [domain] background when you came to work either. Learn. A lot of the success of a SaaS product is in the balancing of features against stability/scalability work against compliance work… If you want to take the “I’m the CEO of the product” role, then you need to step up and own all of it, otherwise you’re just that product’s Director of Wishful Thinking.
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october 2014 by cote
I’ve gone back and forth on whether managers should code and my opinion is: don’t stop coding. Each week that passes where you don’t share the joy, despair, and discovery of software development is a week when you slowly forget what it means to be a software developer. Over time it means you’ll have a harder time talking to engineers because you’ll forget how they think and how they become bored.
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september 2014 by cote
However, CEOs often just tell their companies that they “must execute the strategy better.” Clearly this advice isn’t very helpful, as it’s as obvious as saying, “Let’s all just do a better job!” What companies need is to identify specifically what it is that they must execute better. For example, “improve the speed of deliveries” would be a far more helpful instruction, one that could help a company achieve its strategic goal of improving customer service.
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september 2014 by cote
I’m okay but not great at managing my time. In addition to being an editor and writer on my radio show, I’m also the boss, and deal with budgets, personnel stuff, revenue and spending questions, and business decisions. My worst habit: when I should be writing something for this week’s show, I’ll procrastinate by looking over some contract or making some business phone call or doing something else that actually isn’t as important as writing. Which is to say: I procrastinate by working. I wonder if that’s common.
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july 2014 by cote
You should spend an average of six hours a week with each employee From a summary of a study on how much time management should spend with each employee, each week: Moving from one to six hours weekly contact with the boss increased employee inspiration by 29 percent, but after six hours inspiration actually started to take a hit. From a study of 30,000 American and Canadian employees, executives and middle managers. The metrics of “good” are things like “inspiration” and NPS. Also, it says you can’t really manage more than seven people. I’ll have to read up more on it.
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july 2014 by cote
The hardest thing for most first-time engineering managers is getting used to the fact that the sum of your importance is now far beyond simply the code you write or the infrastructure you design. Your job just got a lot harder, you need to balance more distractions and learn how to keep yourself out of too many critical paths. If your first answer to every problem is “I can just bang that out,” you’re probably doing it wrong. You probably have more meetings to go to, at the very least you need to have 1-1s with everyone who reports to you, ideally once a week. All of a sudden, managing your time will become one of your most critical skills.
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june 2014 by cote
Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up: Berkshire Hathaway: Beyond Buffett
“The nature of boards,” says Buffett, “is such they’re part business organizations and part social organizations.” Buffett hammers home his point by noting that directors are “getting paid $200,000-$300,000 a year,” so “believe, me, they are not independent.”
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may 2014 by cote
The research reported in this book … shows that in the cases of well-managed firms… . good management was the most powerful reason they failed to stay atop their industries. Precisely because these firms listened to their customers, invested aggressively in new technologies that would provide their customers more and better products of the sort they wanted, and because they carefully studied market trends and systematically allocated investment capital to innovations that promised the best returns, they lost their positions of leadership. What this implies at a deeper level is that many of what are now widely accepted principles of good management are, in fact, only situationally appropriate. There are times at which it is right not to listen to customers, right to invest in developing lower-performance products that promise lower margins, and right to aggressively pursue small, rather than substantial, markets. This book derives a set of rules, from carefully designed research and analysis of innovative successes and failures in the disk drive and other industries, that managers can use to judge when the widely accepted principles of good management should be followed and when alternative principles are appropriate.
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april 2014 by cote
‘Work Smarts’: Betty Liu on How to Succeed in Your Career » Knowledge@Wharton
I don’t know about counterintuitive, but there was a great piece of insight that Sam Zell, the real estate mogul from Chicago, said to me that really made me rethink what a big organization is really about. He said, as an entrepreneur, [he needs] as much information as possible. In a big corporation, people use information as currency. So they trade it. The more information a person has, the more power that person has in a big organization. But, he said, in a small company or an entrepreneurial environment, if you’re keeping a piece of information away from [him], then you’re damaging [his] company because [he needs] to make decisions quickly and [he needs] to make them with as much information as possible. He told me a story about a woman who he hired from a major corporation. He said she was an overachiever. He said she was a star all the way through her career. Nine months after she joined his organization, he fired her. He said it was because she used the same practice of using information as currency. When he told me that, I thought, “Geez, how many big companies have I worked for where I have seen that happen?” I have done the same thing. I have committed the same crime of using information to get information from other people and using information and hoarding it so that I have power over colleagues. I thought, “That is such a great observation, and I need to check myself….” Organizations talk about transparency, but it’s the execution of it that really matters. Some good insights on how big companies work, and how to work adjust per the size of the company and team.
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march 2014 by cote
The Update, The Vent, and The Disaster – Rands in Repose
Your job in a 1:1 is to give the smallest voice a chance to be heard, and I start with a question: “How are you?”
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december 2013 by cote
Employees don’t like working for creative managers – Quartz
[M]anagement’s function isn’t about creating, but rather “ensuring that repetitive tasks were completed, improving economic efficiency, maximizing labor and machine productivity. Not a lot of creativity is needed; in fact, it might even be inefficient.” And as I like to point out: he didn’t actually make the trains run on time.
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december 2013 by cote
Coté • Each member of my team has an inspiration...
Each member of my team has an inspiration schedule, a time when they know they are more likely to be creative. During those times, there are no meetings, distractions or interruptions. This is their time to increase their working memory, to build, to design and to solve problems.
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august 2013 by cote
More on working on DevOps products
Back at DevOpsDays Austin last week, John and I sat down for a (now-a-days) rare recording. He was interested in talking about the presentation I’d given the day before on lessons learned form working on a DevOps product, Crowbar, at Dell.

Systems  Management  Videos  crowbar  Dell  devopsdays  Austin  IT  &  Cloud  Podc  ifttt  tumblr 
april 2012 by cote
How a BigCo actually got some innovation done – The Longer Story of Crowbar
How a BigCo actually got some innovation done – The Longer Story of Crowbar

View more presentations from Michael Coté

Here’s the slides for the talk I gave this morning on lessons learned from working on a DevOps product in a large company, that is, Crowbar in Dell.

The abstract:

Sometimes it seems like It’s near impossible to get anything innovative, interesting done in a large company – it’s as if BigCos are goaled to prevent just that. While you can’t type a URL without hearing how a Ramen-fueled startup got ground breaking product out the door, you rarely hear about how the other side of the exit lives in Large Company Land. This talk will use the story of Crowbar at Dell to grope out how to get good things done in big technology companies, esp. when it comes to something as BigCo esoteric as DevOps!

I’m amazed when I find a skunk-worked project that’s blossomed into a valuable, strategic asset for a company. In the case of Dell and Crowbar, it’s even more astonishing: Dell has traditionally been a stone-cold hardware company focused on shipping more boxes each quarter, Crowbar is an open source piece of software whose business model depends on the nuanced dynamics of open platforms strategy. You’d never think these two things would go together. And yet, Crowbar exists and has had amazing success (both externally and internally) in an extremely short time. With the access I have to the “real story,” being at Dell now after six years at RedMonk covering tech from the outside, I’ll go over lessons learned on getting DevOps and a DevOps product through the Brazil-like pneumatic tubes of a $62.1B company.

Software  Management  Systems  agile  chef  crowbar  Dell  devops  devopsdays  devopsdaysa  ifttt  tumblr 
april 2012 by cote
Has the New iPad Already Killed Windows 8's Buzz?
But even with that bold handwriting, Hilwa believes, the market does not always evolve the way that companies’ marketing managers anticipate. “Often the users are not the ones who dictate how things go; the vendors have to lead.” He cites the fact that the market wasn’t really demanding a large, flat, touchable phone whose functions are manipulable with their fingers - not until Steve Jobs held one in his hand. So getting the technology out there and letting the market bake it the rest of the way, Hilwa believes, is the right approach for Microsoft.
windows8  tablets  product  management  ifttt  tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
march 2012 by cote
Jeff Bezos Owns the Web in More Ways Than You Think | Magazine
The common question that gets asked in business is, why? That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, why not?
culture  management  Amazon  quotes  Jeff  Bezos  ifttt  tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote  Cloud  longform 
january 2012 by cote
Role of the Agile Leader in Reconfiguring the Business
"The presentation applies Agile thinking to critical aspects of strategy and execution at a time of uncertainty and disruption. The essential point is simple and logical: Agile values and principles are indivisible. To succeed, they must be applied not just to R&D, but also to customer and company, simultaneously. This requires reconfiguration of customer relationships, employee policy, software development, and the relationship that binds the three. The resulting paradigm shift could lower the cost of software and produce prosperity similar to the one induced by ultra-cheap oil in the 50’s."
IsraelGat  agile  leadership  management  presentations  Agile2009 
september 2009 by cote
The Atlantic Online | June 2006 | The Management Myth | Matthew Stewart
"At its best, management theory is part of the democratic promise of America. It aims to replace the despotism of the old bosses with the rule of scientific law. It offers economic power to all who have the talent and energy to attain it. The managerial revolution must be counted as part of the great widening of economic opportunity that has contributed so much to our prosperity. But, insofar as it pretends to a kind of esoteric certitude to which it is not entitled, management theory betrays the ideals on which it was founded."
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april 2009 by cote
Twitter / NewRelic: Hi All: New Relic pricing ...
"Hi All: New Relic pricing has changed. We are now based on a per host pricing model. $40 per host, no limit to number of apps for Bronze."
cloud  newrelic  management  pricing  via:twitter 
september 2008 by cote
Teleworking not an experiment at National Science Foundation - Network World
What's funny is that the number one blocker was the bosse's concern that it'd cause a bunch of complaints to deal with. Don't rock the boat!
telecommuting  teleworking  nsf  management 
july 2008 by cote - The Knowledge Network for Thought Leaders on Business Strategy, Innovation and Futures.
Instead of asking what you have to get started, ask what you want to have and figure out getting there.
SWOT  management  consulting  businessplans 
may 2008 by cote
SWOT analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
More interesting than the approach is what do afterwards: "How can we Use each Strength? How can we Stop each Weakness? How can we Exploit each Opportunity? How can we Defend against each Threat?"
management  acronyms  SWOT  analysis  marketing 
may 2008 by cote
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