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Police wasted €400,000 on 'redundant' emergency app: report
Due to delays and setbacks, the deadline to launch the app in the spring of 2017 was never reached. Construction of the app only started in February 2018. In that period the current Minister of Justice and Security, Ferdinand Grapperhaus, suddenly announced that - contrary to all previous decisions - he is giving priority to the introduction of AML. Making the main function of the 112 app completely obsolete.
Netherlands  waterfall  deathmarch  police  mobile  links  via:Workflow 
june 2019 by cote
Thousands of rejected migrants unable to return to their home countries Big three Dutch banks trail rankings, cost and service and issue
While 94% of the 14,000 people in the survey said they used internet banking and 66% used mobile banking apps, ING customers were unhappy about the decision to phase out the use of ‘tan’ codes for approving payments and require mobile approvals instead.

Surveys  Netherlands  banking  mobile  links  via:Workflow 
june 2019 by cote
Exclusive poll: America sours on social media giants
> About 40% of Americans still feel that social media is a net positive for society. Overall, 65% of people say smartphones have made their quality of life better.

And people are concerned about misinformation in THE SOCIAL.
techethics  web2.0  mobile  surveys  marketsizing  politics 
november 2018 by cote
Ride-hailing app Grab partners Maybank for mobile wallet launch
To be a little Friedman in a taxi here: when I was in Jakarta, you could see the huge banking expansion available in converting much of the country to cashless. All these merchants and buyers (people, if you will) who are purely cash based and don’t have bank accounts. And that’s just one (albeit it, giant) city:

Ooi Huey Tyng, MD, GrabPay Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, says: "The whole industry needs to come together to make the cashless economy a reality in Malaysia. We are honoured to partner with Maybank which not only shares our vision of a cashless payments future, but also recognises Grab as ideally poised to help make this a reality.

"With GrabPay mobile wallet as the leading payment method on our Grab app, it will build an interconnected ecosystem of our services, thus making Grab an everyday app to complement consumers’ everyday lifestyle."

Also, I love this “cashless” term. So much better than “mobile payments.”
maylaysia  banking  grab  cashless  payments  mobile 
may 2018 by cote
Insurers go all-out on mobile, but what comes next is elusive
“74% of Canadians begin their insurance research journey online, with 25% of those using a smartphone only. Further 61% of this segment will immediately abandon a broker’s website if not considered mobile-friendly, and a full 50% of Canadian consumers believe that if a company does not have a mobile website it does not care about that customer’s business”

Better have a mobile app.
mobile  surveys  insurance 
april 2018 by cote
Global race for 5G heats up with latest US Congress bill
“Prices vary widely across the United States but the average cost of installing equipment on a pole is around $2,000 per year. AT&T recently complained that it had received an estimate of $8,000 a year from a city in California. Even in low-cost Georgia, the local government felt it could get away with asking for $6,000 per pole per year.... There are roughly 350,000 base stations in the US and that number would likely have to quadruple (again, these are all rough figures) for 5G. So the annual cost of simply hosting 5G equipment is in the billions of dollars.”
wireless  mobile  5g  pricing  at&t 
march 2018 by cote
Will 2018 be the year of the neo-luddite?
‘More significantly, the whole of society seems to have woken up to the fact there is a psychological cost to constant checking, swiping and staring. A growing number of my friends now have “no phone” times, don’t instantly sign into the cafe wifi, or have weekends away without their computers. This behaviour is no longer confined to intellectuals and academics, part of some clever critique of modernity. Every single parent I know frets about “screen time”, and most are engaged in a struggle with a toddler over how much iPad is allowed. The alternative is “slow living” or “slow tech”. “Want to become a slow-tech family?” writes Janell Burley Hoffmann, one of its proponents. “Wait! Just wait – in line, at the doctor’s, for the bus, at the school pickup – just sit and wait.” Turning what used to be ordinary behaviour into a “movement” is a very modern way to go about it. But it’s probably necessary.’
mobile  web2.0  techethics  thekids 
march 2018 by cote
Apple Pay accepted at 1 out of 2 U.S. stores, says Apple VP Jennifer Bailey
“Apple Pay availability was limited to about 3 percent of stores in the U.S. when it launched in 2014, but is now accepted in 50 percent of stores.”
marketshare  payments  mobile  apple 
january 2018 by cote
Google takes $1.1bn chomp out of HTC, smacks lips, burps
Google still looking to crack into hardware. Maybe getting a clutch of regular, steady performers instead of startup rock-stars will help:

‘Google has formally completed its $1.1bn (£780m) takeover of a chunk of HTC, under which some 2,000 staff will transfer to work on the chocolate factory's Pixel phone.

‘In a blog post, Rick Osterloh, senior hardware veep at the megacorp, said "building hardware is... hard," adding: "That's why I'm delighted that we've officially closed our deal with HTC."’
m&a  taiwan  google  HTC  mobile  handsets 
january 2018 by cote
Meet Kate Garman, Seattle’s smart cities coordinator, tasked with making the city more efficient
Examples of what a city would do with IoT:

“The private sector has pushed cities in a lot of ways,” she said. “My favorite example is, because Uber and Lyft and other transportation network companies could show you where your ride is on your phone, people started really asking, ‘Well, where’s my snow plow? Where are my services?’ It opened people’s minds to expecting more from the public sector, which is a healthy thing so long as the public sector has enough capacity for it.”
smartcities  IoT  mobile  seattle  urbanplanning  cases 
january 2018 by cote
Tolerating distraction
“The modern anxiety about distraction betrays a good deal about us. Insofar as we associate attention with power and control, it reflects our fears of losing both in an increasingly unpredictable cultural and natural climate. We also find ourselves living in an economy where we pay for cultural goods with our attention, so it makes sense that we worry about running out of a precious currency.”
attention  christianity  mobile  religion 
january 2018 by cote
Starbucks Baristas Can’t Keep Up With Mobile Orders
Mobile orders clog meat-space:

"Starbucks’ coffee shops are suffering from a feared consequence of the mobile revolution: the digital world can dump an avalanche of orders in a short period of time, creating delays and lines that scare away customers."
digitaltransformation  starbucks  coffee  cases  mobile 
january 2018 by cote
Apple App Store Continues to Grow
“Since the App Store launched in July 2008, iOS developers have earned over $86 billion.”
momentum  software  mobile  marketsize  apple  revenue 
january 2018 by cote
Kroger is taking a direct shot at Amazon and Walmart and making checkout lanes obsolete - Business Insider
“In 2018, [Kroger] is rolling out a new service to 400 stores that will enable shoppers to scan and pay for their items without checkout lanes, registers, or cashiers.”
grocery  cases  retail  digitaltransformation  mobile 
december 2017 by cote
Dunkin' Donuts - doing digital, but mostly donuts
“On-The-Go orders, mobile orders reached 3% of total transactions during the [past] quarter, and many of our urban and high-volume locations are seeing nearly 20% of their transactions go through mobile ordering.”
numbers  payments  qtr_calls  mobile  donuts  foodservice 
october 2017 by cote
All digital growth now coming from mobile usage — comScore
"The data above show that mobile now represents 65 percent of all digital media time, with mobile apps dominating that usage. The desktop has lost 12 percentage points since 2013 and has receded to 35 percent of digital time spent."
advertising  cloudnative  comScore  surveys  mobile  cases 
april 2016 by cote
Google's Android Generates $31 Billion Revenue, Oracle Says
"Google Inc.’s Android operating system has generated revenue of $31 billion and $22 billion in profit, a lawyer for Oracle Corp. said in court" - I think that's cumulative since 2008...?
mobile  numbers  oracle  revenue  java  android  lawsuits 
january 2016 by cote
16 mobile theses
"That doesn’t remotely mean that Microsoft is dead, but it has to work out how to use the cash and market position of the legacy monopolies to help it build new businesses."
mobile  Microsoft  wp 
december 2015 by cote
Forrester/IBM Report: 'Great' apps monetize five times better than good ones
Survey commissioned by IBM to find out what makes mobile apps great. Then, of course, it seeks to tie more success (revenue) to that greatness.

n="1,000 consumers in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and India."
consumers  sentiment  wp  IBM  design  mobile  surveys  forrester 
november 2015 by cote
Too Complicated for Mobile Workers
Self-serving, but an illustrative stat: "The startup said it surveyed more than 1,200 enterprise application end users and 300 IT executives. Almost half (45 percent) of survey respondents said current enterprise applications fell short due to complexity and “clunky” interfaces."
digitaltransformation  surveys  mobile 
october 2015 by cote
Who Killed Nokia? Nokia Did
"In short, Nokia people weakened Nokia people and thus made the company increasingly vulnerable to competitive forces."
cases  Nokia  deathmarch  mobile  competition  management 
october 2015 by cote
Digital transformation progress report - Home Depot builds a digital future
"Last year [2014], about 40% of all the orders generated on actually finished in one of our orange box stores. Customers find it incredibly convenient to be able to pick up a product when they wanted to. They didn’t have to worry about whether or not it was on their doorstep. And so that is a great opportunity not only to sell more product, but to drive traffic to our stores, sell them additional product when they come in and pick that product up."
retail  cases  omnichannel  HomeDepot  mobile  digitaltransformation  ecommerce 
september 2015 by cote
Gartner Says Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Outstrip Available Development Capacity Five to One
"Organizations increasingly find it difficult to be proactive against competitive pressures, which is resulting in their mobile apps becoming tactical, rather than strategic," said Mr. Leow. "We're seeing demand for mobile apps outstrip available development capacity, making quick creation of apps even more challenging. Mobile strategists must use tools and techniques that match the increase in mobile app needs within their organizations." And: "Gartner believes organizations will improve their in-house mobile development skills over time, but currently only 26 percent of organizations are adopting an in-house-only development approach, while 55 percent are successfully delivering apps using mixed sourcing."
mobile  appdev  Gartner  motivations  drivers  sourcing 
august 2015 by cote
The digital transformation illusion
Don't just put old wine in new bottles, figure out if there's something better than wine too: "How much of the current excitement – and achievement – of digital government is about making the old product better? And what might the new product be which will change the idea of government altogether?"
cloudjourney  government  transformation  digitalenterprise  mobile 
august 2015 by cote
IBM open sources apps in the cloud to boost software development
"By making Bluemix available this way, IBM will equip the developers of tomorrow with the capabilities and skills to join the workforce and create enterprise-class cloud applications at consumer scale, the firm said."
opensource  BlueMix  mobile  IBM 
july 2015 by cote
The mobile web sucks
"Just looking at the stats for The Verge, our mobile traffic is up 70 percent from last year, while desktop traffic is up only 11 percent."
numbers  mobile  technews 
july 2015 by cote
Just out: [Mobile] Developer Megatrends H1 2015
"Only 20% of mobile developers target enterprises, but 46% of them makes over $10K per month, versus 19% for consumer-oriented developers." The other thing to note is how close we are to having "mobile developers" just upgraded to simply "developers."
surveys  mobile  developers  numbers  enterprise 
july 2015 by cote – From a recent Pew study in open government data.
From a recent Pew study in open government data. - April 22, 2015 at 08:00AM
IFTTT  Tumblr  charts  surveys  Pew  govt  opendata  fed  mobile 
april 2015 by cote
Office everywhere: More great news for Office on iOS and Android - The Official Microsoft Blog
As Benedict said in his newsletter: Office for iOS has had 80m downloads so far. No word on active base, but that would be a little over 10% of all iOS devices. As we talked about recently, Microsoft’s overarching strategy is “don’t fuck it up.” Going OK so far.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  momentum  office  acompli  numbers  iOS  mobile  microsoft  link  tumblr:link 
february 2015 by cote
You always hear about “the post-PC” world, that is tablets and smartphones (mostly smartphones!) taking over marketshare from PCs. In July of 2011, Horace Dediu published a chart that defines the way I think about the tech industry, for the most part in his post "Is the tablet computer a new PC or post-PC?". It’s the perfect chart because it shows when disruption happens and how: from an unexpected competitor and then all of the sudden once you realize what’s happening. It shows how the PC (read: WinTel) “lost” to Apple and Android. Around 2013 Gartner started tracking these numbers (they’d been doing some weird “media tablet” thing before that), and you can pull the from press releases (2013, 2014, 2015) to get a non-Horace picture. Anyhow, here’s the current rev of the chart based on Gartner’s world-wide shipment estimates. Amazing! (“Phones” includes smartphones and “hybrid” devices like the Yoga, etc. The hybrid stuff is very small, a rounding error, so don’t freak out too much about the taxonomy.) Gartner also publishes OS share: in 2014, there were 1.1 billion Android devices, 262 million iOS/MacOS (they combine them), and 333 million Windows, along with a big bucket of 626 million “other.” So, Android has 47.8% share, iOS/Mac 11%, Windows 14%. In doing strategy and analyst work, I feel like I put this chart together every year. What it says is: mobile wins, write apps for those devices. Do that third platform shit! Granted, these are only shipments, not cumulative “existing” boxes. Hey, it’s just a chart, after all. (See also [a 451 report I wrote about Chromebook usage for some more charts and figures on device and PC adoption].)
charts  devices  mobile  marketshare  Gartner  thirdplatform  highlight  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo  cloudaustin 
january 2015 by cote
Mobile First
The way I'd frame it is that we'll stop saying "mobile apps" and just say "apps" and ocassional "web app."
stream  mobile  analysts  cases  mobileapps 
january 2015 by cote
Fire Phone & You
Getting Google stuff on the Amazon Fire phone
Fire  firephone  google  mobile  howtos 
december 2014 by cote
Pizza is evolving into a digitally dominated food
payments  Yankee  451  mobile  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
december 2014 by cote
I feel like any moment where I’m not getting input is a wasted moment.
infooverload  podcasts  mobile  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
october 2014 by cote
A small cup of Starbucks coffee contains 250mg of caffeine. For a frame of reference, espresso tops out at about 75mg. Let’s face it: Starbucks sells a drug I am addicted to. And their app allows me to pay for my addiction easily and rewards me with a free vial - I mean cup - of coffee every so often. I also get free apps on the iTunes app store.
starbucks  mobile  apps  programmablebiz  cases  coffee  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
august 2014 by cote
Mobile phones are arguably a more useful import than hamburgers
mobile  consumers  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
august 2014 by cote
Apple paid out $5bn to developers in H1: Google $5bn in the last 12 months. — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) July 22, 2014
dailywrap  devrel  Apple  google  numbers  appstore  mobile  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
july 2014 by cote
There are different divisions within an enterprise that want private cloud, says Cantrill. “A common trend we’re seeing is the mobile group in a company. Mobile groups have the budget, charter, and it’s all greenfield.”
mobile  privatecloud  Joyent  cloud  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
july 2014 by cote
I/O: Google unveils design language that will RULE OVER 'DROIDS • The Register
Microsoft shot for consistency with Metro, putting the square interface on its tablets, phones and PCs under something it called three-screens and the cloud. Yet Microsoft was wrong to lump PC users in with device users, as it turned out neither customers nor developers wanted Metro on their PC – they hated it. There is a notion that Metro was a failure there, which would be good to see the proof points in (low Window 8 uptake?). But, putting that footnoting aside as a distraction from interesting noodling, there’s a fun idea in there that we’ll see a lot in the coming years: do mobile devices need different UIs and UX than PCs, and Bice versa?
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  design  underdev  mobile  link  tumblr:link 
june 2014 by cote
Many have asked, “why not choose JavaScript as the language to replace Objective-C?” I’m not even going to attempt an answer to that question.
apple  swift  javascript  mobile  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
june 2014 by cote
Rometty: IBM Set to Lead IT’s 'Reordering' | Business Technology Solution Sales content from The VAR Guy
[Big Data, cloud and social/mobile] are truly going to change the profile of this company. And, if you think about it, actually they’re going to change the profile of this industry. As I like to think of it, the industry is reordering. If you take cloud, data and engagement, those are shifts that taken in total, this convergence, it will reorder the industry and we will lead that. We’ll lead it from the enterprise perspective. —IBM’s Ginni Rometty There’s a bunch of “reordering” to be done: injecting new technologies into creaky old enterprise tech.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  ibm  quotes  mobile  bigdata  rewrite  enterprisesoftware  enterprisegrade  link  tumblr:link 
may 2014 by cote
Get some vintage web jollies over at Clear Sky.
retro  WAP  screenshots  vintage  mobile  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
may 2014 by cote
People using mobile apps more than the mobile web: “The data tells a clear story that apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile, and the browser has become a single application swimming in a sea of apps.” From Flurry
charts  mobile  web  mobileweb  usage  momentum  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
april 2014 by cote
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