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Datadog IPO | S-1 Breakdown
Datadog is a rare company — every financial and business metric is best-in-class.
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Q&A on the Book Evidence-Based Management
The most important issue in organizational data quality is whether you have the data you need to test whether your beliefs about the organization are really true. So if I believe my organization has a reliable backoffice in terms of transactions, do I have the data that show how many errors are made a day or a month for a given volume of transactions.? Counts tell us almost nothing; we need rates, like errors/daily volume. If I am relying on my impressions, I am talking to myself.
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march 2019 by cote
Pivotal and New Relic Deliver Visibility, Value, and Velocity
A nice listing of some metrics to monitor out of the box in PCF, and just performance metrics, but meatware and product related stuff too.
partnerships  pivotal  newrelic  PivotalCloudFoundry  monitoring  metrics  5ss 
october 2018 by cote
PCF and New Relic at West
“Thomas said he plans to migrate hundreds of existing applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry, which will also serve as the standard platform-of-excellence for all new applications. New Relic will ensure reliability, availability, and performance of those workloads as well as enable West’s ops team to monitor Pivotal Cloud Foundry itself.”
monitoring  cases  west  pcf  newrelic  proofpoints 
october 2018 by cote
New Cloud Unicorn: PagerDuty Scores $1.3 Billion Valuation In $90 Million Round
“The company says it passed $100 million in annual recurring revenue in recent months”
monitoring  itmanagement  revenue  funding  pagerduty 
september 2018 by cote
Preliminary Analysis of the Site Reliability Engineer Survey
If the response takes too long to get to your phone, the system might as well be "unavailable":

'If a page takes too long to load a user will consider it to be unavailable. I realized after the fact the nuances of this were not considered in the phrasing of one of our questions. We asked “What service level indicators are most important for your services?” Three of the options were end-user response time, latency, and availability. I view availability as the system up or down, latency as delays before a response is generated and end-user response time as how long before the user received the information they wanted. If an error message appears or the page fails to load, an application is unavailable. If a page takes 10 seconds to load, it’s available but incredibly frustrating to use. For SREs availability means more than is a system up or down. If the response time or latency exceeds a certain threshold the application is considered unavailable.'
sre  monitoring  metrics  itmanagement  availability  SLAs  suveys 
july 2018 by cote
Monitoring SRE's Golden Signals
Lists out how to get the metrics from various systems and software.
sre  monitoring  metrics  itmanagement 
july 2018 by cote
How to Monitor the SRE Golden Signals
[Summary from the post of metrics to use:]

Rate — Request rate, in requests/sec
Errors — Error rate, in errors/sec
Latency — Response time, including queue/wait time, in milliseconds.
Saturation — How overloaded something is, which is related to utilization but more directly measured by things like queue depth (or sometimes concurrency). As a queue measurement, this becomes non-zero when you are saturated, often not much before. Usually a counter.
Utilization — How busy the resource or system is. Usually expressed 0–100% and most useful for predictions (as Saturation is probably more useful). Note we are not using the Utilization Law to get this (~Rate x Service Time / Workers), but instead looking for more familiar direct measurements.
devops  metrics  sre  monitoring 
july 2018 by cote
"An astonishing paper that may explain why it’s so difficult to patch."
The most important thing is to be able to fix The Broken quickly, not make sure it never breaks.

"They monitored 400 libraries. In 116 days, they saw 282 breaking changes! Each day, there’s 6.1% chance of breaking chg, for each lib you use!"
cloudnative  uptime  monitoring  patching 
july 2018 by cote
Splunk acquires VictorOps to take it – and you – into site reliability engineering
“Adding these tools to Splunk’s roster, Mann said, means it can now monitor apps, provide an environment in which to fix them and allow the deeper investigations that figure out root cause of problems and allow re-designs of infrastructure and code to stop them recurring.”
monitoring  logs  m&a  splunk  sre 
june 2018 by cote
​AppDynamics touts the agility of a startup with the pocket of a global giant
"Our ability to close a customer when Cisco is involved is up to 50 percent faster."

One of the best advantages of being part of a big, tech company.
cisco  monitoring  channel  systemsmanagement  appdynamics  momentum 
april 2018 by cote
Monitoring continues to be a valuable part of the hybrid cloud, as Sensu raises $10M
“Sensu Enterprise is the commercial version of that project, and it costs between $99 and $999 depending on how many servers you’ll need to monitor your cloud environment. You also get customer service that you won’t get if you try to install the open-source project on your own, a key part of the strategy of many enterprise startups building around open-source projects.”
funding  monitoring  opensource 
april 2018 by cote
Misunderstanding "Open Tracing" for the Enterprise
Enterprise systems management software is hard.

“OpenTracing doesn't solve the interoperability problem, so what does the "open standard" attempting to solve? Well, for one thing, is that it allows those making gateways, proxies, and frameworks the ability to write instrumentation. That should, in theory, make it easier to get traces connected, but once again the requirement to change implementation details for each tool is a problem.”
monitoring  apm  systemsmanagement  opentracing 
march 2018 by cote
Moogsoft gets $40m round D
“Moogsoft claims to have more than doubled revenue in the past year thanks to new customer wins. The startup counts Cisco Systems Inc., T-Mobile USA Inc., Intuit Inc. and other major tech firms among its users.”
ml  systemsmanagement  monitoring  logmanagement  funding 
march 2018 by cote
Datadog log monitoring software branches out as DevOps spreads
‘Enterprises initially implemented DevOps within specialized groups that owned a specific application and chose their own IT management tools, said Nancy Gohring, analyst at 451 Research. "Then one day, the enterprise woke up and saw it had 50 different tools, and in some cases, multiple instances of the same tool, each managed by different people," she said.’
NancyGohring  monitoring  datadog  scaling  systemsmanagement 
march 2018 by cote
New Relic CEO Lew Cirne - "Digital is the new front door" for business
“For its third quarter non-GAAP operating income was $2.7 million compared to an operating loss of $4.9 million for the same period last year. Revenue was $91.8 million for the third quarter, up 35% year-over-year.”
monitoring  newrelic  numbers  qtr_calls 
february 2018 by cote
Reading Up on Observability and Monitoring – Adron Hall
“key in understanding the difference in monitoring — the combing of data to determine the state or well-being of a system — versus observability — the view into and understanding of the state of events within a system.”
monitoring  itmanagement  observability 
february 2018 by cote
Key metrics for RabbitMQ monitoring
Instructive look at monitoring middleware, metrics and explanation of why you’d do it.
monitoring  datadog  rabbitmq 
january 2018 by cote
With Loggly, SolarWinds scoops up another log service
“With the acquisition of Loggly, SolarWinds obtains an asset that was slow in getting started but has hit a patch of growth recently. As of September, we believe the company was on track to finish 2017 with roughly $10m in billings, up from mid-single digits in 2016. Founded in 2009 with a mission of offering a SaaS-based, easy-to-use logging product with helpful visualizations built using advanced analytics, Loggly had raised $47m in venture capital, including a $11.5m series D round in June 2016.” They estimate ~3,000 paying customers.
solarwinds  monitoring  logmanagement  451  m&a 
january 2018 by cote
Microsoft gets serious about monitoring
“Microsoft's vision is to deliver tools that can offer a holistic view of services to application architects looking to optimize their software; performance information and debugging capabilities for DevOps and ops pros; insight into KPIs for executives; and information about customer usage to product owners. Microsoft doesn't yet have a cohesive offering for all of the above, but it has the pieces to enable it and has begun delivering on some integrations across products.”
logmanagement  451  apm  monitoring  microsoft 
january 2018 by cote
ScienceLogic targets new use case aimed at frustrated CMDB users
The company targets very large users, with 60% of its customers being MSPs, followed by enterprises at about 30%, and the rest coming from government agencies. It doesn't report the number of direct customers, but its website boasts 47,000 organizations as users, many of them employing ScienceLogic via service providers. Average annual contract value for direct customers is $125,000.
Momentum  ScienceLogic  monitoring  451  Nancy  gohring  links  via:Workflow 
october 2017 by cote
Capital One Out to Display its Geekdom with Open Source DevOps Dashboard
It's fun seeing non-tech companies do this stuff. Also: "what's in your dashboard?!"
dashboard  cases  devops  recruiting  opensource  monitoring 
july 2015 by cote
Stackify caters to devops-oriented teams with ITMaaS monitoring tool
Looking for a production monitoring tool? Stackify launched recently, and my 451 report on them is up. Clients can read the full report, but here’s the 451 Take: Our surveys of this space show steady interest in new tools and methods for monitoring and managing cloud-native applications. There are many entrenched tools from the Big Four (CA, IBM, HP, BMC) and other ‘legacy’ systems management vendors; these vendors have had mixed success in ‘keeping up,’ opening market gaps for Stackify and others. Early success in this market depends on good marketing and go-to-market models, with SolarWinds being an iconic example. The danger for a small company like Stackify comes in the form of well-moneyed and innovative competitors of all sizes and flavors. Stackify will have to quickly stake out its ground and begin expertly managing its deal funnel and pace of innovation – the core challenges of any startup. If you’re not a client already, apply for a trial to check it out and put my name in as a reference. Related, see a slice of the recent survey results on monitor tools from 451’s TheInfoPro - chart above - free on their wonderful chart blog.
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june 2014 by cote
Application Aware–Infrastructure Performance Management | The Virtualization Practice
Application Aware–Infrastructure Performance Management, from The Virtualization Practice
apm  monitoring  systemsmanagement  Gartner 
april 2014 by cote
Spiceworks Heads Upstream And Abroad With Latest Update - Network Computing
These guys are set to go after medium to large businesses in 2010: multi-site monitoring, now up to 1,000 nodes, SQL Server monitoring, "over 800,000 registered users," help desk improvements (rules for routing and grouping tickets), network topology customizations. Impressive as always.
spiceworks  spiceworks4.5  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  free  austin  monitoring  helpdesk  redmonkclients 
december 2009 by cote
Can I get a price check on this AMI?
William Vambenepe hunts down how much it costs to run Tivoli in the cloud
Tivoli  AMI  cloud  itmanagement  pricing  monitoring 
december 2009 by cote
SpringSource Hyperic HQ Now Available on the RightScale Cloud Computing Management Platform | SpringSource
"Starting today, organizations can use SpringSource Hyperic HQ directly from the fully automated RightScale Platform to monitor the availability and further manage the performance of their cloud applications."
via:email  SpringSource  Hyperic  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  cloud  monitoring  RightScale 
june 2009 by cote
Amazon CloudWatch
"Amazon CloudWatch is a web service that provides monitoring for AWS cloud resources, starting with Amazon EC2. It provides customers with visibility into resource utilization, operational performance, and overall demand patterns—including metrics such as CPU utilization, disk reads and writes, and network traffic. To use Amazon CloudWatch, simply select the Amazon EC2 instances that you’d like to monitor; within minutes, Amazon CloudWatch will begin aggregating and storing monitoring data that can be accessed using web service APIs or Command Line Tools." In beta.
via:email  Amazon  itmanagementguys  monitoring  cloud 
june 2009 by cote
HP Cloud Assure service [PDF]
"HP Cloud Assure is offered as a turnkey solution. Our team of experts gives you ongoing visibility into the availability of your cloud services, diagnosing and reporting on potential performance and security issues before they can impact your business."
hp  cloud  itmanagementguys  monitoring 
april 2009 by cote
HP Cloud Assure - HP - BTO Software
"Whether you utilize cloud services for infrastructure (IaaS), platforms (PaaS), or software (SaaS), HP Cloud Assure enables you to validate and assess:
hp  cloud  itmanagementguys  monitoring 
april 2009 by cote
Rivermuse: open source Fault Management system
"Saddened by the fact that there has been no new innovation in Fault Management software for more than 10 years and that market consolidation has enabled a clutch of major vendors to 'price gouge' a captive customer base, we've decided to deliver a fault management solution that surpasses the functionality of all existing commercial platforms (IBM Tivoli Netcool, HP OpenView Operations / TeMIP, and Microsoft MoM), is 'resource light' on implementation and administration, and has the lowest license costs and TCO in history."
startups  RiverMuse  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  monitoring 
november 2008 by cote
Distributed network monitoring introduction
Monitoring from multiple sources to get a better picture of performance from different parts (geographic, usually) of your network. As Jack notes, this is trickling down into the SMB space for IT Management.
itmanagement  performance  monitoring  smb 
september 2008 by cote – the Blog · Quality Control
Brief bit on various monitoring devices - in meat-space - at
monitoring  via:twitter  visualization  gadgets  via:cowboyd  itmanagement 
august 2008 by cote
The Packet Scoop - A Lighter Look at Network Management
"Perspective watches hosts and services that the user specifies, auto-remediates problems, and alerts users when performance deviates from a user defined baseline." With more functionality as well, of course.
via:email  packettrap  monitoring  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
june 2008 by cote
The Little Three of Open Source Systems Management | Socialized Software
Mark uses the Qlusters pull-out from openQRM as a spring-board to summarize the current state of open source IT Management. Well done.
via:mray  zenoss  little4  opensource  itmanagement  itmanagementguys  qlusters  openQRM  monitoring 
april 2008 by cote
Open Management Consortium: Expositus Procuratio: Network monitoring is a commodity myth
"[N]etwork monitoring is not a commodity. Far from it. Network monitoring is still largely an unsolved problem."
itmanagementguys  itmanagement  monitoring  commodity 
february 2008 by cote
IBM Acquires Business Intelligence Software Maker AptSoft -- IBM -- InformationWeek
"IBM claims AptSoft's software can analyze tens of thousands of disparate events per second on a network to spot a trend."
ibm  m&a  aptsoft  via:email  monitoring  events  bsm 
january 2008 by cote
Apple - Mac OS X Leopard - Developer Tools - Xray
Is this going to be something IT management vendors and projects can learn and/or benefit from?
os  leopard  xray  monitoring  itmanagement  dtrace 
june 2007 by cote
SiteUptime - Website Monitoring Service
"SiteUptime is a website monitoring service that checks your website at regular intervals and notifies you via email or SMS if it becomes unavailable."
webtransactions  monitoring  web  sysmgmt  via:rodcorp 
january 2007 by cote
Dapper: The Data Mapper
AJAX (?) enabled screenscraping, but with nice looking export/platform functionality as well.
via:bwhichard  dapper  ajax  screencasting  screenscraping  monitoring 
october 2006 by cote
[. ] STRATO Monitor > Übersicht
Another example of a company being transparent about it's uptime. More and more people will start doing this in the SaaS world.
sysmgmt  monitoring  hosting  saas  transparency  strato 
june 2006 by cote
Montastic: the free website monitoring service
Free "is my website up" pinging site. Baus says it's based on ruby. From a team of "team of open source fanatics."
via:baus  ruby  sysmgmt  webtransactions  via:rodcorp  monitoring 
february 2006 by cote

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