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CRN Exclusive: Michael Dell On Completing The EMC Integration, M&A Strategy, VMware NSX Synergies, And 'Refocusing' On Storage In 2018 | CRN Mobile
With IoT: "Now that I have all this new information, all this data, how do I turn it into a better outcome for my customers?' This is where Pivotal often comes into play. So a lot of companies are using Pivotal as the operating system for their Internet of Things platform or their digital transformation for their cloud-native apps."

Also: "You look at our balance sheet, you see $18 billion in cash and investments. We paid down to close $10 billion since the combination with EMC and VMware. For the third quarter, we had $19.6 billion in revenue and $2.3 billion in EBITDA"
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Dell EMC World: Michael Dell's 7 Keys To The Future Of Dell Technologies And The IT Industry | CRN Mobile
'The competition has made companies smarter, and better at putting intelligence and tools into their applications. Dell highlighted customers like Boeing and JP Morgan Chase, which have used Dell EMC's Pivotal cloud platform, he said, "to level the playing field." Pivotal Cloud Foundry, he said, "is the operating system for digital transformation and the Internet of Things." Pivotal provides software development, as well as a cloud platform, allowing companies to develop new applications and migrate legacy applications to Cloud Foundry.'
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Many Questions for Michael Dell on Going Private, and What's Next - Arik Hesseldahl - News - AllThingsD
From a brief interview by Arik Hesseldahl: We like the opportunity to invest in R&D in our own growth, hire more salespeople, and think about the business in a three-, five- and seven-year time frame. And on M&A: There aren’t any huge deals that we need to go do.
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