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VMware might just have cracked the container market with NSX
“But perhaps the most significant news was that VMware has started to see customers buy its NSX network virtualization software just to put it to work with the Pivotal Container Service.”
qtr_calls  networking  nsx  sdn  vmware  kubernetes  pks 
march 2018 by cote
Which workloads are attracted to the edge?
A chart ranking IoT workloads by latency tolerated and "criticality." Logarithmic stuff involved.
networking  iot  Charts  451 
may 2017 by cote
Cover Story: Chambers Preps Cisco For Toughest Transition Yet - Page: 1 | CRN
Since being tapped to lead Cisco in 1995, Chambers has grown the company from a $2.2 billion hardware manufacturer to a $48.6 billion network hardware, software, security and services powerhouse that’s more bullish than ever on becoming the world’s No. 1 IT company. Cisco had 3,827 employees when Chambers was appointed CEO. Today, there are more than 70,000.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  execs  Cisco  numbers  networking  momentum  link  tumblr:link 
august 2014 by cote
HP: OpenStack's networking nightmare Neutron 'was everyone's fault' • The Register
In many ways, Neutron’s failure and planned rebirth are a metaphor for OpenStack as a whole, with the tech promising too much at the start, becoming overly dependent on vendors, and only being fixed when paying punters started to confront its weaknesses. As the OpenStack collective learn these lessons the hope is that they will run into fewer errors, and perhaps make good on their plan to provide a viable cloud operating system to telcos and other businesses.
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may 2014 by cote
(via Twitter / DellOroGroup: #DataCenter switching revenue …)
forecasts  sdn  networking  charts  marketsizing  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
may 2014 by cote
Research: Despite Hype, SDN Adoption Slow | IT Network Software Solutions content from The VAR Guy
[L]ess than 30 percent of the 321 IT professionals surveyed have deployed or plan to deploy SDN in the next year. Add on another 40 percent that have no plans to implement SDN at all.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  sdn  surveys  networking  numbers  link  tumblr:link 
january 2014 by cote
Amazon, Facebook, Google give Cisco's switches the COLD shoulder • The Register
"It is clear that networking has for a very long time been a black box. They don’t even come with APIs," he explains. "This is the history that forced us to really look at way networks are laid out and build [devices] and do [it] ourselves. Also the cost – everything else in our data centre [is] more efficient."
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  sdn  quotes  cloud  networking  link  tumblr:link 
november 2013 by cote
A networking news frenzy ahead of Cisco’s Insieme launch — Tech News and Analysis
Stacey Higginbotham takes a crack at explaining why Cisco’s announcement this week is a big deal for SDN, and Cisco: > Cisco saw all of that play out and doesn’t want to find itself in Dell’s or HP’s shoes. So it is focusing on becoming a control point in the emerging virtualized stack and putting greater emphasis on software. And, explaining what Cisco’s, well, ethos here may be: > The networking world of old said it cared what the application wanted, but the application had to speak network’s language. So the application had to figure out if it needed more bandwidth or was experiencing latency issues or whatnot. > But when the application comes first, this means you offer the application (and developers) a way to see how the network affects your application. So if something breaks, the developer doesn’t have to go looking for the networking code book to describe the problem because the networking infrastructure and software does the work.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  cisco  sdn  Insieme  devops  cloud  networking  link  tumblr:link 
november 2013 by cote
Meet Node-RED, an IBM project that fulfills the internet of things’ missing link — Tech News and Analysis
> The common thread behind node-RED and Temboo is that as we’re connecting thousands of devices and building interconnected services we will be forced to think differently: about how to deploy dumb devices and about how to program thousands of devices while keeping the resulting program flexible enough for change.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  iot  internetofthings  networking  home  APIs  developers  link  tumblr:link 
september 2013 by cote
Juniper open sources Contrail SDN software stack • The Register
Hey, it’s got XMPP in it. Also, long bits from Muglia, always fun to hear from.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  xmpp  sdn  opensource  BobMuglia  juniper  networking  contrail  link  tumblr:link 
september 2013 by cote
Coté • What's with all this "Software Defined" Whatnot?
Over on the Enterprise Irregulars listserv, someone asked for a VMware/software defined decoder ring. From a strategic perspective, here’s my take: My understanding is that VMware would like to bring all the “valuable” stuff for corporate IT users (read: what corporate IT pays good money for) up into the software/hypervisor level, essentially making hardware in networking and storage as commodified (read: cheap and dumb) as it is for servers. In networking and “enterprise storage,” most of the hard stuff is actually done by software that, for odd reasons, have yet to be widely open sourced, or even extracted/separated from the boxes. I think VMware is trying to do that. Analogously, Microsoft pulled all the “value” from the PC world into the operating system (Windows) and Dell, Gateway, (overpriced) IBM, Compaq, etc. just became cheap box pushers (vs. Apple which captured value from metal to glass, and still does). Put another way: “Software Defined x" means "for those companies that bundle hardware and software together to do x, SDx seeks to disrupt you.”
sdn  VMware  from:EnterpriseIrregulars  type:originalcontent  strategy  enterprisestorage  networking  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:text 
august 2013 by cote
Arista Looking for Love in IT Places | Light Reading
"We are not developing loads upon loads of features. We aren't talking about that," says Doug Gourlay, VP of marketing for Arista. "This is very focused feature development that is designed to solve the workflow problems or our IT customers -- coupled with the ability to partner with best-of-breed companies for load balancing, security, VPNs, gateways -- all the things our customers need."
sdn  arista  itmanagement  networking  partners 
august 2013 by cote
Dell aims management software, 10G Ethernet at datacenters
"Dell wants to help enterprises migrate toward unified Ethernet datacenter networks from current mixed architectures that use both Ethernet and Fibre Channel."
10GigE  Dell  hardware  networking  redmonkclients 
december 2009 by cote
Cisco: We're not a smartphone maker
"We love the way that Apple, RIM, and Microsoft, are loading the networks and want to interop within that. But when we enter markets, we enter to be number one or number two. With our target market of 40 per cent that's really not an option."
mobile  Cisco  quotes  SmartPhones  packets  networking 
december 2009 by cote
Dell goes on 10GbE binge
Super-fast network connections for your private cloud clogged pipe dreams!
Dell  10GigE  networking  redmonkclients  hardware 
december 2009 by cote
The new face of conference Wi-Fi
The joke is, providing hardwired connections is the best idea.
conferences  pictures  networking  wifi 
november 2009 by cote
The Truth About Consumer Bandwidth Pricing
"I flew down to Comcast headquarters in Philadelphia to discuss the situation. I was suprised when the told me that they had plenty of bandwidth and that BitTorrent wasn't anywhere close to crushing their network. Their problem was that they don't want to sell bandwidth, a comodity with a price racing to zero. They want to sell entertainment services, which have a higher profit margin. They are therefore threatened by online video as it competes with cable TV."
bandwidth  networking  Comcast  BitTorrent 
may 2009 by cote
Austin Broadband Information Center
People pissed off about pricey, slow Internet in Austin.
via:mray  austin  networking  broadband 
may 2009 by cote
AT&T reports 10.5 million Wi-Fi connections so far this year
"On the device side of things, AT&T has expanded its roster of popular Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, such as the iPhone 3G and the BlackBerry Bold, which accounted for more than 4 million connections to the company’s hot spots."
AT&T  iphone  mobile  wifi  networking 
april 2009 by cote
"Anycast is a network addressing and routing scheme whereby data is routed to the "nearest" or 'best' destination as viewed by the routing topology."
anycast  networking  scale  velocity08 
june 2008 by cote
The night the IETF turned off IPv4
IETF tests out using only IPv6 at a recent meeting. Seems to have gone marginally OK, but clearly not ready for prime-time on all OSes. Bonus focus on Google and Apple.
ipv6  networking  internet  apple  google  dns  itmanagementguys 
march 2008 by cote
Undersea saboteurs may have been responsible for cable cuts
"[O]f the five cable cuts, only one (the link between the UAE and Oman) is definitely established to have been an accident."
internet  middleeast  networking 
february 2008 by cote
Why Big Compute and Big Storage will meet Big Pipe at the Last Mile
"What you're seeing here, at least partially (and ever more completely), is the new phone company business being re-invented from the back end forward."
saas  itmanagementguys  saasmangement  amazon  hosted  networking  video 
january 2008 by cote
The IPv6 agenda: What government delays mean for network engineering plans
"multiple and numerous drawbacks - reconfiguring an entire network, making sure existing applications (including network management software) are compatible, reconfiguring security, and, oh yeah, that looming $200B infrastructure cost."
ipv6  networking  spending  usa  govt 
january 2008 by cote
IPv6: Will matter to the enterprise in five years
"My prediction is that this will happen somewhere in the 2012 - 2015 timeframe."
ipv6  networking  enterprise  behindt 
november 2007 by cote
Is IPv6 ready for the office?
Early tests of some software on IPv6. Still no email tests. So, yeah, several, several years on this one it seems.
ipv6  networking 
august 2007 by cote
Bashing IPv6 at TelecomNEXT
"IPv6 is dead, and I think pretty much everyone already knows it." The comments are great as well.
ipv6  networking 
june 2007 by cote
Dartware Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting
I like these dudes right away 'cause they have OS X in their screenshots. QED!
networking  networkmanagement  osx  via:JamesGovernor 
march 2007 by cote
Social Network Analysis - Dr. Karen Stephenson
Detailed podcast on social dynamics and trust in organizational communications. I'll have to listen to it again as her tone ("I'm smart!") put me off for most of it, but I could tell the content was good.
networking  networks  systemstheory  socialdynamics  orgbehavior  work  trust  communications 
february 2007 by cote
Packet Island offers converged network monitoring
Nice angle on why you need this real-time packet sniffing and reaction vs. tradition systems management approaches. Also, note the appliance nature.
infowork  sysmgmt  taxonomyprg  networking  networkmanagement  appliance  snmp  packetisland  smb 
january 2007 by cote
ChilliSpot - Open Source Wireless LAN Access Point Controller
"ChilliSpot is an open source captive portal or wireless LAN access point controller." Including web access.
wifi  wireless  chillispot  lan  networking 
january 2007 by cote
What did Cisco buy? A look back at eight acquisitions in '06
Video, VoIP, unified messaging, and other end-user/consumer network enables disintermediation (to telcos). That last idea makes me go: YUH!
m&a  cisco  unifiedmessaging  voip  video  networking  disintermediation 
december 2006 by cote
I’d never considered the Opensource Makes You Responsible concept.
growl  osx  utils  networking 
october 2006 by cote
Salman Baset's page of info about Skype. Looks like fun reading.
skype  voip  networking 
august 2006 by cote
Use Airport Express as ethernet to wireless bridge
The ethernet on the airport has "ethernet out." This is exciting for the likes of me.
apple  airport  networking  wifi 
june 2006 by cote
The Wealth of Networks by Yochai Benkler
Phipps says this book will be free. It's free online to start with...
opensource  networking  thewealthofnetworks  via:webmink  books  to_read 
june 2006 by cote
Network Monitoring Tools
Whao, a crap-load of network monitoring and systems management tools.
sysmgmt  networking  sysadmin 
april 2006 by cote
"EtherPEG is a free program for the Macintosh that shows you all the JPEGs (and GIFs) going by on your network."
sniffers  networking  osx  jpeg 
april 2006 by cote
Network managers grow wise to apps
"There are two kinds of network people in my mind: the ones that are just out of college and have all their certifications; and those that know the company's network, the applications that run on it and how to marry those two together."
sysmgmt  networking 
february 2006 by cote
Ethereal: OUI Lookup
Lookup MAC addresses to manufactorer.
networking  macaddress 
january 2006 by cote
A broken Internet vs. an unproven alternative
An example of orgnertia on an industry level. In this case, it could also be called dontfixitifitaintbrokenetria.
orgnertia  tcpip  networking  innovation 
january 2006 by cote
Rise of the STUPID Network
A classic, and fantastic paper on keeping the network "stupid" in favor of putting the intelegence (the functionality) on the ends. The core idea in this paper is one of my top 3-5 favorite tech ideas.
idea  stupidnetworks  telcos  networking  design  patterns 
december 2005 by cote
Cisco Unveils Advanced Networking Services
Making the network smart. That is, having it optimize the flow of data through it.
cisco  technews  networking  stupidnetwork 
december 2005 by cote
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