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Red Hat shoves OpenShift in VMware's software-defined data centre stack
Chris Wolf, VMware's CTO for the Americas, said Kubernetes will ultimately morph into the "modern application middleware that crosses clouds, data centres, and edge sites".
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may 2019 by cote
Microsoft, Red Hat Partner on OpenShift
The OpenShift-Azure deal extends collaboration between Microsoft and Red Hat that includes the addition of Microsoft SQL server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The deal signaled Microsoft’s embrace of OpenShift application container management.

The expanded partnership also gives OpenShift users access to public cloud services such as Azure Cosmos and SQL databases along with cloud-based machine learning models aimed at development of cloud-native enterprise applications.

OpenShift on Azure would “simplify container management on Kubernetes and help customers innovate on their cloud journeys,” added Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and AI Group.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift is available now on Microsoft Azure
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Galloping greenback rocks Red Hat
"30 per cent growth in emerging technologies came in part from 100 new customers signing up for the company’s OpenShift container platform.... The company’s services business grew nicely and president and CEO Jim Whitehurst proudly pointed out that Red Hat now has over 1,000 subscribers, up 70 per cent year on year."


"The company also admitted to some weakness in its middleware business, but Whitehurst said that should turn around as sales of OpenShift pick up because it needs middleware. However Shander said Oracle and IBM are discounting middleware by 98 per cent “or whatever it takes to hold onto that tail of the business”, making the field hard.'
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CoreOS Is New Linux, Not A RHEL Classic Killer
‘Importantly, the OpenShift platform cloud software, which included Red Hat’s own implementation of the Kubernetes container controller, will be deployable on either the full-on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in pets mode or the minimalist Red Hat CoreOS in cattle mode. But it will be using the Tectonic version of the Kubernetes controller going forward as well as integrating the Prometheus monitoring tool and etcd for storing telemetry. Gracely tells The Next Platform that the implementation of Kubernetes had outside dependencies such as the CloudForms hybrid cloud management tool (formerly ManageIQ) and was not “native” to Kubernetes in the same way that Tectonic is, meaning free of outside dependenies.’
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may 2018 by cote
Red Hat is in the pink: Cracks $3bn revenue run rate as subs take off
“Full fiscal year subscription revenue hit $2.6 billion, up 21 per cent year-over-year”
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march 2018 by cote
Red Hat To Acquire Codenvy – Codenvy Blog
"When the transaction closes, Codenvy and Red Hat will combine resources to create an agile development platform for OpenShift-powered applications."
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may 2017 by cote
How the pull nature of open source changes your partner strategy - April 16, 2015 at 09:29AM
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"Red Hat’s cloud deals" - March 26, 2015 at 08:32PM
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march 2015 by cote
Brandon Butler sums up the “old” (Linux) vs “new” (middleware and cloud) revenue stream for Red Hat The company gets about 80% of its $1.3 billion in revenues from a category that’s headlined by RHEL, and those subscriptions aren’t likely going away any time soon, says Joel Fishbein, who tracks Red Hat’s stock closely as an analyst at BMO Capital Markets. … The enterprise transition from Unix to Linux is fairly mature, with revenue from the RHEL-focused main part of the business growing 13% last year, Fishbein says. The company’s other, newer products grew at a much faster 38% growth rate, but they’re a much smaller portion of the business. Indeed, CFO Charlie Peters went over those and other financial numbers indepth yesterday during the Red Hat Summit analyst day. I have an overview report in the hopper that’ll likely be up next week, but here’s a few highlights in this vein: The OpenStack market is very new, at least as Red Hat is seeing it. As Butler’s piece notes, sales people get comp’ed not on deal size, but transitioning to production. Red Hat said it had “several dozens” of PoCs, with a handful of named customers running on production. The company had just closed it’s first $1m+ OpenStack deal. Even more early is the company’s PaaS offering, OpenShift in those deals, as CEO Jim Whitehurst said, “you’re literally sitting down and crafting the value proposition [and, thus, pricing] with the customer.” I’ll, of course, post the 451 report once it’s up.
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april 2014 by cote
Having worked on Dell’s cloud strategy for awhile, I’m always hyper attuned to how the company presents itself on this topic. There was a nice presentation - and demo! - at the Red Hat Summit this year, presented by Sam Greenblatt. Of note is the strong emphasis on Red Hat OpenShift for PaaS, using Docker, and Puppet in Active System Manager (the last previously announced). It’ll be fun to hear more about this, hopefully at the Dell analyst summit in late May
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Twitter / krishnan: We have two OpenShift deployment ...
"We have two OpenShift deployment inside of Boeing - Kevin Meredith of Boeing."
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january 2014 by cote
Red Hat OpenShift upgrade reaffirms commitment to PaaS - Network World
The PaaS market has been heating up recently and Red Hat’s release of the latest version of its PaaS marks the latest move. Pivotal (which is a spin out from VMware and EMC) recently released its PaaS named CF, which is the productized version of the Cloud Foundry open source project. Meanwhile, Verizon recently announced it would be embracing the Cloud Foundry PaaS and Rackspace announced a new PaaS project named Solum. This all comes as IDC predicts that the PaaS market will grow to $14 billion by 2017.
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