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Dirty Little Secrets of your System Integrator: Why Companies Still Go Over Budget
File under:

1) Enterprise computering considered difficult.
2) Be careful what wish-contract for.
3) Agility is expensive if your budget cycle is on years.
4) Maybe hire your own people?
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7 weeks ago by cote
Here’s what happened when the IRS’s electronic filing system crashed on Tax Day
From the referenced report:

> Tax Day, April 17, 2018, the IRS experienced a storage outage due to a firmware bug on one of the IRS’s high-availability storage arrays. Because of the outage, 59 tax processing systems, including the Modernized e-File (MeF) system, were unavailable for approximately 11 hours between 2:57 a.m. and 1:40 p.m.

Storage firmware bug that hasn’t been patched.
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october 2018 by cote
Barely a third of outsourcing deals are now safe: Window-dressing legacy engagements is over - Enterprise Irregulars
People want to change the nature of outsourcing:

> As this year’s State of Operations and Outsourcing study of 381 enterprise operations leaders across the Global 2000 reveals, only 30% of these relationships will continue to operate in the old model, while a similar number will stick with their service provider if they can have a shift towards business outcome pricing and a degree of automation applied. 27% have already given up on shifting the model with their current provider and have declared their attention to switch, while 17% want to end the misery and focus on bringing the work back inhouse, and look to simply automate it.
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september 2018 by cote
“Gartner also found that there was a greater reliance on third-party developers in governments than other sectors, with more than half saying they used them. This is in contrast to 41 per cent over all the six industries surveyed, which comprised financ
Just over half of government IT work relies on outsourcing, 10% higher than private sector average: “Gartner also found that there was a greater reliance on third-party developers in governments than other sectors, with more than half saying they used them.... This is in contrast to 41 per cent over all the six industries surveyed, which comprised financial services, government, manufacturing, retail, healthcare and education.”

The y/y for the last five years would be interesting to see.
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september 2018 by cote
Think in Products, Not Projects
“In a high level, projects are local optimization efforts. We get a group of people who create new (or improve existing) functionality for our customers and then we pass that onto a team that has no idea why the change was made and how this change was solutioned/implemented. Very often, the quality is low and this Maintenance team needs to deal with the issues. This creates a culture of tolerating low quality, accepting that maintenance/operation teams will deal with problems created by delivery teams, not allowing delivery teams to learn from their mistakes and hence keep repeating them, allow budgets to be set without proper data, treat people like easy-to-replace objects, and so on. This culture is ok with low expectations and tends to increase debt in many aspects like technical, product, talent, innovation, etc. As such, these organizations often run in reactive mode and are constantly catching up with what the competition has brought to the market. Changes are expensive and take too long to get in the hands of the customers.”
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august 2018 by cote
6 Challenges of Agile at Scale for ERP
The problems with taking an agile approach to outsourcing your COTS projects. Among the problems:

“In agile projects, it is more difficult to define risk sharing between the company and vendor. Contracts for large-scale programs tend to be waterfall or deliverable-based, with penalties or incentives driving cost and schedule performance which enables companies to hold vendors accountable for delivering full scope. On the contrary, Agile assumes cost and time is fixed when scope is variable. This situation flies in the face of the standard belief that much of the scope of ERP is not flexible. One area that this complicates is defining and resolving the concept of warranty support. This is another reason that everyone in the project, on both client and vendor sides, must have the same definition of “done” for each sprint... The lack of documentation makes benchmarking vendor performance a challenge. Overtime, the more traditional waterfall methods have provided opportunities for clients and vendors to establish measurable standards of performance and productivity. Agile is broadly assumed to provide productivity improvements but Agile at Scale still falls short in providing clients with a clear-cut way to quantify and measure the performance of vendors.”
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april 2018 by cote
Trump election win creates uncertain future for IT services sector
"[Gartner analyst Arup Roy] said Indian companies, for example, should not expect double-digit sales revenue growth in 2017, adding that 'a sub 10% growth for 2017 is certain.'"
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november 2016 by cote
How to overcome the challenges of outsourcing your DevOps environment
This is an interesting assertion to ponder: “The con is obviously the need to align culture and incentives across two different organizations, which is an extra challenge. If you are OK to use a PaaS [platform as a service], then you can leverage the vendor to create your own PaaS and you don’t have to worry too much about the cultural aspects.”
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october 2016 by cote
Outsourcing is on life support, with many providers failing to invest in As-a-Service
People want to keep using outsources, but outsources aren't changing their business models to adapt.
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october 2015 by cote
Coté • The answer’s simple – most providers are tooled up...
The answer’s simple – most providers are tooled up to deliver what was contracted, not what the client really needs. Most large outsourcing deals today were (and many still are) initially negotiated and brokered by different teams, on both the provider and buyer sides, than the teams which ended up running the engagements. Too many enterprise outsourcing relationships, today, were (and many still are) brokered to solve yesterday’s challenges – namely, driving out labor costs, mitigating risks, and achieving a basic level of operational performance.
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september 2013 by cote
Outsourcing deals get small - Network World
"The size and value of outsourcing deals has shrunk by about 20% so far this year, according to industry watchers, but the number of IT outsourcing contracts sustained a steady pace"
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april 2009 by cote
Outsourcing suddenly less popular
"The company said that outsourcing to save costs made more sense because companies needed to save more money in a downturn, but that that downturn made it harder to fund the process." Gotta get a car to get a girl, gotta get a job to get a car, gotta get a girl to get a job...wait...what was I talking about?
january 2009 by cote
TopCoder eyeing SMB market | ITworld
"The more you know what you want, the cheaper it is," Coté added. "You can imagine if you made a house without a blueprint. You'd probably start over a few times."
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october 2008 by cote
HP chief Hurd fields questions about EDS buy - Network World
"You will see a blurring of lines between our software and services businesses. Our software strategy is to link and align it across HP."
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june 2008 by cote
Eric Schmidt IBM and Clouds | IT Management and Cloud Blog
Check out Sam talking towards the end about how "cloud" stuff can help accelerate business build-up in emerging countries. You can trade money for time to build out your own infrastructure - HR, back-office stuff, "paper-work" - and have "the cloud" do it
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may 2008 by cote
Driving IT Innovation at General Motors - Is it working?
Update on GM's outsourcing from GM: "Are you still spending less and less every year on IT, as was your goal a few years ago? We're spending less on support and maintenance, but we are putting the same amount of money into the development of new systems."
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april 2008 by cote
CSC Signs Extension to Managed Applications Services Agreement With Sun Microsystems
Wonder how that fits with the "we'll have zero data-center by 2015."
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january 2008 by cote
Infosys develops new pricing models
Hmm...maybe these dudes will be our cloud providers. Check out the part of "software-assisted-services": "Infosys would retain ownership of the software and charge the client on a pay-per-use basis."
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january 2008 by cote
CA opens product development center in India
All your legacy software maintenance are belong to us.
ca  itmanagement  outsourcing  offshoring  india 
october 2007 by cote
The seven rules of RIM engagement
You can't make up titles like this...
rim  outsourcing  itil  offshoring 
june 2007 by cote
Alternative offshore model emerging in India
There has to be something wrong with the the phrase "captive centers," right? Anyone...anyone...?
india  offshoring  forrester  outsourcing  work  programming 
may 2007 by cote
Microsoft, Infosys team on software engineering
Hopefully we'll see some white papers, blog posts, or something soon. Should be interesting.
microsoft  infosys  offshoring  developers  programming  outsourcing  research  redmonkclients 
january 2007 by cote
oDesk :.: The On Demand Global Workforce
This sounds weird-cool. You can remotely work for people, but an agent takes a snap-shot of your desktop every 15 seconds that your employer can see. Micro-managemenr, trust-building, or both?
work  outsourcing  contractors  remote 
september 2006 by cote
Managing desktops the Microsoft way
Microsoft's 2 out-sourcing efforts for desktop management: with Energizer and XL Capital. "You're already managing 160,000 of your own desktops. Would it kill you to handle 7,000 more?"
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august 2006 by cote
EDS: A Return to Glory?
On EDS and Oracle gettin' their groove on.
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january 2006 by cote
Outsourcing and innovation
"The challenge for the technical services companies in the second half of this decade will be to be viewed as a value delivery partners and not (just) as people who can execute and hide the details."
eds  outsourcing  innovation  it  offshoring 
january 2006 by cote
Fiserv launches Indian operations
"We want to replicate the strategy of acquisitions in India. We are talking to bankers and acquisitions can be in the IT or BPO sector. Fiserv would look at companies with domain knowledge and CMM Level 5 processes."
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january 2006 by cote
The Benefits of Business Process Standards
Some lines of thought on biz process, out-sourcing, etc.
bpm  biz  outsourcing  offshoring 
december 2005 by cote
Offshore use on the rise but savings lag
“If you exclude those that had catastrophic failures and just look at projects that were deemed to be a success, you still see only about 19% average cost savings.”
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october 2005 by cote
Hard salary numbers for offshoring
"According to the report, firms have realized net cost savings in the range of 10-35 percent by outsourcing IT operations."
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june 2005 by cote
Who Benefits from Outsourcing? Not the Line of Business
"[S]ome line-of-businesses are organizing 'shadow' IT groups to replace IT resources that have been outsourced, both domestically and internationally."
outsourcing  offshoring 
may 2005 by cote
Offshore Outsourcing: Success and Savings Still Elusive
"analyst firms such as DataMonitor warn that the offshore floodgates could soon open, thanks in part to a less volatile post-election climate in the U.S." but " 80 percent of companies that outsource customer service operations to cut costs won’t be suc
offshoring  outsourcing 
may 2005 by cote
Microsoft Plumbers
From JIT toilet plunging to outsourced delay.
microsoft  outsourcing 
march 2005 by cote
Symantec unveils new risk-tracking service
This is a good followup to yesterday's "thlinking," here's an example of a large vendor doing customization/services over *just* products. Bottom line: customers want Enterprise Software to handle all their IT, they want Outsourcing in a Box.
symantec  outsourcing  software  services 
march 2005 by cote
Dead-end jobs in Delhi
Even in India, call-center jobs are dead-end jobs. Who knew?!
march 2005 by cote
India's Export Cash
"In the year to March 2004, India's software exports stood at $12.8 billion and the industry employed 770,000 people."
offshoring  outsourcing 
february 2005 by cote
TalkBack: Collaboration
Interesting response to a blog post about China and India outsourcing: China and India should combine powers to become an IT heavy-weight. Now, that'd be some disruption for ya.
globo  india  china  outsourcing 
february 2005 by cote
Why is Silicon Valley still losing jobs?
"a report that shows that the region lost 1.3 percent of its jobs and weathered a 1 percent decline in average pay last year."
outsourcing  work 
january 2005 by cote
Offshore Development: An Experiment
Holy crap, there's 7 pages/screens of this. I'll have to read it "later."
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january 2005 by cote

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