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How Companies are Saving Millions with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
"A recent Forrester study commissioned by Pivotal which analyzed the benefits PCF customers see when adopting the platform found that developers gain 50 percent more coding hours a week. How? The automation and self-service features of Pivotal Cloud Foundry decrease manual and mundane deployment tasks. Wait times for environment setup and code to be prompted to production are also significantly reduced... That 50 percent gain in coding hours led to more releases per year, speeding up release schedules from once every two months to once a week — and sometimes even daily. Forrester estimates this increase in productivity equates to more than $31 million over three years, while the reduction in DevOps time allocated to provisioning, patching and scaling across multiple clouds at almost $6 million."

Also, Rackspace has a managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry service.
PivotalCloudFoundry  partners  proofpoints  forrester  infographics  roi  managedcloud 
august 2018 by cote
HP Enterprise To Sell Exclusively Through Channel Outside The Fortune 500
HP strategy is focusing on just large accounts, letting partners sell to smaller folks. Makes sense.
HP  channel  partners  midmarket  gtm  hpe 
october 2015 by cote
How the pull nature of open source changes your partner strategy - April 16, 2015 at 09:29AM
IFTTT  Tumblr  redhat  containers  partners  GTM  sales  openshift  openstack  numbers 
april 2015 by cote
Reg man grills HP Software big cheese • The Channel
A summary of revenue: [HP’s] software division - IT Management, Application Development, Vertica, security and Autonomy - turned over $3.91bn in fiscal 2013 ended last November, down from $4.06bn in the previous year. With software, it’s good to focus on profits as well, as the margins are much higher. A common problem with large companies is getting cross-selling, inside and out of the company: “The biggest challenge for HP Software,” Youngjohns says, “is to get access to that broad range of HP partners and resellers, people selling systems and device solutions, to convince them software ought to be part of that proposition.”
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august 2014 by cote
"Our client partner team enjoyed an evening of dodgeball." (via Twitter / Gartner_Jobs: Our client partner team enjoyed …)
gartner  work  dodgeball  recruiting  social  partners  pics  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  tumblr:photo  photo 
may 2014 by cote
Michael Dell: Channel Has ‘Become Dell-normal’
The channel business at Dell is about $20 billion per year. Dell said he can see that growing to $40 to $50 billion. Suggesting $60bn in “commercial” sales total for Dell?
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may 2014 by cote
We are also seeing big growth in the private cloud space. But in terms of building a public cloud to compete with partners we are not doing that at all.
cloud  dell  partners  publiccloud  highlight  privatecloud  marketplace  via:ifttt  from:tumblr  quote  tumblr:quote 
april 2014 by cote
IBM: Cloud Leaves Some Partners Exposed
Kay said that on average, partners that have made the transition to the cloud early with IBM are seeing accelerated revenue growth of 2.5 times the average with the cloud In theory, the cloud abhors middleman. We’ll see.
via:ifttt  from:tumblr  IBM  channels  partners  numbers  clous  link  tumblr:link 
march 2014 by cote
Dell Puts 200,000 Direct Accounts Into The Hands Of Channel
"Frank Vitagliano, Vice President, North America Global Commercial Channels, Select Sales Channels, Dell, told CRN the moves will help Dell push its channel sales needle from just 33 percent of its global commercial business to a number that could almost double to as much as 60 percent as Dell moves to grow its enterprise sales footprint."
channel  numbers  Dell  partners  revenuemix  sales 
december 2013 by cote
Arista Looking for Love in IT Places | Light Reading
"We are not developing loads upon loads of features. We aren't talking about that," says Doug Gourlay, VP of marketing for Arista. "This is very focused feature development that is designed to solve the workflow problems or our IT customers -- coupled with the ability to partner with best-of-breed companies for load balancing, security, VPNs, gateways -- all the things our customers need."
sdn  arista  itmanagement  networking  partners 
august 2013 by cote
BMC Software, Strategic Partners Drive Customers Toward Proactive IT Operations
(Whao!) “Our ecosystem of strategic partners is deeply engaged with BMC to help our mutual customers tackle their most critical IT challenges, often before they arise,” said Vick Vaishnavi, vice president of worldwide marketing for BMC’s Enterprise Service Management business unit. “Together we are enabling IT departments to better anticipate issues and outcomes, an increasingly important priority as complexity increases with cloud and virtualization initiatives.”
bmc  virtualization  itmanagement  via:twitter  automation  itmanagementguys  pr  bizspeak  quotes  partners 
december 2009 by cote
Google Wave relies on kindness of strangers
Brief, but interesting insight into Google's plans for getting Wave success - it depends on lots of users (not big surprise) and third party integrations. Bit of a chicken and egg problem there, but Google can fall back on its brand (trusting the user base will grown & marketing glow-off) to motivate third party integrators. Me: I'd just like a less Ajax interface for it. It's like when GMail didn't have a delete button.
community  Google  Wave  GoogleWave  df09  Salesforce  Novell  partners  opensource  collab 
november 2009 by cote
Adobe partner.
partners  adobe09  tk  si  RIA 
july 2009 by cote
Google Apps Reseller Program
Details on the Google re-seller program.
google  resellers  partners  saas  googleapps 
january 2009 by cote
Q&A: VMware's Eschenbach Outlines Channel Opportunities In The Virtual Cloud
"So what you're saying is, VMware doesn't want to add features that could supplant some of what its partners are doing in terms of technology." Watch as VMWare wires up it's VAR/partner strategy!
vCloud  VMWare  channel  partners  VAR  itmanagement  storage  virtualization  itmanagementguys  debriefing 
october 2008 by cote
Microsoft's online service push has holes - Network World
"We need to make sure Microsoft or any provider has the ability to tie together the cloud services and our [local] systems." Current Exchange and SharePoint service providers say - shockingly! - Microsoft's service offers are weak.
microsoft  saas  exchange  partners  sharepoint  cloud 
july 2008 by cote
Sun Microsystems and Liferay Launch Initiative to Develop Next-Generation Web Technologies
"Sun and Liferay also plan to separately market and sell products and services based on the commonly developed open source platform." The point here is: what if Sun does this kind of thing a lot more?
portal  sunw  liferay  opensource  partners  pr  javaone2008 
may 2008 by cote
SpikeSource offers automated software platform | InfoWorld | News | 2008-04-04 | By Paul Krill
I remain skeptical of these OSS certified stack companies. Covalent did well, but I wouldn't put them in the same category. The channel/partner angle here in interesting as it goes for volume for revenue and risk spread.
spikesource  stacks  opensource  SolutionsFactory  partners  isv  channel 
april 2008 by cote
Help desk software gets mobile makeover - Network World
BMC partners with Aeroprise to provide a mobile UI to their Service Desk Express helpdesk.
bmc  servicedesk  magic  itil  helpdesk  partners  Aeroprise  mobile 
february 2008 by cote
Apple stores to offer 25 iPhone accessories near launch
A little bit on the hardware ecosystem for the iPhone.
apple  iphone  partners  ecosystems  hardware 
june 2007 by cote
Microsoft headed for a services show-down with its hosting partners
As James and I discussed at TechEd in a recent RedMonkTV episode, SaaS and services can be partner problems. But what if the revenue is too good to pass up?
microsoft  partners  saas 
june 2007 by cote
Is SaaS Toxic for Partners? - On taking care of partners in a SaaS world
"The real story about SaaS and partners is much more interesting. Basically, they are terrified of SaaS for the most part."
saas  partners  relationships  community 
may 2007 by cote
IBM to Pipe Google Gadgets into Company Sites
Interesting...but need more details. Is it like Google's start page widgets? Read only?
ibm  google  gadgets  partners  behindthefirewall 
march 2007 by cote
Server Analysis - Sun victory!
Nicely detailed write-up of getting servers from The Usual Suspects. Interesting note on VARs: I wonder how wide that opinion is in SMB.
sunw  servers  hp  vars  partners  sales  hardware  dell  smb  via:sogrady 
february 2007 by cote
SaaS and disintermediatisation of software
"Whilst there are clear advantages in providing SaaS model to clients, there also still needs to be [IBM] channels for the intermediaries."
saas  ibm  disintermediation  thechannel  partners 
february 2007 by cote
A follow up post ...
Ric keeps us posted on his relations with the IBM world.
ibm  saas  partners  rational  RequisitePro 
january 2007 by cote
Open Source Relationships
Partnering in the commercial open source world vs. the commercial closed source world.
intalio  mulesource  opensource  partners  enterprisesoftware 
january 2007 by cote
Microsoft Software as a Service - SaaS On-Ramp Program
"SaaS On-Ramp Program to help ISVs go to market with a SaaS Application quickly and cost-efficiently. ISVs must license software through the Microsoft Services Provider Licensing Program (SPLA)"
microsoft  saas  on-ramp  hosted  isv  partners  asp 
november 2006 by cote
Microsoft steps up SaaS efforts in Europe
"The hosting partner program is called the Microsoft SaaS Incubation Center Program, while the ISV program is called the Microsoft SaaS On-Ramp Program."
microsoft  saas  emea  europe  isv  partners  hosted  asp 
november 2006 by cote
Apple’s Research & Rip-off department at FactoryCity
On the topic of Apple build-NOT-buy'ing out Leopard. Interesting that most of the commenters are like, "suck it up, that's life in the Apple eco-system."
apple  ecosystems  partners  opensource  Leopard  osx  software 
august 2006 by cote
Microsoft's Dangerous About-Face
Confusing partners, customers, and dancing with the Devil DRM.
microsoft  drm  apple  itunes  zune  music  partners 
july 2006 by cote
Online spaces: The new frontier
"The more the tools, the greater the flexibility people will find in virtual worlds." Key to me here is noticing how 3rd party tools enhance and add value to the original code. Ears up ya'll...
ecosystems  isv  partners  3rdparty  tools  vr  games  via:dehora 
may 2006 by cote
The Increasing Tail Redux
Great history of Microsoft ISV relations...
isv  microsoft  partners  ecosystems  community  via:JamesGovernor 
may 2006 by cote
BMC, Oracle Increase Identity Management Focus | January 30, 2006
ORCL "says it's [looking] to partner with a vendor that that offers single sign-on software to add to its portfolio of identity management offerings, which are largely the result of an acquisition spree. over the past few years."
oracle  bmc  identity  m&a  partners 
january 2006 by cote
Today's Partnerships Focus on Give, Not Take
"Things really start to sour, he said, when vendors attempt to call the shots on how products should be marketed and deployed without regard to how the other half conducts business."
partners  thechannel  enterprisesoftware  sales  vars 
december 2005 by cote
BMC UK Partner News
"BMC Software appoints Darren Koch, UK Head of Partner Development; Strategic appointment to develop the channel to deliver Business Service Management."
bmc  uk  partners 
november 2005 by cote
SAIC Approaches Wall Street
More on SAIC's IPO plans. It looks like the employees will be well taken care of. So, after the 6-12 month grace period/trading blackout, I bet we'll see some startups created by former SAIC folks who cash out.
saic  integration  vars  partners  govt  defense  consulting 
october 2005 by cote
What's To Come For SAIC?
I didn't know they were planning on IPO'ing in 2006. As the article states, we can see expect some M&A from that.
saic  var  govt  partners  consulting  integration  defense 
october 2005 by cote
2005 GovernmentVAR Top 100
Just what it says, friends...
var  govt  software  it  partners 
october 2005 by cote
BMC pledges broader channel focus
"Enterprise vendor BMC Software plans to include a partner in every service management implementation it sells, as it seeks to distance itself from its past reputation as a direct-sales driven operation."
bmc  sysmgmt  vars  partners 
october 2005 by cote
Solution Providers Turn Testy At Innovations Panel
VARs bite the hand that feeds at XChange Tech Innovators. Some good quotes.
vars  enterprise  partners  wholeproduct 
october 2005 by cote

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