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The chemistry of enthusiasm
“In our view, too many companies try to raise engagement by launching disconnected initiatives like wellness programs. Such initiatives might improve employee morale slightly and serve other purposes, but they’re detached from customers’ priorities. They lack the specific mechanisms that lift employee engagement the most over a long period and link directly to customer advocacy.”
nps  performance  morale  callcenters  cases  feedback  charts  bain 
april 2018 by cote
Cisco Buys Starent Networks for $2.9 Billion
Matthew Robison, a communications analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, said Starent had made a name for itself by creating a single piece of networking hardware that could move data while also performing more complex management functions like handling user tracking and billing processes. “It’s almost like a router and a computer server in the same box,” he said. Such technology has become desirable among the large telecommunications suppliers, which have either made similar acquisitions or tried to build their own hybrid systems. “Cisco needed to do this to have a good road map out to the next generation of products,” Mr. Robison said.
cisco  m&a  mobile  numbers  video  appliances  performance  packets 
october 2009 by cote
Google Code Blog: Let's make the web faster
As I told Pail Krill, stuff like this helps Google because: "In the current state of things, business is easiest for Google if the web stays in HTML/Ajax world: indeed, if the web stays the most popular way to interface with the Internet. Because, of course, they can then sell their web ads. They don't seem to do too well in other ad markets, even things like video, with YouTube that are rumored/theorized to loose money. So, making sure web applications are always *the best* way to deliver applications (rather than desktop, RIAs, or something "non-web native") keeps Googles market massive. And without that massive market, Google can't get the huge take in web advertising that currently funds everything, including its mind-bogglingly high stock price."
google  via:PaulKrill  performance  developers  devrel 
june 2009 by cote
Trouble with Java SE applications : The Planetarium
Danny lists several tools for debugging, profiling, etc. Java.
debugging  performance  java 
october 2008 by cote
Gravitant - Home
"Gravitant™ offers next-generation performance management products and services to successfully enable and manage outsourced and on-demand enterprise initiatives. We believe business model innovation through these initiatives can provide medium and large enterprises with breakthrough performance improvements."
via:austinstartup  itmanagement  performance  startups 
october 2008 by cote
Capacity Management using simple or advanced scheduling tools
"The 'Theory of Constraints' (TOC) penned by Goldratt & Fox in their book 'The Goal' argued that the capacity of the supply chain system was governed by the capacity of its weakest link (the bottleneck) and that overproduction in other areas would simply produce unwanted inventory. Therefore high level control needs to be exercised to avoid local optimisation."
capacitymanagement  ToC  TheGoal  itmanagement  performance  planning 
september 2008 by cote
Start-up takes on application management in virtual environments
"According to the start-up, FactFinder helps companies struggling to optimize application performance in a less static environment, such as those featuring both physical and virtual servers." Now's a great time to have any type of virtualization management technology that works - the Big 4 & Co. will be acquiring that kind of stuff right and left.
via:dmcclure  BlueStripe  virtualization  performance  itmanagement 
september 2008 by cote
Distributed network monitoring introduction
Monitoring from multiple sources to get a better picture of performance from different parts (geographic, usually) of your network. As Jack notes, this is trickling down into the SMB space for IT Management.
itmanagement  performance  monitoring  smb 
september 2008 by cote
Still more Rails profiling
New Relic is like, "hey, we do performance management to, bro!" I'll have to talk with them sometime soon.
via:jdilwort  performance  itmanagement  rails  NewRelic 
july 2008 by cote
WordPress Gears «
Using Gears to cache stuff locally and speed up the web.
riaweekly  gears  google  performance  synchronizedweb 
july 2008 by cote
Aternity Announces First Set Of Packaged Frontline Performance Intelligence Solutions
Pre-packaged instrumentations for several things to do performance management.
pr  performance  aternity  itmanagement 
june 2008 by cote
William Vambenepe’s blog » Blog Archive » Oracle acquires e-TEST from Empirix
Oracle's William Vambenepe (and The IT Management Podcast's first guest) tells us about Oracle acquisition of Empirix's e-TEST stuff. I'd have to assume that this meant application performance in Oracle's IT Management platform soon.
m&a  oracle  empirix  testing  performance  itmanagement  itmanagementguys 
march 2008 by cote
Integrien | Alive™
Tries to figure out patterns of failure in your IT world.
via:dmcclure  correlation  itmanagement  events  apm  performance 
february 2008 by cote
Aternity Releases Frontline Performance Intelligence Platform - ebizQ
"By transforming every desktop into a self-monitoring platform that is end user experience aware, we’re enabling" some performance monitoring.
via:dmcclure  apm  transactions  itmanagement  performance 
february 2008 by cote
YSlow for Firebug
Diagnose slow parts of your web page + optimizing advice.
yslow  firebug  performance  via:twitter  via:brooks  via:MikeG1  firefox  web 
september 2007 by cote
The Perfect DB Storage Array
Storage and DB setup for the smugmug data-center.
smugmug  databases  mysql  storage  sunw  hardware  performance  scale  punkit  datacenter 
april 2007 by cote
Shared nothing architecture
Here's an article that I'd love to see more fleshed out. Big topic coming up on this one, friends.
sharenothing  scaling  performance  via:billhiggins  punkit  wikipedia  distributed  databases  webapps 
april 2007 by cote
Translation From PR-Speak to English of Selected Portions of Rails Developer David Heinemeier Hansson’s Response to Alex Payne’s Interview [dive into mark]
I await seeing Godwin's Law kick in. Take your potty breaks now and strap on your goggles, fellow travelers, 'cause the intermission is a long way off.
rails  dhh  via:wkh88  performance  trolls 
april 2007 by cote
Twitter trouble
In response to Alex Payne's 5 questions interview on trouble with scaling up Rails for Twitter.
twitter  rails  via:factoryjoe  scaling  performance 
april 2007 by cote
Another app to help clean up cruft in OS X.
performance  osx  powerbook  utils 
march 2007 by cote
Titanium Software > OnyX
Hopefully this will help speed things up on the old PowerBook.
powerbook  utils  performance  apple  osx 
march 2007 by cote
Case in Point: Performance Management Grows Up
"It's saving time -- because we can spend more time now reviewing what's been done, as opposed to just consolidating and getting a corporate view -- and it's also making the data more reliable."
bpm  examples  cases  business  metrics  performance  creditunion 
december 2006 by cote
Case in Point: Consolidating BPM in a Complex Enterprise - BPM Magazine
"For example, our power plants might have to decide, 'Is it cheaper to run the plant, or is it cheaper to go buy the electricity somewhere else?'"
bpm  performance  metrics  enterprisesoftware  examples  cases  ConstellationEnergy 
december 2006 by cote
Charles Lamb's Blog - JE vs Derby Whitepaper
"Over the past few months I've been working on comparing Berkeley DB Java Edition to Apache Derby."
oracle  sleepycat  je  java  derby  databases  performance 
november 2006 by cote
profiler: HeapWalker
Looks like a nice way to dig around in the Java heap for memory leaks.
via:_jc_  java  heapwalker  performance  memoryleaks  debugging 
august 2006 by cote
M-Dollar: What's next for Sysinternals?
Looks like MSFT will keep things more or less the same. Russinovich will work on Vista performance tuning though, which has to be all goodness.
sysinternals  microsoft  vista  performance  utils 
august 2006 by cote
Memcached as a Sessions Store (etc)
I'm actually not very good at this kind of stuff, but it looks interesting for all those enterprisey people who struggled with ass-loads of data. You know who you are ;)
performance  load  digg  enterprisey 
june 2006 by cote
Interview with Scott Oaks
On Java performance tuning, complexity causing problems, GlassFish, the NetBeans Profiler, and more.
via:thejc  java  performance  netbeans  sunw  profiling 
may 2006 by cote
The JC blog: What Netbeans Profiler doesn't do.
Our man, The JC, starts out his new blog with a post on the NetBeans Profiler with a few things he's like to see improved. The late binding is my #1 use-case for profiling. Subscribe to the blog, fools!
profiling  performance  java  netbeans  via:thejc 
may 2006 by cote
Mustang versus Tiger - Performance comparison.
Numbers on J2SE 1.5. 1.6 (or whatever the number is ;>)
via:thejc  java  mustang  tiger  performance 
march 2006 by cote
[Oracle] Problems behind Salesforce’s Woes
Nice, detailed piece on SalesForce's Oracle load problems along with a history of the Oracle-SalesForce relationship.
oracle  salesforce  performance 
february 2006 by cote
Heap dumps are back with a vengeance!
There's heap dumps in J2SE 6.0. I'm all a-titer.
via:thejc  mustang  java  performance 
december 2005 by cote
Process Explorer
This is one of the best Win tools ever. You can find out everything about Windows processes from it.
via:thejc  windows  performance 
december 2005 by cote
[snmp] Believe I found a bit of a leak
Westhawk thread from 2004 on memory leak, or, at the very least, slow cleaner-upper on recieve timeouts.
westhawk  snmp  java  performance 
november 2005 by cote
Frequently Asked Questions About the Java HotSpot VM
Getting crazy with the performance tweaking cheese-whiz.
java  performance  hprof 
august 2005 by cote
Chapter 8 Continued: Performance Analysis
More documentation on hprof and other Java a JDBC book of all places!
java  performance  hprof 
august 2005 by cote
Key Performance Monitor Counters
Handful of good windows perf metrics, more importantly, with good explanations.
performance  windows  sysmgmt 
august 2005 by cote

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