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Through the winds of winter, Microsoft sees a dream of spring... Azure Spring Cloud, that is
"Azure Spring Cloud makes it simple to connect to data services such as Azure SQL Database, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Cosmos DB to enable enterprise grade end-user authentication and authorisation using Azure Active Directory, to bind cloud streams with Service Bus or Event Hubs, and to load and manage secrets with Azure Key Vault," according to corporate veep John Montgomery. Microsoft's Azure Monitor lets developers and admins view and visualise logs and application traces in order to track performance and diagnose issues.
spring  microsoft  s1p  announcements  pivotal 
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Top Quotes from Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2019
“We need to think about three things with Pivotal now that it is part of VMware: a common substrate (Kubernetes), the ability to manage it, and a build overlay. The cf push experience is important, making the experience better for developers.” —Craig McLuckie, VMware
VMware  Pivotal  kubernetes  m&a  links  via:Workflow 
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The superpower to change one thing about Kubernetes
“It’s optimized for cloud native applications – those that follow the patterns that are in my book for example. That represents only a subset of the applications that our enterprise customers need to address. Our 2020 strategy is to broaden the definition of our platform. To be more than just Cloud Foundry, but to broaden it to a larger range of use cases. To broaden it to a larger market.”
Cfsummit  Pivotal  kubernetes  containers  links  via:Workflow 
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Waity K8-y no more Pivotal: We'll unhook Application Service from VMware
"The urgency was more around understanding the long term vision than an immediate need," said Andrews. "We're still very early. Everybody is talking about K8s all the time, but if you look at who is actually using it in production, the list is much shorter. Our technology stack works incredibly well, we have customers with over 100,000 containers working on the current platform. If we forecast out 3 to 5 years in the future though, it seems clear that K8s is going to be a de facto component in the architecture.”
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VMworld 2019: VMware expands its multicloud, security, Kubernetes strategies | ZDNet
VMware in the span of seven days set its strategy to grab more multicloud deployments, positioned itself in case developers favor containers over virtual machines in the future and reiterated its case as a go-to enterprise engine for digital transformation.
Vmworld  M&A  vmware  Pivotal  cloudnative  containers  links  via:Workflow 
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Pat Gelsinger and his calculated plan for VMware
"Three years ago, your biggest risk was cloud; six years ago, your biggest risk was Open Stack. If you look at it now, you can clearly say, 'Hey, these next-generation applications, are you going to be the enterprise supplier of choice?'. So in that sense, I think we had a bit of defensive risk ... our platform was at risk.

"At the same time, if you look at the dollars, the business value at play in the developer layer -- a lot of money there. It's a very rich, offensive opportunity as well -- both defense and offense -- and if we expand the value proposition for all of the VMware operators today, to be able to effectively reach the developers and the application in a much more effective way than they do today ... if we can bring those worlds together, that's a pretty huge benefit for our customers as well."
developers  M&A  Pivotal  VMware  pivotalcloudfoundry  links  via:Workflow 
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VMware Tanzu Completes the Modern Applications Picture
help customers build modern applications, run Kubernetes consistently across environments and manage it all from a single point of control.
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7 weeks ago by cote
Welcoming Pivotal to VMware to Transform How the World Builds Software on Kubernetes
Some Pivotal momentum and footprint:

1. Pivotal made Netflix-style microservices the de-facto software architecture pattern in the enterprise. Spring Boot is now downloaded over 75 million times per month and is the most popular Java developer framework today
2. Pivotal’s Platform has enabled developers to quickly and securely get code from development to production. Today over 750,000 application instances run on this platform

AIs are containers/processes.
containers  VMware  kubernetes  momentum  Pivotal 
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Understanding the risk profile of your technical debt
Debt powers our economy, and technical debt powers your business. If we look at it that way, it's a lot less threatening to label all your code as "tech debt."
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Silicon Valley software techniques modernize 75-year-old plant
Raytheon Systems Engineer Sam Sauers and her team spearheaded one of the latest DevOps transformations on the program, introducing Silicon Valley-like processes like paired programming and pipeline development to help the Air Soldier team rapidly develop the technology.

“We’re using commercial software best practices, including Agile and DevOps, to get new capabilities in days instead of years,” said Sauers. “We’ve also been implementing user-centered design: getting ahead of the users and figuring out the next thing they’re going to need. We then develop toward that rather than getting something out there and getting feedback that it wasn’t what they wanted.”
Pivotal  proofpoints  agile  design  Raytheon  mil  digitaltransformation  links  via:Workflow 
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Pivotal Build Service, Now Alpha, Assembles and Updates Containers in Kubernetes
The service provides the layer of automation and operational control enterprises need to utilize Cloud Native Buildpacks at scale. In particular, Build Service includes three key capabilities: automated image updates, image promotion, and build configurations.
Pivotal  cicd  governance  containers  links  via:Workflow 
july 2019 by cote
DICK’S Sporting Goods Poised to Continue its Successful Digital Transformation Journey
Another important aspect of the new retail experience is buy-online, pickup in-store. This is an easy way to bring consumer gratification that even free two-day shipping can’t match. Shoppers are using stores as pickup points at record rates during the holiday season, especially those on a time crunch or placing orders too late for on-time delivery.

Anticipating the percentage of e-commerce orders placed for pickup in-store would skyrocket as the holiday grew closer, DICK’S wasted no time revamping elements of its buy-online, pickup in-store option and began running them on PCF. Now, store associates spend less time running around and picking pack slips because the experience is integrated into an app on the mobile devices they carry known as “MerchSearch.”
Pivotal  dicks  omnichannel  retail  digitaltransformation  links  via:Workflow 
june 2019 by cote
A Brief History of Agile, Part 1: The Rise of Waterfall
Ultimately, Waterfall’s biggest failing is that it puts its trust in a system, not the people working on a product.
Agile  waterfall  Pivotal  history  links  via:Workflow 
may 2019 by cote
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.5, Now GA, Harnesses the Power of Istio and Envoy to Make Your Developers More Productive
Whole lotta features:

> - Weighted routing uses Istio and Envoy to simplify blue-green deployments (beta)
> - Platform Automation for PCF, the engine of your perpetual upgrade machine (beta)
> - Windows Server 2019, Microsoft’s most container-friendly OS yet, now powers PAS for Windows (coming soon)
> - Consume upstream Kubernetes your way with the new PKS family
> - Got apps that need multiple custom ports? Run ‘em on PAS.
> - Use metadata on API resources throughout PAS to share context
> - Keep tabs on all your apps, wherever they run with multi-foundation Apps Manager (coming soon)
> - Steeltoe 2.2 improves the stability of your microservices, simplifies connections to MongoDB
> - Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF 1.4: Wire up data pipelines across Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry (coming soon)
> - Single Sign-On for PCF 1.9 will help you get more done faster with a new, streamlined dashboard (coming soon)
> - Detecting manifest changes with Ops Manager is much easier
> - Other Enhancements
> - Public Service Announcements
> - Try Pivotal Cloud Foundry for Free
Pivotal  Pivotalcloudfoundry  cloudfoundry  releases  links  via:Workflow 
april 2019 by cote
The Best Digital Transformers Choose When to Choose
There’s a cost to all this choice: it delays decision making, causes distress, and it leads to post-decision regret.
Pivotal  cloudnative  platformops  links  via:Workflow 
march 2019 by cote
PKS - a Painkiller for Kubernetes
The list of pains:

One cluster is not enough
Developers want clusters close to them, for low latency
Data storage
Day two operations - upgrading, scaling, capacity management
Managing heterogeneous infrastructure underneath the platform
Backup & restore, disaster recovery
pks  kubernetes  cloudnative  pivotal  containers 
january 2019 by cote
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.4 Boosts Security With Compliance Scanner
Two big features:

> So how does zero downtime actually work in production? Seroter explained that, for example, an organization could deploy an application (v1) with Cloud Foundry and then perhaps a second app (v2). After the v2 application is deployed, an administrator could then just simply switch the network route to enable the new version. The same basic method is now being scaled in an automated approach.

> "Let's say I have five instances of my app and when I deploy the next version, under zero downtime deploy, as each instance of that app comes up in that same bucket, one of the old one comes out," Seroter said. "I always have five running and I may be in a state where both versions are serving traffic, but at no point is there any disruption because in that same sort of app container, across all the different VMs [virtual machines] and Cloud Foundry, the application instances are swapping out for each other automatically."


> "What the scanner does for the customers is basically ensure that the configuration of the OS matches the best practice recommendations for a cloud-native deployment," John Field, security architect at Pivotal, told eWEEK.
PivotalCloudFoundry  pivotal  compliance 
january 2019 by cote
DBS banks on data to know what customers want before they themselves know
> DBS built its API platform on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, which enabled it to upgrade or update the system without any downtime, Soh said, adding that the bank's marketplace is also built on Pivotal. Plans also are underway to migrate DBS' mobile wallet, PayLah, to the Pivotal development platform.


> "Less than 40 percent of my team's focus is on keeping the lights on [and] we spend a lot of effort reducing such [tasks]. We want everything to be automated [so] we're more focused on [actually] changing the bank and improving things."

And some example use cases.
dbs  AI  pivotal  cases  proofpoints 
january 2019 by cote
Singapore Airlines to innovate at Silicon Valley startup speed with Pivotal
"Singapore Airlines (SIA) has collaborated with Pivotal Software to deliver what the two companies describe as innovative solutions while operating with the agility of a Silicon Valley startup."
pivotal  customers  airlines  singapore 
december 2018 by cote
How Air France - KLM designed its PaaS Cloud Foundry
>"it was not a question of replacing our experts but of increasing the skills of the group's internal teams," says Thierry Morcq.

(Translated with Google Translate.)
French  pivotal  proofpoints  KLM  AirFrance  AirFranceKLM  airlines  PivotalCloudFoundry  platforms  cases 
november 2018 by cote
HSBC chief architect: Why machine learning is accelerating cloud adoption
If you build it, you own it, big data ed.:

> “We got some value out of that but to be honest we found it hard to keep on top of, just hard to build skills at the pace required to integrate new technologies,” Knott says.

> “No matter how hard we ran there is always something new coming in that we wanted to get access to, but we couldn’t get there quite fast enough to have really finished deploying what we were deploying previously.

> “So it was hard to manage, hard to keep on top of, and also hard to scale. We had reasonable success but we were having these challenges.”

Also, it mentioned that they use Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
pcf  banking  pivotal  bigdata  HSBC  proofpoints  platforms  analytics  cases 
november 2018 by cote
Mission capability delivered at startup speed
More coverage of the US Air Force going all in on digital XP, lean design, and cloud native to dramatically - almost unbelievably so - modernize their software.

> The mission capabilities these war fighters received in 120 days or less span deliberate targeting, mission reporting, advanced target production, refueling operations and many more, saving over $6.4 million and 1,100 man-hours per month within the Air Force Central Command.


> Embracing agile software development processes, the AOC leverages a highly disciplined approach to software engineering called Extreme Programming (XP), to gain the benefits of test-driven development, pair programming, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).
cases  usaf  pivotal  raytheon  proofpoints 
november 2018 by cote
Google Cloud Revenue
> When asked about Google’s on-premises strategy, Pichai said the company is “thoughtfully looking at it,” and cited its partnerships with SAP, Pivotal, and VMware. Google also has a hybrid-cloud product with Cisco and its own Kubernetes-based GKE On Prem available to early access customers.

> On-premises data centers remain “a big, big requirement for customers,” and these partnerships help Google address those companies’ needs, Pichai said. When it comes to hybrid cloud, “we are thinking about how to do that better,” Pichai said. “Our overall approach to cloud hybrid modernization I think is the right long-term direction and so we are doing that.”
multicloud  ml  cloud  pivotal  partnerships  googlecloud  revenue  privatecloud 
october 2018 by cote
Profile of XP and the workday at Pivotal, in German
> [E]very day starts with a shared breakfast. The buffet offers everything the empty stomach needs: waffles with syrup and lots of scrambled eggs and bacon.
emea  XP  germany  pivotal 
october 2018 by cote
Pivotal and New Relic Deliver Visibility, Value, and Velocity
A nice listing of some metrics to monitor out of the box in PCF, and just performance metrics, but meatware and product related stuff too.
partnerships  pivotal  newrelic  PivotalCloudFoundry  monitoring  metrics  5ss 
october 2018 by cote
Pivotal Cloud Foundry 2.3
A laundry list of new feature and services in the software I market around. There’s a lot of .Net expansion, adding some standard platform services (like a task scheduler), and Morlock stuff like multi-install (would you say “zone”?) OpenStack, and Kubernetes and embedded OS update:
releases  kubernetes  pivotal  cloudnative  PivotalCloudFoundry 
october 2018 by cote
Forrester SVP: VMware Is One Of The 'Exciting' Stars Of IT Automation Era
'O'Donnell called VMware and Pivotal the "crown jewels" of Dell's $70 billion blockbuster acquisition of EMC in 2015. "It's the future," said O'Donnell. "It's the software side of it. A lot of good stuff came with EMC but what VMware and Pivotal are doing is the future. It's all about software."'
analysts  cloud  vmware  pivotal  privatecloud 
august 2018 by cote
How Pivotal hopes to make cloud mavens of us all
A brief description of Pivotal Labs work to improve customer’s agile capabilities.
pivotallabs  agile  pivotal 
august 2018 by cote
TUTORIAL - Deploying Software on PKS: Creating a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Spinnaker
"I can see how on larger teams with meaningful applications it could add a ton of value and help streamline the deployment processes."
cloudnative  cicd  kubernetes  spinnaker  pivotal 
august 2018 by cote
Air Force looks to rapidly develop software with Project Kessel Run
More coverage of the USAF modernizing their approach to software. Here, what some of the apps are: “Kessel Run has been able to push five applications to the classified network, Kroger said.... The project is currently working on a number of things, including how the Air Force plans air tasking orders, a document which tasks units to fly their aircraft, Kroger said. It’s also working on building a tool that automates mission reports, which have to be written for every mission that flies, Kroger said.”
USAF  proofpoints  cloudnative  pivotal  cases  agile 
may 2018 by cote
Innovation at the edge: the top air defence trends by domain
"Software company Pivotal, backed by Dell EMC, VMWare, GE, Microsoft and Ford, has developed a tanker refuelling solution for the USAF with the US Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx); Running on the firm’s Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform, the software solution was built for under $2m in 90 days and is now being used in operational areas including Qatar. It currently saves the US Air Force $1 million per day in fuel costs, with the software being managed by just one person. It also aligns with USAF’s Air Operations Centre (AOC) capabilities via a continuous delivery software development pipeline to a hybrid cloud-based platform alongside the legacy AOC 10.1 system."
cases  USAF  PivotalCloudFoundry  pivotal  proofpoints  cloudnative 
may 2018 by cote
Ways We Work: Pivotal Labs
Overview of how Pivotal Labs does design.

Nina Mehta: “You have a buddy to basically share the mind space with and get immediate feedback. All of the benefits of pair programming are very similar from pair designing.”
pivotal  pivotallabs  design  pairing 
may 2018 by cote
Volkswagen CIO Martin Hofmann: IT experts in our labs work the Silicon Valley way - Automotive World
'Hofmann commented that at the same time Volkswagen was establishing new workstyles which are being further developed. “Our IT experts in our labs in Berlin and Munich work the Silicon Valley way, we have brought the Valley to Volkswagen. Pivotal is supporting our experts with over 20 experts from San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado, and is training them in new software development methods. Our aim is to firmly anchor these skills and workstyles in the Group and in Germany. In the medium term, there will be more than 600 programmers, data scientists, design thinking experts and cloud architects working in our labs in Berlin, Munich and San Francisco”, Hofmann said.'
cases  pivotal  digitaltransformation  Volkswagen 
may 2018 by cote
Curing Handoff-itis
"I feel like it is just making our products so much better and so much more usable and user friendly. Having that integration with design rather than some sort of a hand-off, just means we get something into user’s hands quicker."
waterfall  digitaltransformation  smallbatch  design  pivotal 
may 2018 by cote
Code Complexity is a Design Problem
'A lot of my fellow designers get frustrated when engineering doesn’t want to build their solutions. Worse yet, they’ve handed off design “specs” and left engineering to fend for themselves, only to be surprised later by how poorly their designs translated into code.'

So, designers and developers should work more closely together.
pivotal  design  digitaltransformation 
may 2018 by cote
Inside Synchrony Financial's Innovation Lab
"One thing that was great to see was that cross-functional barriers went away" once the new lab was set in motion, Arghirescu said. "Innovation became an entity." People in the lab were given the authority to make decisions. A commitment was made to agile development.
proofpoints  pivotal  digitaltransformation  payments  cases  agile  banking 
april 2018 by cote
Using VMware’s Harbor with PKS (and Why Kubernetes Needs a Container Registry)
“A container registry is the repository for all your container images. Since your core business applications are packaged into containers (built out of container images), you must protect these images just as you would any other important enterprise IT system. That’s where the image registry comes into play.”
pivotal  pks  security  kubernetes 
march 2018 by cote
PKS: The answer for “everything else” in your data center
“PKS will provide a comfortable environment to run freshly containerized legacy workloads and packaged software in an on-premise model to start, if desired, on top of VMWare vSphere.”
legacy  pks  kubernetes  pivotal 
february 2018 by cote
Dell EMC's Chad Sakac Takes New Role At Pivotal Software To Align Dell's Cloud, Software, Hardware - Page: 1 | CRN
"The job is simple – helping make our aligned Dell Technologies developer platform come together, and make our answer on the 'how' (material = more important) of 'digital transformation' (buzzword = less important) reach more customers," Sakac wrote.
execs  pivotal  alliances 
february 2018 by cote
Will UK lose global business and tech leader status post-Brexit?
‘James Governor, Analyst at RedMonk said: “Brexit will be the biggest systemic shock to British business in the more than 70 years. The scale of change will require an unprecedented investment in IT, with in-house application development becoming more important than ever to deal with complexity.”’
UK  brexit  redmonk  surveys  pivotal  staffing 
february 2018 by cote
Brexit could see UK lose status as global business leader
“The study also suggests that software might be the solution to these upcoming problems. Almost all (93 per cent) of CIOs and 84 per cent of ITDMs have said that the ability to create their own software is essential for preparing an organisation for the effects of Brexit.”
brexit  staffing  UK  surveys  pivotal 
february 2018 by cote
Books on design
Recommend by Pivotal’s design practice lead.
books  design  pivotal 
february 2018 by cote
Start a nuclear war? There's an app for that - US military teams up with Silicon Valley to revolutionise the battlefield
'And they ended up saving $1million in fuel per week - but more importantly speeding up decision making when time is of essence. “We paired with them and we taught them this new way of building software and we built the software application side-by-side with them,” Mr Salisbury said.'
proofpoints  airforce  pivotal  digitaltransformation  agile 
january 2018 by cote
VMware and Pivotal’s PKS Distribution Marries Kubernetes with BOSH
“When we look at differentiators, I would say that there are a few and NSX-T, which provides east-west micro-segmentation of traffic between two VMs within the same network, is one of the strongest differentiators. BOSH is also a strong differentiator as well, in terms of offering self-healing capabilities. But being able to integrate with VMware tools is one of the key differentiators,” said Dul.
kubernetes  sdn  vmware  PivotalCloudFoundry  nsx  pivotal 
january 2018 by cote
Building the convincing PaaS business case
Pretty good check-in on current studies showing productivity and ROI from using PaaS.
proofpoints  pivotal  costs  studies  paas  roi  azure 
january 2018 by cote
Vendors talk about why AzureStack is good for their markets
This is especially true in “industrial Internet of Things” applications, where the likes of ABB and GE collect data from sensors on their equipment and analyze it to help with things like predictive maintenance and capacity planning. Often, for performance and/or security reasons, the compute gear that does the analytics is placed directly on oil rigs, power plants, factory floors, in mines, and so on. Sometimes it’s connected to the cloud, and sometimes it isn’t.

“The message from our customers was, ‘We will only start this journey with you if you can put all the infrastructure we need on our premises, isolated from the internet, so we can be assured of security, of governance, of adequate latency for decision making,’” Ciaran Flanagan, group VP and head of ABB's Global Datacenter business, said. He predicted that for industrial IoT, between 60 percent and 70 percent of processing, transactions, and data management is going to happen at the edge.
IoT  azurestack  abb  privatecloud  pivotal 
january 2018 by cote
Datical cozies up to Pivotal for synchronized database updates
'Datical automatically examines SQL scripts created by developers and aligns them with a common object model. “We create a package so you have an immutable artifact that goes from development to test to production just like your app code,” Reeves said. The software checks for inefficiencies, such as the use of multiple indices or joins, and flags them before changing the schema.... Datical’s containerized image can be run with Concourse as part of a testing pipeline to enable application development teams to push application and database changes through the release cycle at the same time. The company’s will cross-sell each other products, although the arrangement isn’t exclusive, Reeves said.'
Datical  Pivotal  partnerships  data  databses  automation  cicd 
december 2017 by cote
CRN Exclusive: Michael Dell On Completing The EMC Integration, M&A Strategy, VMware NSX Synergies, And 'Refocusing' On Storage In 2018 | CRN Mobile
With IoT: "Now that I have all this new information, all this data, how do I turn it into a better outcome for my customers?' This is where Pivotal often comes into play. So a lot of companies are using Pivotal as the operating system for their Internet of Things platform or their digital transformation for their cloud-native apps."

Also: "You look at our balance sheet, you see $18 billion in cash and investments. We paid down to close $10 billion since the combination with EMC and VMware. For the third quarter, we had $19.6 billion in revenue and $2.3 billion in EBITDA"
numbers  pivotal  dell  IoT  MSD  qtr_calls  goingprivate 
december 2017 by cote
Air Force Intelligence Unit Goes Agile
Many astounding before/after factoids and a good description of applying an MVP approach.

Also: "First they directed that defense contractors target applications for their designated open architecture, the Distributed Common Ground System. The architecture amounts to a platform of modular and standardized parts, including VMware virtualization, the Cloud Foundry infrastructure as a service orchestration from Pivotal Software, Red Hat Linux, and hardware from EMC, Dell and Cisco, among other components. Nothing is added to the platform unless it's already industry proven, rather than the agency adopting an emerging technology and then trying to prove its worth by itself, Haga said."
proofpoints  pivotal  agile  digitaltransformation  cases  airforce  smallbatch  MVP 
november 2017 by cote
Pentagon's Silicon Valley Unit Helps Target Terrorists
"DIUx worked with Air Force planners and five software developers from Pivotal in San Francisco to set up a streamlined scheduling system in less than 120 days for $1.5 million, according to the Defense Department."
airforce  cases  pivotal  digitaltransformation  proofpoints  DIUx 
november 2017 by cote
Workload specialization makes partners key in Dell digital transformation strategy
“Home Depot has a massive data centre with Pivotal,” he said. “They have point-of-sale terminals in their stores with touchscreens, which use Pivotal. They have small hyper-converged deployments [HCI] in the stores to manage these and a large scale HCI infrastructure deployment in the data centre.”
proofpoints  converedinfrastructure  hci  cloud  customers  pivotal  THD  homedepot  privatecloud  retail  digitaltransformation 
november 2017 by cote
Telstra, Pivotal get up to speed with partnerhip
According to Telstra, in some cases, its software development time has decreased from 6-8 months to 10-12 weeks through its work with Pivotal,
Pivotal  Telstra  customers  cloudnative  proofpoints  partnerships  links  via:Workflow 
november 2017 by cote
Frequent Iteration is the Antidote to Monolithic, Big Bet Software Projects
"West is in the process of standing up Pivotal Cloud Foundry to serve as the platform-of-choice for its 1,400-plus software engineers." And: " Squeo said he plans to migrate about 125 existing applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry."
pivotalcustomers  pivotal  PivotalCloudFoundry  proofpoints  agile 
october 2017 by cote
The Pentagon has tried to get Silicon Valley on its side for years. Now it’s part of the air war against ISIS. - The Washington Post
A U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon refuels from a KC-135 Stratotanker in support of Operation Inherent Resolve on Feb. 15. (Senior Airman Jordan Castelan/Air…
IFTTT  via:Instapaper  cases  govt  mil  pivotal 
october 2017 by cote
Velocity-as-a-Service: 5 Ways to Ship Like a Software Company
Peter Senge said "the only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization's ability to learn faster than the competition." Would you benefit from updating…
IFTTT  via:Instapaper  pivotal  cloudnative 
october 2017 by cote
Why Cars Will Become The Ultimate Mobile Device
A rumination on tech needed for driverless cars, beyond just fancy apps.
pivotal  driverless 
october 2017 by cote
TD Ameritrade accelerates innovation with agile, design thinking | CIO
‘His team is working with Pivotal Labs, which helps IT departments properly scope projects with design thinking methodologies. They ask such open-ended questions as, "What would a client want to do with a product and how would they interact with it." The answers help product development teams communicate what they require, including product vision, scope and narrative to IT. Pivotal will typically embed designers with tech teams as the answers crystallize. "It doesn't need to be perfect, just good enough for our customers to try it out," Sankaran says, adding that he expects to bring in more design thinking coaches.’
pivotal  digitaltransformation  smallbatch  agile  cases  cloudnative  banks  pivotalcustomers 
august 2017 by cote
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